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  1. We can reasonably confirm that getting a hardcore character to level 99 will unlock both the standard and hardcore level 99 trophies given that the trophy tracker on PS5 for @NathanielJohn is updating progress on both trophies and he has indicated that's he's only been playing on hardcore.
  2. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the confirmation and congrats on getting it!
  3. I appreciate the link but I've read the guide. It doesn't specify whether or not the trophy is currently bugged. To the best of my knowledge, the guide writer did all character online softcore. Someone else who mentioned getting the trophy said he did all characters as hardcore. I'd like to know if anyone got it with a combination of hardcore, softcore, online, and offline characters.
  4. Some time ago there was uncertainty surrounding how exactly to obtain this trophy. It was theorized that all characters clearing hell had to be the same regarding hardcore vs. softcore / online vs. offline. Has anyone been able to disprove this theory? Has anyone gotten I like the heat with a collection of hardcore and softcore, online and offline characters?
  5. Mephisto and Andariel are your go to farming spots for gearing up. Farming them in nightmare is a good place to start to get geared up for hell. Between the two of them in nightmare, you can get four out of the five pieces of the Tal Rasha set. Unfortunately, the armor won't really be able to be farmed until hell where your best bets are Baal, Diablo, or Pindleskin. Pindle runs are definitely the fastest though.
  6. From what I gather the Barbarian Ancients quest always gives a flat amount of exp. It looks like it's worth 40 million on Hell mode. The reason that this typically turns into a level up is because around level 70 which is when I'd say you naturally fight them on Hell mode you need approximately 30 million exp to level up. So you can technically save it for level 98 and it will save you 13.7% of the 291 million experience you need to get to 99. But this means you can't grind against Baal up to level 98.
  7. I don't believe this will work because a D2: LoD character imported to D2R will be an offline character and cross progression only works for online characters. So you could theoretically only get as far as getting the hero edited character to the PC version of D2R. Unless something changes, I don't think you could then get it to console.
  8. The ability to duplicate gold will also help with gambling a unique item. If you can completely fill every stash tab and personal inventory to the max with gold, you can then back up your offline character, gamble away all your gold, and if you don't get a unique item you can recover your backed up save files to have max gold again and continue to gamble. Much easier than naturally gambling as you collect gold.
  9. That's pretty much it. I did find that sometimes my stashes wouldn't actually save like they should have and so I was backing up a stash that didn't have the items I put into it. Had to find a way around that.
  10. I've also found a way to reliably duplicate items offline on the PS4 version of the game. I can write it up later as it is an involved process to ensure nothing is lost. That said, my current plan to get a character to level 99 as efficiently and quickly as possible is to obtain uber keys and organs, duplicate them, and grind the ubers. There's no guarantee this will work as the ubers are incredibly difficult fights but it will bypass the need to clear Chaos Sanctuary seals or Baal waves who by level 98 will offer trivial amounts of exp. This way you can immediately jump into the fight against Pandemonium Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal as well as Duriel, Izual, and Lilith (though I wouldn't recommend Lilith). My other plan which I'd like to try is to obtain a Stone of Jordan offline, duplicate it, and farm DClone kills. The issue here is that I've found differing information as to whether or not DClone gives experience in the first place. If he gives exp comparable to Uber Tristram Diablo it may be most efficient to farm DClone since you won't need to contend with Mephisto and Baal at the same time and you can reset maps for a good Stony Field map where the Cairn Stones are close to the waypoint. I still haven't found the Stone of Jordan offline yet so I can't yet test whether you get exp from DClone yet.
  11. It's cross progression for your characters. You cannot play on ps4/ps5 and play with folks on pc, switch, or Xbox.
  12. This is a really interesting piece of information and will surely be useful! When you loaded back into the character, did you notice any amount of rollback on your progress from when you died?
  13. I've noticed. Unfortunately you're not entirely risk free but offline you can back up your saves to try and mitigate deaths. Only probably being that single player exp is awful. Which is why I hope the playersx command is brought in. And I want to say the best exp farming spot is chaos sanctuary which won't have load screens. Throne of destruction can screw you over with the area transition though.
  14. I think if you're playing around in the stash you really need to wait until the autosave icon pops up after you're done. I'm thinking the shared stash is only updated during autosaves?
  15. My plan for the lvl99 hc will be offline. My only hope is that they add the playersx command to consoles. I just refuse to risk losing a hc character to server issues.