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  1. Ah I should have figured a Persona game would be in the lineup for you there lol. I really want to play P5 one day, the huge time to complete it is a bit of a turn off so I may just go straight to P5R and skip P5 Vanilla. I done FF7R this year and after 90+ hours I don't think I'll be playing another JRPG until next year lol. That game took me a month and a half to finish off as I was so invested in it's story. Anyways that's enough of that, back to fighting games. I actually am saving BB CS as part of a BB Plat rain day for a special occasion. What that special occasion is...well, I'll save that for when the time is right to do so. You'll know when that special occasion is soon enough
  2. Huge congrats for an awesome Platty! How cool is that Platinum name huh? You're close to 100 UR trophies and 75 Platinums, so some milestones will be hit very soon I'm sure. Any idea on what the #75 Plat will be? I heard that CS was considered the hardest during my research on the trophy difficulties for the entire series. I'll definitely keep the comments you made in mind on the later games and their respective difficult trophies/modes. Since I'm playing the BB games in chronological order (Cross Tag Battle notwithstanding) it will be a while yet.
  3. Great write up! I echo all your sentiments on how bad this game is. This made me laugh 😂. Poor Marco, he's only 9 years old, wants to pet his Dragon and avoid all your pokes. Makes Oddjob from Goldeneye blush with how hard it is to hit him.
  4. FFX HD. My first Final Fantasy. Shame that it's such a grind.
  5. I've been a fan of this series since Racedriver: GRID. Not totally convinced with the new angle they are taking by focusing on the cheesy live action cut scenes. Although, this series started getting bland with GRID Autosport so maybe this shake up will do the series some good.
  6. Likes being #1. Enjoys GoW.
  7. Congrats! Sounds like you had a relatively easy time getting the challenges done. The later BB games you played before this must have prepared you well and good for this one. The Plat is in the bag now.
  8. I never thought I would see the day an Arcade Archives game was rated a 7/10 for difficulty.
  9. Amazing progress on CS. You are so close to completing 100 challenges!
  10. Amazing tips for the people who opt for the pause trick. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I didn't know some of those things you mentioned such as the heights of the character you're playing as play a part in determining the amount of parries you need to do against Deathbringer's Centaur attack. I didn't even think of that. Thanks for clearing up those things.
  12. You are fully welcome and best of luck to you when you do get round to this game 😁
  13. I just want to say you have made a staggering amount of progress since 20th April 2021. You have achieved 70% completion already! I don't know how you managed to do that so quickly especially with the good quality of the games you gone back to play that are both challenging and time consuming. Keep up the amazing progress.
  14. AWP in GTA IV. I had to do that shit twice including those insufferable Cannonball Races 😩
  15. Dead or Alive 5 Progress Update


    So I just beat Dead or Alive 5 Survival on Champ Difficulty...on my first try. That's all 100 fights of this big bad werewolf slain.


    Granted, I attempted this last year and promptly rage quit after many losses in the 50 wins or so range. Well, 3 more difficulties and this Platinum is mine! Battle Fantasia Survival prepped me well and good for this one.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Jesus. Dead or Alive 5 is just.... nope. Too hard for me.

    3. FreshFromThaDeli


      @yuber1234Moments like losing on the 100th fight are just part and parcel of trophy hunting for me. I remember choking on the last sliver of health a Bogey had on Vanquish Challenge 6 💔


      @Honor_HandHeh, clever use of the word champ there. I dig it. Thanks for the encouragement.


      AJ_Radio It's super rough. Definitely the Platinum stopper, I left it unfinished for years at this point.


      EDIT: Sometimes this site refuses to let me @ someone. A weird anomaly.

    4. Honor_Hand


      @FreshFromThaDeli Yep, trying to mention another member with @ tends to bug from time to time for some reason. What I do is reload my tab after making sure I've copied what I was writing and then it fixes itself.