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  1. Not those novels And not those games Those novels have a aprox 5 sec gap between each answer during 10h Pretty doable to do a "easy" game like downwell at same time Skytime,full throttle,you can't play they simultaneously,and it makes zero sense to try it The own downwel list alone is bullshit This is the kind of bullshit that i already saw alot of time but you can't report,cuz they will just throw excuses "My friend did for me" But CRT has found something extra Saying that this downwel is pure bullshit
  2. How did get the plat of downwel in 1 day and 8 h, while playing 30h aprox of other games? Only the 2 boy scramble novels takes at least 10h Let me guess,your brother or friend plays with you? Cuz yeah,who wouldn't love to do a whole plat for free for your friend. Thing is this shit doesn't exist,all this heavy team accounts are just people buying plats,and they think that people wouldn't cheat for a easy money I can see a lot of fishy stuff on your downwel... But of course, they are just racist right? Well at least everyone of your country will get flagged Good logic,you know what you did,stop getting angry cuz you don't know how they catch you
  3. I wouldn't use "several" playthrough to symbolize less than 3.... And i don't think this was your intention too technically 2.5 is less than 3 and "MORE THAN 2 but not many" "ALL recently SONY AAA" this was written on the First time but the thread was locked,if i would talk about all AAA I would say that a good number of them,plus even the ones that require skill looks way less "hard" them most of the AAA on ps3 I believe that lots of games being purposely becoming super easy to plat is a valid subject here,as this looks the main problem with TLOU remake
  4. Never touch part 2 if you found the First one "slow" that's my advice haha The whole "remake" stuff on this,looks like a cheese way to farm money for me at least
  5. You didn't got my point "Even GOW games that were easy required skill (even if it was a low amount) those new AAA games the skill needed is 0 you gonna watch a collectable guide and get the plat that's it (this new TLOU is literally this) You don't need to complete the older TLOU several times to get the plat,you can do with 2.5 playthrough Naughty dog made the list easy for money,not cuz they are nice and think by our point of view Easy trophy list seems to sell more,so make the easiest possible All of those AAA games recently being realeased all requires almost none skill Complete the history on the easiest difficult that any child can do,and see a guide collectable I miss the old ps3 days, when they made a list thinking about giving us a challenge,a trophy that will be satisfying to unlock,not cuz it's extremely hard,but because you need to put some effort on it
  6. Prove anything? With TLOU? maybe is just fun to get the plat in a game and fell at least a bit accomplished,and not felling that you just Completed the history None of the other TLOU were hard,they have the perfect amount of effort needed to get the plat No ones brag about the previous ones like they are hard ... Sometimes is just fun to get a plat in a game that requires at least a minimum level of skill GOW games were easy,even so you need to complete some minor challenge like hard playthrough,the inside game challenges,GOW 2018 everything done on easy and collectibles...... Valkyrie on easy is a joke
  7. Thanks,yeah i already have the plat, unfortunately i don't have all multiplayer dlc trophies, but as this game is a masterpiece i don't mind coming back only for grounded It is showing as you say, only Completed on grounded,i think this is the right way
  8. I'm playing it now on ps3 Do you remember if it shows "Completed on grounded" or "completed on grounded+" On the chapter select screen? I'm in a new game + save
  9. Thanks for the info,it would be funny to see the psn rarity numbers I think that the psn rarity on trophies is a toral joke compared to profiles btw
  10. Does it show the Numbers of Ultra rare trophies that you have according to psn rarity?
  11. Yeah, with me i can connect again to the psn as soon as i get disconnected Thing is.....imagine this randomly happening in a 3 hour match of some EE in cod? I need to fix this shit,and the worst part is that i have no idea what causes this or any way to fix
  12. Don't get it how no one here is talking about how terrible and disgusting the shotgun is Noppy is actually good, I don't get the hate on it Now the shotgun? Always empty,has only a few shots,and it should in theory do a really good damage.....and it doesn't, sometimes i went extremely close to the enemy and it doesn't kill even with all shoots (Only 2 that this shit has) My personal advise,noppy isn't that bad,is good/normal,laser can be super good if you know how to use it ( on any area is good) Shotgun is by far the worst shit in the game,if you need to avoid getting something, avoid the shotgun,even when i only had 1 hp left and didn't take the 1 Hp shotgun, and i always survive the next room, something that i wouldn't using that crap
  13. When entering a side room the pattern and frequency of the spikes just went to hell,and i didn't see info about this on any place,and it took a while for me to see this 3 things can happen when entering a side room ,they will go up twice and you can't avoid them if you think that they will keep on the same frequency hey will go down for the double of time Or the frequency will stay normal This video can show the events,so is easy to understand On 0:27 you can see that the spikes go up instantly after being lowered,and there's 0 time for any reaction 1:08 the exactly same thing happen,and the problem is that sometimes the only way out is going directly to the spikes Both times i have only 1 hp left and died by this glitch..... Believe on me, this tinny little mistake can end your run,on this game you can be doing a very good run, everything is fine,lots of hp,and in 30 sec you are dead, literally How to avoid being fucked by this, always WAIT ,wait at least 1 cycle to be shure,the glitch is unpredictable,you can't predict most of the times,using the fork can make it even easier to get hit,as you can go there to get the corpse before is too late,even after knowing this and being playing for a good time i still got fucked by this.... So is really something to have in mind,when you see that the spikes just went down and it raise up almost instantly you aren't being mad,is this fucking glitch
  14. This error happens on your ps3 randomly and disconnects you from psn? It happens on mine, I'm not 100% Shure if is the same,but it really looks like,cuz the message appears only for a few seconds and is random
  15. Platinum 1200 DOWNWELL A very interesting game, at the same time that you love the game you will hate it, the game itself is very good, it will fuck you real hard and make you angry and at the same time it is addictive and you don't want to stop playing, I had to give it a break because i started playing for only 15 min and it took 4 hours I had to take a break for some time on it This 4 min video shows some of my pain on this plat Platinum comes down to completing hard mode, doing this is basically getting the plat from hard to normal the difference is an abyss, the game itself I found very difficult, is so hard that it is technically possible to platinum in 40 min, but any normal player takes 35- 50+hours This is my run on hard, it was a very good run, I managed to get to the boss with 10 health which is a lot, my fourth area was mess, lack of jetpack was really fucking the run and rng wasn't helping, I technically got the plat 2 times, since i completed hard on vita before, as I wanted to record the run I did it again on ps4, there's a video of the time that I killed the boss on hard on vita inside my run video You gonna need very good reflexes and split-second decision making, the RNG factor will interfere a lot too I could write a bible talking about the delicious experience of this game but that's enough lol I just want the shotgun to go fuck yourself , frog, red eye ball, bat and the whole first area on hard can go burn in hell too