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  1. I am disappointed that this has the least amount of trophies in any CoD game. Even CoD classic on PS3 had more trophies. I still MUCH prefer this trophy list over anything of the last 3 games with those stupid time consuming zombie easter egg trophies. Black ops 4 was full of horrible zombie trophies and luck based Blackout trophies.
  2. 3003. Well first order of business is to get it under 3k. I have been going back and playing my old ps3 games so it will wittle down that number. My goal is then 2900.
  3. SFIV is probably my proudest platinum. Yes vanilla SFIV, not SSFIV because by then I had the muscle memory down after months of playing trials and just had to work on execution. MK vs DC also has incredibly difficult trials too. It made me not want to go back and ever play that again after the platinum. Would still give the edge to S/SFIV trials in difficulty though.
  4. From C to Shining C or whatever it's called is a grindy mess. I remember boosting it on the ps3 years ago. Never quite got around to doing it on ps4 version though.
  5. Resident Evil I have done all the requirements for the plat on the Gamecube back in the day. Just need to put in the time and do it again.
  6. I've been playing P4AU this week and started my journey to completing one characters challenges. Try Shadow Labrys, still really difficult but I got to challenge 22 in one sitting. Took me about 2 hours but the plan is to get back to it next week and finish her one up. I had to use my fightpad as the PS3 pad just wasn't working for the execution needed for some of these inputs.
  7. Assassins Creed 3 - Online trophies. Never liked the MP mode in AC games Battlefield 3 - Reaching rank 45 was a total grind and time sink for me after I had lost interest in playing this game when my friends moved on. Battlefield Bad Company 1 - 10,000 kills online. No thanks! Blazblue Continuum Shift - Lost interest and sold the game. Call of Duty classic - Difficulty trophies don't stack. Not playing it through 3 times. Once is enough. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - The other CoD game on PS3 I don't have the platinum on. This is when Treyarch started making their games have stupid convoluted Easter eggs as part of trophy requirements. Dead or alive 5 - 1000 fights online. No thanks. FFX III - By chapter 11 and over 45 hours of gameplay, I was bored of this game. GOW III - Had to force myself to finish this game. Not interested in going back. GTA IV - offline 100%. Reaching level 10 and AWP trophies stopped from earning the plat. Likely not going back. GTA V - One online trophy rendered unobtainable now. GRID Autosport -Online trophies are garbage. A shame because I had gotten GRID 2 platinum before. Killzone 3 - Server closure Mortal Kombat - "My Kung-Fu is stronger" is a massive and unnecessary time sink. No thanks! Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Online is dead now. RAGE - Remember being stuck on the last part of the game. Never going back. Resistance 2 - My most heartbreaking trophy. Just needed 10,000 kills to get the platinum. Server closed. Sonic Unleashed - Couldn't complete the final level let alone go for the remaining trophies. The King of fighters XII - Online dead. The King of fighters XIII - Online dead. Tomb Raider - Online dead. Bonus - Not a platinum but I forever will be locked out of 100% on Ridge Racer Driftopia. It was a game I got into the beta before it got cancelled. For some odd reason the beta allowed you to get trophies.
  8. Witcher 3. Probably the most acclaimed game in my ps4 backlog.
  9. Red dead 2 plat
  10. The Evil Within. Akumu mode is stress inducing.
  11. Mortal Kombat PS Vita Platinum. I have the MK vs DC universe and MK X plats, would love to get the MK9 plat atleast on Vita as it's less of a grind compared to the PS3 version.