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  1. Just going to platinum it the moment I'm done with Village's campaign and never touch it again after that
  2. I still need to finish getting 100% on AW on PS3 so this is the best way for me to get a cheaper season pass rather than buying the expensive PS3 version, i'll just wait for the ps4 version season pass to go on sale.
  3. Please tell us why the old version has more features you want than the new version? "What's new" is missing on the new app entirely. A feature also removed on PS5 that is dearly missed. I enjoyed the social aspect of this feature and it is a shame that it is only on PS4 now. Timestamps for individual messages have now been removed in the app update which makes it hard to go back and look at previous messages for something I may have missed. PS3 users are now no longer visible as online when on the app. This functionality has also been removed from PS4 so now only PS3 users can see other PS3 users online at the same time. I really dislike how PS3 is a member of the PS family and it is treated like it isn't even though the PS3 servers are still running. The wishlist on the store being removed on the app makes it annoying to track the games I want to buy. PS3 games and Vita games being removed from the PS store on the app all together is very frustrating and I want that functionality back.
  4. Tier 1 List 1. The King of Fighters XIII (1.01% ) - 27/47 - 53% 2. The King of Fighters XIV (2.09% ) - 41/48 - 86% 3. Grand Theft Auto IV (0.47% 💯) - 53/66 - 84% 4. Mirror's Edge (0.64% 💯) - 49/51 - 90% 5. RAGE (4.16% ; 0.69% 💯) - 24/61 - 32%
  5. The two trophies I recommend boosting for are Sharing is Caring and Meddling Kids. They are very difficult to get in a real match especially Meddling Kids. Best way to do this trophy is play with a party and wait until Alex is the Mastermind opponent and use molotovs and flame melee weapons to quickly take down the plant 3 times in the same match.
  6. GTA IV - 26th March 2020 • Platinum in 11 years, 2 months AWP and Wanted were the plat killers for me for all these years. I remember reaching rank 8 and then just stopping because of how long it was taking. AWP was and still is one of the glitchiest trophies I know of so I didn't even bother attempting that back in the day. As part of my goal in 2020 to go back to old games and 100% or platinum them I finally put in the time for AWP and Wanted to scratch this platinum off my list. Now one of these days I need to get all the DLC trophies out of the way too.
  7. My favourite Sega Megadrive games growing up.
  8. Developers did say they are looking into a port for PS4 and Xbox One. So it's all but confirmed at this point Village is coming to last gen
  9. I really want to go back and finish this but no longer can remember the email I used to purchase this. Same goes for MVC 1 Origins.
  10. Mass Effect Trilogy remastered is coming soon so if you are at all interested in the 100% for the original PS3 trilogy I would act now and buy all the dlc for ME2 and ME3 incase they get delisted. (And get the ME3 MP trophies out the way)
  11. Call of Duty World at War 17th Jan 2009 Platinum - Very proud of this one as it is my first Platinum and have been trophy hunting over a decade now. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 3rd Jan 2010 Is That All You Got? - Still my favourite Call of Duty, spent over a 1000 hours on Multiplayer alone. The multiplayer kept me from platting this game until the following year. Prince of Persia 18th Sep 2011 Prince of Persia - A massive gap from my last plat to this one. I was still trophy hunting but not really getting platinum's while doing it. Also, I'm pretty sure I was obsessed with MW2 and just played that for most of the year. This is a decent reboot for the franchise. I think it is deserving of a remaster. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 1st Jul 2012 All In - Another large gap for this year. I was a big CoD junkie and just played a lot of multiplayer in every new installment. However, it did not live up to the hype after the phenomenal MW2. Far Cry 3 1st Jan 2013 Mastered the Jungle - A completely unintentional 1st of January plat in my collection. I hadn't played a FC game before and got it off a friend in December and really enjoyed it. I had to plat it and it is one of my favourite Ubisoft games period. Call of Duty Ghosts 4th Mar 2014 Federated - I'm still playing CoD so nothing new here. I guess it's a quicker plat compared to a couple of previous years so you can imagine I was not very into this one. Very forgettable, best part of this game was Extinction. The Order 1886 5th Mar 2015 The Grail - Got this for my birthday from friends and without any knowledge of how easy the platinum would be I platted it without even really going for it otherwise. Heavily criticised although I really enjoyed this game. Could have been much longer though. Far Cry 4 2nd Oct 2016 Master of Kyrat - WOW. What a time gap to the first platinum in the year. I think it was a quiet year and I wasn't really interested in playing games for platinums this year compared to previous years. More Far Cry. The last major entry I played. Mortal Kombat X 16th Jan 2017 Platinum Trophy - Nice and early plat of the year. Brilliant fighting game. Fast paced and gruesome. Fighting EX Layer 21st Jul 2018 FIGHTING EX LAYER Platinum Trophy - Looking back at my first platinums of the year and I am beginning to classify myself as a casual trophy hunter now lol. At least i was in the past. Not because of the quality of games I play but the time it took to get my first platinums of the year. Underrated 90s fighter that didn't even come out in the 90s. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 22nd Jan 2019 Biosplattered - As a hardcore RE fan I remember going back to this to just platinum it because I was in a phase where I wanted to make progress in getting a plat in every RE game. I did not enjoy this game very much at all the first time I completed it. I enjoyed this game the more playthroughs I done and that was thanks to the platinum forcing me to replay it a few times so I owe it to trophy hunting for me eventually liking RE7. The scariest RE in my opinion. Tomb Raider 25th Feb 2020 True Survivor - This one means a lot to me in my trophy hunting journey. This game kicked off my desire to seriously work on my game completion percentage on my profile. I remember looking back at this trophy list and not having done the multiplayer grind for the platinum made me think I am so close to the platinum after getting all but one single player trophy. It filled me with motivation to go back to my old games on my profile and platinum and 100% them. I spent all of 2020 really going for a better game completion percentage and in that year I got the most platinum trophies in any single year so far and also unlocked my 100th platinum trophy right at the end of the year too. Games like Batman Arkham Asylum, Infamous 2, Persona 4 Arena and so many more would not have been 100%'d if it wasn't for this game and feeling sad that I was at an 80% completion since 2013 with no platinum for years on end every time I checked this game on my trophy list. I don't know what it was about this game that made me want to work on my completion rating but looking back on this game it makes me remember how bad my completion was for a lot of games on my profile so thank you Tomb Raider. This is also a contender for best video game reboot in my opinion. Resident Evil Zero 1st Jan 2021 Wanna Go for a Ride? - This is my 101st platinum and the first plat of the year. So this is the first time I purposely held back on unlocking a platinum until the 1st of Jan. I might start doing that every year from now on. I also wanted to wait until after I first got the platinum on Resident Evil 1 (which is my 100th platinum). I'm still working on my RE franchise trophy collection and on my overall game completion rating percentage. It's good to see this and RE1, both games I played a lot in my childhood now finally have a platinum next to their name in my trophy collection. A game I enjoyed in my childhood that is showing it's age but I still really enjoy it.
  12. You only have 3 incomplete games on your profile and I only played one of the three you have left so well done for the high completion rate on your profile especially with Super Meat Boy and Injustice 1.
  13. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy, have fun and don't be a pervert and look up Ashley's skirt in RE4.
  14. First trophy Modern Warfare 2019 LiberationComplete all Special Operations missions. 6th Jan 202012:38:32 AM Last trophy Resident Evil Zero I Could Shoot, You KnowObtain all weapons. 30th Dec 202010:49:15 PM Pretty much as expected for me. CoD and Resident Evil 😂
  15. Well I'm not Anji's biggest fan (no pun intended) but I'm glad a XX vet is coming back. I'm hoping the last slot is someone else from XX.