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  1. One of my absolute favourite N64 games growing up. A very creative, weird, interesting and atmospheric hidden gem that will hopefully reach a wider audience with this remaster. Recently got the Valiant comic as a birthday present so I am in the Shadowman mood and all in for this when it releases on PS4. Collecting all the Cadeaux will be quite fun to go back and go for that for the first time.
  2. 1. Resident Evil 4 2. Tekken 4 3. GTA Vice City 4. Devil May Cry 1 4. Shadow of the Colossus
  3. Out of the ones I have experience in playing for myself I would say vanilla Street Fighter IV.
  4. I should have been clearer in my original post. I am aware it used to be on PSN store, I'm talking about now.
  5. Last I heard it was not on PSN in Europe. On Xbox 360 it got removed and came back as just Soul Calibur 2 HD. Very weird decision to remove the 'online' monikor
  6. What happened to the rumours of Sony commissioning a Silent Hill 1 remake or MGS 1 remake in partnership with Konami? Those are far more interesting because of the age of those games compared to TLOU 1.
  7. Don't know what is a more pointless remake. TLOU 1 or Resident Evil 4.
  8. 😍 Very exciting news to hear about more Guilty Gear games getting some much needed recognition here, especially on the eve of GGST launch.
  9. If you just want to play them and earn the trophies in them then you can play them all on PS NOW too.
  10. I really dislike the angle they are approaching the tutorial. They should be including every mechanic in a tutorial to give new players an understanding of all the tools and mechanics at their disposal. Shouldn't have to go into combo challenges to understand mechanics. What a far cry from the tutorial included in the Xrd games. Otherwise, I'm super excited for the second beta. 🙃
  11. 7/10 Got some franchise completions with a bit of work to finish off other franchises that are still left. Could do with some more Ultra Rare platinums.
  12. I recommend Super Hang-On, Crazy Taxi, Daytona USA and Jet Set Radio (more of a platformer). Yes, I love my old school Sega games.
  13. Likes Trials series and open world games.
  14. I can help too. Just lmk @Thedah