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  1. Nice that any fuckin guide says something soo important....i completed the 4 chapters and only realize that I didn't get a single trophy after complete all the 8 red shrine bird stories twice....jesus i could have done all the 100% and only notice on the end.... My trophies didn't pop stantly after go online the first i got after playing the last red shrine story and now i m replaying chapter 1...
  2. I checked and all the secrets u said that are locked is related to challenges,so if u figure out how to unlock 1 of them u can plat , the game TXK was unachievable for almost a decade and the legend Danny johansen discovered how to "unlock" the trophies,try to unlock the secrets from one of the challenges u said that aren't getting unlocked even u meeting the requirements and please if u do say to us how and make a short video
  3. Wait u mean that 157 until 166 are locked even after you did the requirements? And all the others are unlocked?
  4. Ur english isn't that bad The thing on this version of the game is that some Secrets never unlock even if u got the requirements,so far how many secrets did u have unlocked? Can u please take a screenshot of the trophies pooping? And making a Short video of all the secrets unlocked,isn't to prove that u aren't a cheater but cuz this game is a plat unattainable cuz some secrets don't unlock and no one in the world has this plat legit and they never released a patch this game have 28 people that got stuck at 82% so...i really think is unattainable,if u try to unlock a secret and it is bugged can please say which ones are?
  5. Thank God this doesn't exist on wolf 2 mein leben....imagine seeing a loot of people getting that super hard trophy extremely easy....all this after u suffered rearing that godamit cutscenes 1 million times
  6. Thanks man i will start in the near future I just hope it doesn't get insanely hard as sparkle unleashed 😅
  7. Thanks for all ur aswners man 😁 Is funny cuz I only got interested in this game cuz I saw a cheater on isaac JAP and he got this 100% then I saw the pic of the trophy and i remembered that was ur profile fórum pic 😅 And when I saw the gameplay i liked and it wasn't look a bad game,so if one day I ever get close to the 100% is cuz of ur profile fórum pic 🤣
  8. Thanks a lot for all the useful information man 😁 it will really help, one last question how fun and how boring the game and the grind can be?
  9. U got it wrong man, I mean if the JAPANESE version is achievable....and it isn't unfortunately isn't only the 2 big trophies i check his trophies and a lot are out of order
  10. Hi man 😁 As you are the only person in the world who got this 100% in years ,could u say to me how much approximately time it can be done? It is at least 100 hours or is doable with 30 or 50? I know is hard to know exactly but just an estimate. And super mutant alien assault,wich difficult ranting u will give to it and time? Sorry for bother but I guess u are one of the few people who can answer this
  11. For what I saw this version never got an update,so is extremely unlikely that someone got legit,what wonders me is that the guy didn't got flagged on over 6 months ,i simply believe that is still unattainable, doenst make any sense 28 people stuck on 82% of the trophies and only one guy get the plat
  12. @Pxiixz got his plat 6 months ago...i really want to know if is possible to get this plat or not....if he is a cheater why he didn't got flagged yet? And if he isn't.... what's the deal? How he got the plat if everyone says is unachievable cuz some secrets won't unlock?
  13. Nop..even this is totally luck based ,is just less,want to get ride of the lucky? Put a infallible trophy as wining 100 games only this without a streak,or never fix the exploit ,and it will be more skill than lucky even this way lucky will affect but not alooot
  14. And everyone who needed to work super hard to achieve the trophy will only sit and watch that even a 5 years old kid can get the trophy 🧠
  15. It isn't a question of being "good" at least on the main game Mein leben,u literally know every single aspect of the game after some really good training,the only problem on Mein leben is the "random" stuff....i trained some part of the last missions more than 20 times ...and on the Mein leben run a guy behaved totally different...and then I died and put a 4 hour run into the trash can,Mein leben is more practice, patient and lucky than actual skill,before my first Mein leben attempt trained 30 hours on "I'm death incarnate" difficult,i don't know how the dlcs are,but u guess is the same logic ,btw the "hardest" part of this plat is seeing the same fuckin cutscenes more than 1 million times....and the fuckin lines that get stuck on ur head forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣