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  1. There just has to be something in the setup that's wrong for me because despite my best efforts I just can't get it to work. I even had a mishap where I got the dupe to work in reverse duplicating the items from my shared stash that I put in my personal inventory. No luck replicating that though as I wasn't even trying to do it.
  2. Awesome, thanks for letting me know. I'll keep trying. If I can figure out how to make it work on my end I'll add what information I can here.
  3. Hmmm, tried again to no success even with a bit of a buffer period after the pentagram disappears? Have y'all tried to do it with a fresh level 1 character?
  4. I haven't had the opportunity to try. I've also never gotten it to work at all. I'm new to the ps5 stack. Has it work again for you?
  5. Thanks for the responses, @RavensRuin and @Rando-Calrisian-! I'll keep tinkering to see it I can get it to work. I'm glad to hear the confirmation that it does indeed still work so I hope you can get it to work again as well, Ravens.
  6. I think I must be doing something wrong. I'm attempting to do this on a completely fresh character to verify that it works before I continue. I've followed the video above. Preparation Load character and prepare inventory with items to duplicate. Save and exit. Load back into character to confirm personal inventory is correct. Save and exit. Close D2R application. Back up save file. Turn off internet. Duplication Load character. Run around town until save icon appears and disappears. Save and exit ensuring that a new save icon appeared when doing so. Wait in character select menu until save icon appears again and disappears. Load character and transfer items from personal inventory to shared stash. Wait until save icon appears and disappears. Save and exit. Close D2R application. Repeat steps 5-8. I'm finding that on Step 9 when I load back into my character after the first transfer that all the items have successfully been returned to my personal inventory but none of them stayed in the shared stash. As I said, I'm doing this on a completely fresh account and character (Act 1 Level 1 Necromancer who hasn't killed even one monster) which may be the issue but previous comments have indicated that act shouldn't matter. I'm not sure if the lack of the Normal, Nightmare, or Hell difficulty selection menu when loading the character makes a difference either. If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on this, I'd appreciate any advice I can get. With the release of the ladder, I'm beginning to get that itch to play this again and go for the PS5 platinum but I'd like to ensure that duplication works before pursuing this. Thanks y'all!
  7. This is a fantastic video. Thanks for sharing! Almost makes me want to go for the ps5 stack. But only just almost.
  8. According to the exp calculator on the maxroll website, DClone (with a 10% Annihilus charm) gives 47,704 exp in p2 and 48,166 exp on p3. The exp caps on p3. These numbers are based on being level 98.
  9. If you ever enter a level that has a white tentacle monster (like the yellow ones in the base game that give you obolites but disappear after a while) kill it as fast as you can. It will spawn a portal that will take you to a bonus room with some random item or monster but also a guaranteed Atropian key.
  10. Thank you for listing these floors! These were exactly where I found them too so it helped me to know where to look.
  11. I would think it still works really well specifically for the PS4 version of the game. I think it's become vastly harder to pull off on the PS5 version of the game because of the one save file containing both character and shared stashes. It's one reason I've been hesitant to consider going for the PS5 stack as well.
  12. Huge congratulations! I'm glad you finally got it done. Now you can rest easy.
  13. MF on a merc can be helpful but it's only included in the calculation if your merc lands the final blow and kills whatever enemy you're farming. It took me around a week for Andy to drop an SoJ. Best advice I have is just farm her in NM if you aren't already. She has better SoJ drop chances than in Hell.
  14. Yes, you can utilize backup cloud/USB saves for offline hardcore characters and recovering the save file of a dead hardcore character will not void the trophy.
  15. That sucks! Those tight corridor areas like the Maggot Lair or the Arcane Sanctuary are a nightmare for a summoning Necro in Hell.