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  1. Tier 3 1. Battle Fantasia (0.60%) 100% ✅ 2. Dead or Alive 5 (0.51%) 100% ✅ 3. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (4.33%) 100% ✅ 4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (0.69%/0.34%) 100% ✅ 5. Sonic Mania (1.78%) 19% Two months since my last update here on the Ultra Rare Cleanup Thread which was back on August 31. I decided to take a break from UR hunting for a bit and just revisit some other games I had on my mind. Ground Zeroes was a minor annoyance at best, there's not a lot of content in this game so there's a lot of replaying involved. I played Normal difficulty again for the S ranks on all 5 missions. Then another replay on all missions on Normal, this time focusing on the objective of spotting every enemy in every mission using my binoculars. Afterwards I had to replay the same missions twice over on Hard difficulty to unlock the remaining trials and complete the game to 100%. All in all, this revisit back to Ground Zeroes took me about 10 hours total. I don't have much else to say as this is a precursor to MGSV: Phantom Pain which I will eventually go back and complete one day. One more game left for Tier 3, i'm excited to go back to Sonic Mania
  2. What does being Asian have to do with liking Mercenaries? I personally think Mercenaries difficulty has been overblown here on PSNP. It's hard but not that hard. RE7 DLC is still the hardest thing in a mainline RE game to do for trophies.
  3. Amazing progress in only 6 months! You have achieved what I did in 1 year and a half in terms of completion percentage. Keep it up! 😁
  4. Somebody unlocked the trophy on 4th October. I don't know if this was an isolated incident or what but I just tried connecting to the online Racenet challenge and it says the service is not available and to try again later. The same error since earlier this year...
  5. In order to unlock Master difficulty, can I play each level individually on Veteran through 'Single level'? Or will it instead have to be a whole Arcade run on Veteran on every level in one sitting to unlock Master?
  6. #126 Valkyria Revolution




    Enjoyment: 5/10

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Hardest Trophy: Royal Army Veteran Cross


    The beginning of this game is so slow and mind numbingly boring that I instantly regretted even popping my first trophy. It's not too often I would say that about games that I play. I did not like this game. After finishing off the Platinum for the first game in the series last month with Valkyria Chronicles, I was in a great mood to start another game in the series. Valkyria Revolution is a game I have had sitting in the plastic wrapper on my shelving unit for years now. I thought now is a good a time as any other to start playing it but alas, that was not a really good idea. Valkyria Revolution is a slow, plodding and bloated game that should only be played by the hardcore fans of the original game who are really invested in the in game world.


    The story is a garbled mess of JRPG tropes. You play as Amleth who is the 100th brooding moody protagonist in a JRPG that is too cool to admit when he is wrong and is incredibly unlikable. I could go into details on the story but it's not worth elaborating. Essentially, it boils down to you and your squad who are trying to take down the Empire from invading neighbouring countries in the 1850's while a Valkyria with the biggest boobs ever is hellbent on taking you down. Seriously, her boobs are so oversized in this game it looks like Sega went into the Soul Calibur character creator and put the upper chest filter up to the maximum value. Her boobs are bigger than my future! 😂




    Valkyria Revolution ditches the unique watercolour art style of Valkryia Chronicles and instead has become a (VERY anime) muddy mess. The first game was also an anime game but it was a subdued look and one that I have never seen before. The character models are downright ugly when you see them up close and you WILL be seeing them up close a lot because this is quite possibly the game with the longest cutscenes I've EVER played. Even Hideo Kojima would be jealous of how long the cut scenes just drag on and on and on...Valkyria Revolution throws cut scene after cut scene at you with loading screens in between cut scenes. The cut scenes have loading screens to load even more cut scenes! It makes you question your life and ask yourself why am I playing this if I'm only actively playing 20% of the time and watching cut scenes 80% of the time.


    I done the thinkable and just started skipping all the cut scenes from chapter 3 and onwards. I already had spent what felt like 5 hours watching cut scenes, and wasn't engaged in the story enough to continue forcing myself to care. At that point I changed the difficulty to Easy and just decided to rush through the game. It still took me a month to finish the game off because of a demanding work schedule as of late but I'm glad I finished this game so I never have to go back to it.




    One positive of this game however, is the OST. Oh my goodness! The OST is simply amazing and is much better than Valkyria Chronicles. Pretty happy about the free CD included in the box so I can copy the disc to my PS3 HDD. I'm excited to try out Valkyria Chronicles 4 one day which is a return to form by being a tactical action RPG just like the first 3 mainline games in the series.

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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. FreshFromThaDeli


      Thanks all! 😄


      @CopaneleI knew I'll get some comments about the BIG Revolution 😂


      @Honor_HandShe's the best character in the game because of the character arc AND of course her BIG personality lol.


      @AihaLoveleafAll these comments on her boob size and I think yours may be the breast one 😃


      @MidnightDragonI admit some of the cut scenes I saw her in, I still watched them all the way through and still skipped the rest without her. 😊


      @yuber1234Definitely skip this if you aren't invested in the world and lore of Valkyria Chronicles after playing it for yourself. 


      Even if you are, I don't think this game has anything worthwhile to make you waste 40+ hours on it. It pains me to say that because I adore the first game so much.


      There are literally cut scenes where her boobs cover her face because of the camera angle 😅

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  7. I highly recommend Guacamelee too! Great recommendation. It was so fun and satisfying going for the 100% on Guacamelee 1.
  8. Thanks. You're too kind 😅 you gave me a run for my money.
  9. Saw a bunch of familiar names. GG @Thedah. Shame we couldn't finish our Finals set through to the end.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I'm a little confused and would like some clarification please. I own the base game launch version of Dying Light on Disc. Is Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition a Standalone just containing DLC or does it contain Base game + DLC? Will my save from disc version carry over to The Following Enhanced Edition if I purchase that?
  12. Had my eye on this for a bit. Never played Melty Blood before but this looks fairly simple.
  13. I recommend you play what YOU like the look of and play Training mode in that game of your choice. I'm a 'labber' and spend a lot of time learning mechanics, setups, punishes and of course combo's. Don't get too hung up on learning combo's, they are not that important when starting out. Divekick is 'my first fighting game' level of easy to get into and the core fundamentals of every fighting game is also present: footsies. Examples of games that have great tutorials that teach you the basics and also advanced are Mortal Kombat 11, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-/Rev 2, BlazBlue series. For 3D fighters, Dead or Alive 5/6, have good tutorials. Lastly don't play to win. Play to learn.
  14. Glad to hear Capcom took the criticisms of RE3 Remake to heart and are updating it to meet fans expectations. I really enjoyed RE3 remake so I will be double dipping when I get a PS5.
  15. @Baranov_925 You appear to enjoy sports games the most. I don't play a lot of them myself but I'm aware of their difficulty when it comes to getting the Platinum in them so well done. Quite a few unfinished games on your account, definitely not the kind of person to burden yourself with completing every game if you didn't enjoy it which is a healthy way to approach trophy hunting. Overall I would rate your trophy list a 5.5/10.