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  1. If the trailers can be that good imagine the actual gameplay,the trailerwas already perfect imagine the history,I hope they add a pvp on this maybe some multiplayer trophies My favorite franchise is back after years of wait to a sequel,this is probably a lot better than one as they waited so long to release
  2. Yeah,I hope this isn't insanely hard,and just hard haha
  3. Anyone can answer me how hard this is? I mean 0.17% is extremely low and a lot of insanely hard games have more % than this...I m honestly afraid haha by this number on this style of gaming
  4. Thanks man,I just decide that I will play until I get the plat after I get zombie boy ,jesus that was totally insane ,exist people that do this so fast, the first achievers are beasts,it depends a lot of skill,but the emotions can kill you in a lot of times too,congrats on your plat man,anyone who have this one have my respect
  5. I m a bit late to post here as I get my plat months agoo I will post the same thing that I posted on my plat post on Facebook ,maybe the way I did some levels can help people to do it easily so I think is good to share our runs some levels can be done in a very different way and most important in a better "safe" way I saw some guys doing some levels by a super risky and other doing safer than I did so here is my runs,and some information about how hard was This is a short 4 min video showing a bit of pain going for impossible boy Impossible boy This is the run that I need to die inside to don't let my emotions kill me,3816 deaths and 23 hours and 25 minutes for this trophy Girl Boy This is my luckiest run,I couldn't believe I got so much luck in my life,it took 2723 deaths and 12 hours and 26 Zombie Boy And this is when I literally lose my mind and start to talk with myself like an schizophrenic,2015 deaths and 18 hours for this one It was the hardest thing I've ever done, for LITERALLY 1 millimeter and 1 millisecond you die on some levels of the last trophy, after decorate each frame of each Level you will die again and again, if you think DIE, if you are afraid of dying DIE, if you did everything exactly the way you always did .... also DIE sometimes, you gonna need to have a inhumane coldly to not let the pressure kill you, this "was" the only platinum on my account that I had given up because I had no "skill" to get it, the trophy videos are on my channel if you are curious to see, after this, that is nothing that I see and think " I can't do this", showed me how far we managed to get when we really dedicated ourselves to something, and how much the fear of failure can make you fail no matter how good you are at what you do, it was a life lesson this platinum haha I cold make a much larger text to explain the experience but itโ€™s already too big this shit haha
  6. I m a bit late as I get my plat months agoo but I want to share a bit of my pain on this insane game ,this 4 min video sums up a bit of how insane, sadistic, demoniac, painful and how much suffer you can fell trying this plat ,and also how insanely good and powerful you fell when you achieve the plat....but this last part doesn't appear on this video haha
  7. Jesus ...Christ ....I m totally fucked....I get the trophy honor uphead on little deviants alone ....I made a research over 611 IDs....I currently have more than 300 pending friends request ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  8. I have my save on Vita but on Vita doesn't have the dlc,so I want to know if it's cross save or not,and if doesn't, to get 100% on the dlc I need to basically get the real platinum god again?
  9. Maybe is just here on brazil,where I can't even find games to buy cuz everyone have the Vita unlocked,and before I found a lot,but more than 5% a big enormous joke,how many IDs on this site get baned with racked trophies on Vita? Just I already reported and saw a lot
  10. At any point I said doesn't exist,but tell me ,on all the vitas in the really think the majority of people are buying their games legitimately?
  11. Well you could say how you do instead of saying that is just easy.... Psn cards isn't available to buy,my question here is if the card need to be international or need to be a specific international as other guys here said they couldn't buy cuz their credit card is with their address and some here said you card need to be from china,or we just need to put some valid address when going to buy,instead of answer the question you just said, that isn't that hard..... I should made a secondary account,and answer my own post with a very wrong answer but a lot confident so a lot of people will appear just to say that the alternate account is wrong.... people those days don't want to help,they want to prove others are wrong haha Yeah....our coin is like our country.... doesn't have any value
  12. Not much at least now, I'm Brazilian and everything is extremely expensive,and Rayman legends on psn was 30 Be bucks and physical was 340 haha That's the main question now
  13. gonna be hard to get this 2 games haha
  14. So...if the international credit card method isn't let's say "accurate" I thought if you have it you just need to go make the purchase,so Ned to be in something related to China? A lot of guys that play ASA or CH stacks for some easy ratalaikas games probably know,or maybe is just on CH that have more issues
  15. Another question maybe silly, ignore if is stupid,but can't I just put some money on PayPal and buy on CH store with it? What wold be thisa allipay