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  1. just play and learn the game is actually quite fun and will take a chunk out of 1000 match grind
  2. just use the invincibilty cheat trohies will still pop otherwise this lorderline impossible past level 3 insaely hard and not a very god game hold L1 R1 push up od d-pad invincibilty hold L1 R1 push right on d-pad fast scroll
  3. oh thats helpful you have you have replay everything
  4. so how do you get the puzzle easy on wlecome pack

    1. playdemos1


      Hey, you mean this trophy?



  5. i need rom reseaech chips now and 4 left to get and have plenty to trade
  6. no yet how far in are you
  7. if anyone is still helping out on this i would be intrested as its the only trophy i am missing
  8. hi only need a couple of chips 12 -1 and 8-9 got plenty of chips to trade
  9. need three remaning chips volume 8 chapter 9 volume 12 chapter 1 and 8, have plenty of chips to trade, just messge me on psn