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  1. How the hell can we at least make progress on the 100 buckets of blood challenge? What's the deal, doesn't matter what i do i can't get progress on this challenge,for the people who got the plat,how we achieve it? And there are some other enigmatic challenge that we need to use some mistical powers to understand how to do it 😅 @IGOR_KONVICTED one of the lats players who got the plat,how can we do it?
  2. Hardest trophy won 50 public matchs as the imposter being red ..... Other trophy,vent in front of someone and get him out saying that he is the imposter 10 times I really curious to see this trophies and i hope it can't be boosted
  3. I can confirm somethings only happens on insane..... that's literally why most of people will die
  4. I managed to die by every stupid possible way,this video shows all my 4 deaths ,and if course I really have to die on the last fuckin jump,and the best thing I did nothing wrong i put on slow motion on my video to show i m not lying Overall the game is amazing,and on insane you basically need to know what to do, nothing too much complicated in terms of skill,the main problem is dying by some stupid way and put 1 hour on the trash can.... I managed to complete Insane without a single hit by any enemy,it wasn't hard as long as you don't fuck up,and i did one time on the prison part,i was luck to not die, this is my run if anyone wants to know how to pass some parts Just practice,and keep training and you get it eventually 😁
  5. Man i almost forgot that they will release this game,so meany years waiting.... But the most important part is how fun the game could be,and as an auto runner what is a lot different from the first one,i was worried if the game you suck,one of the best things on super meat boy,is how addictive and good the game actually is,thanks for showing that this game isn't trash only cuz is a auto runner , and have a lot of good things on it , now i m excited to try it out,now is wait for the price to drop,or get released on plus,cuz buying games on Brazil is another big challenge haha
  6. Danny_johansen isn't even human ,idk if I can use him as an example ,he simply get so many fucking insane games fast extremely fast ,this guy is probably an alien haha I guess people who born on netherlands are all for other dimension where hard stuff doesn't exist haha floris is another baddas,let see who will plat first and how fast
  7. Simpsons Hit and Run Devil may cry 3 Sly 2 Onimusha 4 Dawn of dreams GOW 2 maybe not the BEST ones,but the ones that i have a lot of good memories and played way more hours after completing the game
  8. I guess this plat is unattainable for ever, and anyone who plat it is a cheater unfortunately,if there's only a work around to get that few secrets that aren't getting unlocked we could get the plat
  9. Anyone knows if Nidhog on vita will be affected?
  10. It can be silly but how much a broken grenades that doesn't work can screw u on this trophy? And most importantly how often? I will let the time stamps to show On the minute 1:23 i started another run a few sec after the trophy.... And on the minute 1:32 this miracle happened there is no logical why this happened u can see on slow motion that the game simply says "i guess grenades will not work now buddy",and how much this can fuck u? ALOT, on this exactly run i should get 32.7 and i didn't got only by this glich/bug/satanic shit About how often on 3:45 there is a compilation of only the grenades don't working,and this happens ALOOT and can fuck u pretty bad ,cuz u know this trophy....we spent hours to get one good run imagine this shit happening on ur perfect run like happened to me... Share here ur experiences and frustrating shit About the grenades always check if aren't u 100% shure if they worked so look on the targets that u throw it Keep trying and practicing,it becomes fun to play after a while ,and u will succeed 😁
  11. Man ...just watch the first minute It isn't even a Question of being skilled the first gamer is just broken on this aspect,there is one part that the fucker gliched and teleported back,i put in slow motion to see better....the way u land in a lot of parts on the first game is only a way that satan made for us to suffer i can't see any logic of letting it being so frustrating,this didn't happened on the other 2 games at least...
  12. Could hard crash is pretty easy to get gould cuz u have plenty of time, honestly u can even get a platinum having a lot of mistakes On this video I made a terrible run and still got platinum (when I say is easy i don't mean that u won't fail,but with practice and patience,u won't take too much time to achieve) Hagging out is the one that u need to be perfect and fast and there is no space for error,but with practice all of them are doable and not that hard,only Stormy ascent was pretty mother fuckin bullshit the first minute of this video bellow shows that Stormy ascent isn't about skill but about how long u can keep trying whiteout destroying the controller....
  13. So the email exploit on vita works to the online pass too? I wanted to get the EU stack but I didn't know if it works
  14. Thanks man 😁 This game is easy for u,and have a lot of UR hehe
  15. This is my run to get the hardest trophy Is the "hardest" but isn't hard at the point that u get the hang of the game but is extremely luck based,on the minute 0:35 and 1:31 the fuckin ghost teleported inside me and there is nothing u can do to avoid .... The waves are random but they are the same , you will get different waves but the enemies on the chosen waves are the same, is all about lucky u can get a pretty hard or simply "bullshit" wave like the 1:15 min on the video that only spawn masks.....and is ridiculously hard to kill all of them without getting hit as they can literally spawn almost inside you Be careful to don't lose ur chain and use items wisely,keep trying and believe on me you will fail way more by bad lucky than actual skill