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  1. An immense achievement. Congratulations! Anything you do from now in the fighting game genre will be a lesser achievement 🤣
  2. Really happy with the list. It's the same as the original minus the keep shields above 50% health trophy. Strange to see a new game + plus where the trend is now to patch in a month or two after launch for a single measly bronze. I'm looking at you Callisto Protocol 🥱
  3. Hi, I see you got Ultra Street Fighter IV Platinum.. can you share play with me on ps4 and finish last 2 trophies Arcade mode ? 😊

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    2. Jeanoltt


      I don't understand, you want him to get the trophies for you? What's the point😕

    3. FreshFromThaDeli


      If you beat me in a FT5, I'll help. 

    4. AihaLoveleaf



      If you beat me in a FT5, I'll help. 


  4. I set myself a self imposed challenge of completing the game without getting the DualSense battery to notify you it's running low 😅 Yes, that's how bored I was playing through this game all over again. 100% obtained again....for now 😪 Skippable cut scenes should have been patched long before New Game +
  5. Tier 1 1. Arcana Heart 3 (1.22%) ☑️ 2. Call of Duty: WW2 ☑️ 3. Dead Space 3 (4.18% / 2.04%) 4. Fifa 11 Unobtainable Plat (2.33%) 5. Umbrella Corps (3.03%) ☑️ I have spent so much time on this game during it's launch year playing Multiplayer with my friends. I ignored the Zombies and the DLC because of the typical long drawn out cryptic bullshit Easter eggs that require watching half hour videos from people on YouTube that are 'super excited'. The Campaign is entirely forgettable but it's the Multiplayer that really drew me in as it does with most CoD games. Not too much to say apart from that to be honest as it's a known quantity at this point that CoD games with Zombies trophies will always be an Ultra Rare Plat. Happy to scratch another CoD game off the list in my quest to get every game in the series to 100%.
  6. Number 1: RE4 Remake And the rest.... Street Fighter 6 Dead Space Remake Stellar Blade FF16 2024 most likely Tekken 8 FF7 Remake Part 2 Project L Garou Mark of the Wolves 2
  7. My mouth is watering to see another classic fighting game franchise make it back now on modern hardware.
  8. I had a lot of trouble with the timing to work and after like 15 minutes I got it to work. You have to go to perk machine press and hold square, the moment you press square also press AND HOLD L1+R1 for it to work. The timer should be counting down when you lift your hand off the perk machine and then wait until it expires. Go down on purpose, self revive and then keep spamming the mystery box for the crossbow. Even the Blunderbuss is not as reliable as the crossbow, so just keep picking up guns until the crossbow pops up. The weapon pool is larger now as the game has reached end of life status meaning all the DLC guns show up in the mystery box making your chance of getting the crossbow to appear even lower.
  9. If the glitch being infinite ammo, then I can confirm it still works. I just did it yesterday night.
  10. Good to see you here again mate 😁
  11. From someone who also has those, I would put them all high up the difficulty list for sure.
  12. Yoooo congrats on Arcana Heart 3. Still need to finish the multiplayer for that game...

    1. FreshFromThaDeli


      Thank you! The multiplayer is a grind but just remember to focus on 1 character to getting to rank 10 before doing the others characters to level 3. The game has a weird delevelling mechanic where characters lose xp if you keep hopping between characters. Very weird. Best of luck. 

  13. Having so many F ranks would bother me but at least I would finally be able to say I have the Jak trilogy completed 🤣 Silver lining to everything.
  14. Tier 1 1. Arcana Heart 3 (1.22%) ☑️ 2. Call of Duty Black Ops III (0.7 % / 0.17%) 3. Dead Space 3 (4.18% / 2.04%) 4. Fifa 11 Unobtainable Plat (2.33%) 5. Umbrella Corps (3.03%) ☑️ Arcana Heart 3 & Umbrella Corps I'm a couple days late to post my completions on this thread as I popped both of them on New Year's Day. Arcana Heart 3 was a mostly fun enjoyable 2D fighter, initially I was put off by the vast amount of loli characters which I don't like. Like most fighting games on PS3, the trophies are mostly character based that require special actions to be performed. Nothing in this game was hard although the end boss fight in the story fight was irritating to fight against at first because of the damage it can cause you, I only got to grips with it when I learned how to use the homing mechanic which I can only describe it as a Superdash from Dragonball FighterZ but nowhere near as flashy and as good. I had to complete the gallery and it's got the usual 'complete the story mode with every character' unlocks followed by having to see every characters link animations in a a real match. After reading 10 year old forum posts I can confidently say this game is overrated for it's difficulty, the only stopgap is having to boost the online but I have done worse online grinds in a fighting game. Umbrella Corps is 95% online grind, 5% actual Campaign mode and 100% a piece of shit game. When talking about the 5%, I use the term Campaign very loosely. I only played this game because I'm a diehard Resident Evil fan and want every game in the series completed. My boosting partners and me were so efficient when we boosted the U-Trials that the last 20-30 hours were just a mindless slog of getting matches played and completed for the last U-Trial of playing an obscene 500 matches which takes 3 wins to get 1 match completed and between loading screens it took like 10 minutes+ for 1 match to be completed. Avoid at all costs. I just want to say thank you to @Mori and @Koro249