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  1. Striker for me. Remember to input the run as soon as you can gain control of her again. Keep practicing that last part of the combo to nail the timing. I am coming from a place where I have completed 3 characters combo's: Berserker and Inquisitor are the other ones. I don't think either of them are any easier than Striker's though. Haven't tried Grappler myself so I can't offer any input on that sorry.
  2. So I can provide some context as I have had the game early for a few days. Clearing all combo challenges can be tough if you're not used to it for other fighting games. I used Striker and it was easy but using Inquisitor is a completely different level of difficulty. Shame because I really enjoy playing as her. Clearing Survival A course is 15 wins. B course is 30 and C course is 100! It can however be cheesed. Upload the save to cloud after every win and keep downloading save to try again without losing progress. You get SFV post patch style enhancements after every round to help you. You also get a continue option every 10 wins. The opponents do get pretty tough in later rounds so it's advisable to not use the in built continue function because your base attack and defence gets reset to neutral. All stories are easy to complete but you have to skip through walls of text. Turbo is recommended. Everything else is not worth mentioning and very easy. In the age of easy fighting game Plats, this is not quite as easy and very achievable even for a newcomer.
  3. Glad I got a PS5 so I can self boost digital PS4 Games.
  4. God bless Capcom. Best developer out there. Might make the Plat my 10000th trophy because it encapsulates my favourite genre and developer perfectly.
  5. 'You are now following this thread'
  6. Looks like an easy list. Very close to pre ordering at this point. Love me some Sonic.
  7. You need to download your PS4 save first.
  8. Nice review on Dead Nation. I'm very excited to try it out myself with a friend through co op. I got the 100% on Resogun a few months ago so I'm back in the mood for some more Housemarque games 😅
  9. You have the AAA heavy hitters but also some obscure ones that I frankly don't know much about. The LEGO games and Sly collection are the best ones on your account as it's always nice to see franchise conpletionists. You do have a few of those grubby Plats but it's not an eyesore and instead they look like pallette cleansers. 7/10
  10. DMCV, Monster Hunter Rise and SF6 use the RE Engine. DMCV, Monster Hunter Rise and SF6 use the RE Engine. DMCV, Monster Hunter Rise and SF6 use the RE Engine. DMCV, Monster Hunter Rise and SF6 use the RE Engine. DMCV, Monster Hunter Rise and SF6 use the RE Engine.
  11. Insta follow from me. Congrats on making your own trophy checklist!
  12. Hoping for Dark Arisen to get remastered on PS5.
  13. I autopopped the rest of the trophies after completing Leon's Campaign. Still so fun to play through RE2 again. Onto RE3 now
  14. That sucks! Maybe worth playing without latest patch?
  15. Getting Dan SFV vibes with Guile's new perfect timing mechanic. Makes sense for his turtle playstyle. Think it will be an unfair advantage to hitbox players though.