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  1. I had to do 14 extra Villain Sectors. Before the patch I had done way more than 15 Villain Sectors so I have no idea how the game keeps track of this stuff. Tonight I did like 7 of Sight Unseen (Elite - killing Taskmaster) and another 7 of Turbulence (Elite - killing The Big Dumb Warplane Thing). If your trophy doesn't pop just keep trucking through the missions and it should eventually pop. Good luck everyone.
  2. That's quite generous of you - count me in as well!
  3. First of all you need to get 75k points (...I think). On the run I did when I got 'A' rank I almost skipped all the rings on the last building. It takes a lot of time and you don't get that many points. The most useful thing you can do is have Thundaga so you can mostly one shot the first few groups of enemies. I also used Shotlock with the Ultimate Weapon for the final wave. My clear time was just under 3 minutes and barely got over 75k. I also missed a bunch of rings while flying on Baymax in the beginning and lost close to 10 seconds on the first group of enemies because one flew off in a random direction, so there is a decent amount of wiggle room as long as you can blow up the enemies.
  4. Yeah I think I needed, 200 speed? maybe 250...
  5. I had this same problem! Apparently my photo of Marshmellow (the big Ice Giant) didn't count. My guess is that I took the photo to close and the game didn't think he was fully in the frame. So, play it safe and take multiple photos of each person!
  6. Bleh, Gummi Ships. Anyways, I can't answer your specific question about rising costs but as you level up you get more upgrade points. The super tornado boss is rather annoying but I took him down by rolling constantly. Also, don't be dumb like me and make sure you're using the Gummi Ship abilities (e.g. adding more health, damage, bonus life, etc). I've never been a fan of the Gummi Ships and didn't pay attention to stuff and glossed right over all of that making the boss seem impossible. Once I noticed the abilities the boss became much easier
  7. You can also get one from mailing postcards at the moogle mailbox in Twilight Town You need to do this anyways for the Orichalcum+ (you might also nab a Lucky Ring if you're... lucky 😅)
  8. I posted this over on PlaystationTrophies and thought it might be useful for some of us here as well. Rondo of Blood Vampire Killer: If you take damage during the stage it's fine, when you get to the boss just die. Then clear the boss without damage and you'll still get the "No Damage Bonus." This is really nice because if you make a mistake on the boss just die and retry again without having to complete the whole level. Symphony of the Night Map Legend: It's really easy to clear the water parts of the Inverted Castle map by using the gravity boots (press down then up + jump) and when you hit the ceiling transform into the wolf. It's actually extremely easy to figure out what parts of the map you're missing. Simply open up a map on your computer or cellphone and open your in-game map. Then simply follow a path with your mouse (if using a computer) and look at your map on the game. It only took me about 5 minutes to figure out what secret room I was missing. This is a useful Excel map [It downloads immediately!]:http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/cv-sotn/documents/SotN_Interactive_Map_-_Zorkwiz_-_Version_1.xls This is a useful website with all of the map images: http://www.finalfantasykingdom.net/sotnmaps.php Scientific Progress goes BOINK!: Get the Jewel Sword ASAP! Use the sword as much as you can in the normal castle and keep selling when you fill up on Zircon's (the lowest tier gem). By the time you get to the inverted castle you'll have a ton of money. If you don't have $500K by the end of the game, I found the easiest way to farm gold was in the Normal Castle Colosseum. There is a room in the bottom left corner that has around 8 enemies and a candle that drops $1,000. You can clear the room in seconds with the Crissaegrim (and mix it up with the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield [press Square + Circle with those equipped, then you can hold block and walk into the enemies]). On top of the guaranteed $1,000 the enemies can all drop money bags (some up to $400). Shafted: I can confirm that the achievement didn't pop up the first time I cleared this because I took damage. For anyone worried it's absurdly easy to kill this boss without taking damage because one cast of Holy Water will kill him. Here is a useful video showing how simple this run can be [as a sidenote, I haven't played this game in 20 years and I was able to more or less do what is in this video in about 20-30 minutes]: Richter's Abilities: Up, Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack = Circle Dash Thingy Down, Up + Jump = Uppercut (Similar to Alucard's Gravity Boots upgrade) Down + Jump, Jump = Slide into the kick Jump, Jump = Backflip Hold attack, Any direction = Whip Flailing Around Thing Hope this helps some people!
  9. Get yourself to the Library (where the shopkeeper sits in the normal castle) as fast as possible. There is an enemy there named Schmoo who drops Crissaegrim. This sword is your one way ticket to easy mode. It's also needed for a trophy. I found the easiest place to farm them is by finding a room transition where you can jump back and forth killing one quickly [I can't remember where exactly on the map; but if you entered the room from the right there was a single Lion enemy and a lone Schmoo; do a short hop and slice the Schmoo then jump back right and repeat]. It may take 10-15 minutes but you will be very happy afterwards.
  10. For what it's worth the trophy didn't pop for me the first time either; I did notice that I took damage right as he was dying so perhaps that is a bug
  11. I 'ed you. However you need to make your levels public first! You can do that by going to lbp.me > account > settings > make sure both 'Profiles' and 'Levels' have the green world.
  12. Howdy folks. Could use some help with 's Wuginator - https://lbp.me/u/Wuginator/levels?p=1&l=12 Thank you very much! *Edit I was sure to go through the last few pages and heart everyone's everything