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  1. SF6 is already goated. Fighting in this game is so smooth. World Tour is a silly distraction for me at best but I do enjoy the additional lore I get to read up on the main cast. Chun-Li's thick legs concersation was the highlight for me 😅
  2. Game is fun as shit so I'll keep labbing and playing online. Tournaments will be back when they fix the servers. Hopefully next week.
  3. Looks a lot like Sonic Generations gameplay and art style wise. I'm a big fan of 2D sonic so I'm very interested in this.
  4. Absolutely phenomenal gameplay. The transition from character select screen to character intros to fighting is impeccable. The gameplay looks like a fusion of MK11 and MK X. The Kameo fighters are going to play a big part and remind of the assists from MVC.
  5. Woke up at 4am to sign up. Went back to sleep for 50 mins with the console on and immediately disconnected from the tournament when I'm about to play my first match. The silver lining is I got progress towards entering 5 tournaments. Thank God I won the tournament I entered yesterday and got my wins in there as I don't feel as stressed to get as many as 10 wins now. I can only imagine the anxiety of potentially getting disconnected midway through a tournament and still needing those wins. Hoping Saturday's tournament runs smoothly. At first they did but on 2nd day of the open beta, Capcom pulled the tournament feature because of connectivity issues. Looks like tournaments are still not really ready in time for release.
  6. I won my first tournament I entered. Only got 6/10 on wins progress though which should be 8/10. The first match was automatically awarded as a win and didn't count on my tracker. Then I waited for round 2 to start and then proceeded to play 4 sets and win 8 matches. However it seems it is not tracking properly for me on PSN progress. Anyways it looks like entering 5 tournaments is going to take longer than actually winning 10 matches for me, go figure. Winning 10 matches is easy enough if you just pick a character you feel somewhat comfortable with and learn a bnb with. It's a bonus if you know your characters anti air. 9/10 times in the lower leagues you will win quite comfortably if you know how to punish properly as people are quick to DP on wake up or do something unsafe like their level 3 on block.
  7. Just won my first tournament in Street Fighter 6!





    1. Yuber6969


      Congrats! Not supurised at all. You won the VF5 tournament we were in too IIRC.


    2. FreshFromThaDeli


      @Yuber6969 Thanks! I forgot all about winning the VF5 tournament we participated in. You have a good memory!



  8. So at last, I can pull myself from playing the amazing Street Fighter 6 to post the collector's edition I got. A thing of beauty 😍




















    The figures are really well made.




    Too bad Luke is so so basic that I have no real desire to play him in the game.




    Kimberley the best design out of the newcomers and the figure has the best attention to detail.



  9. We should do a friendly little PSNP tournament tomorrow. Just for fun 💯....and bragging rights 🙃
  10. Fill your boots people!
  11. Thanks for the tag. I love the trophy icons and the Platinum's name and image. This list more of a grind than it is a test of skill assuming winning 10 tournaments can't be boosted. I will be playing this game for long lengths in Ranked and will unlock all the trophies naturally along the way. I just want this game in my hands already. 1 more day! Hey man! You already know I played Blanka in SF V. You will have to deal with it again when playing me in 6 🤪😆
  12. Hey man, in our last set that we played (which was on SSFIV), you won and quite comfortably from what I remember. I been playing so much SF V over the years I unlearned some of the ways to play SFIV 😅 Looking forward to our matches on SF6 & also with @Copanele
  13. To each their own. My issue with fighting games trophy lists is they used to be all about doing everything in the game, experiencing every mode to it's fullest or at least the hardest parts but they have gone away from that. Reviews are out and it's reviewing incredibly well. World Tour seems to be the weakest part of the game and still has performance issues. 92 is incredibly high for a fighting game. Bravo Capcom! 💯😍
  14. Guilty Gear Strive and KoF XV deserve to be stacked! 💪
  15. Very strange trophy list being divided into effectively 3 lists. No trials trophy for completing all trials is a bummer. The day and age of hard fighting game Plats is over. SF was the last remaining fighting game franchise to have a hard trophy list. People will moan and complain about winning 10 tournaments and try to boost it anyway. Oh well. I'm so excited for this game that I will make it my milestone Platinum and grind Ranked for months to get better and compete online.
  16. Enjoy RE4 the GOAT 👏
  17. Doesn't make sense when servers for even original MVC2 are still running on PS3. Also, that's a delisted game. Then again, those servers might be peer to peer. Have heard of the rumours a new MVC game is coming next year so a good a time as any to get Infinite done.
  18. I could be 'that guy' and pick all the fighting games....but instead i'll still be 'that guy' and pick: RE4, RE4make
  19. I'm not interested in this game but I saw this pop up on HotUKdeals so thought I'll share here.
  20. I love physical so I won't be buying this at launch. However, oh my GOD the atmosphere in this game is off the charts. I love survival horror and this has gone full survival horror where the first game was just on the boundary of being a survival horror. I am excited to see more gameplay.
  21. This is great. After all the shit they put us through with the DLC trophies, we deserve an easy mode with Riot Mode. Thanks for sharing those tips.
  22. Just played 1 round and died to environmental hazards at round 6. Unlocked trophy for completing Riot mode for the first time so the only really big hurdle this DLC poses is for reaching wave 50. Still need to play more to make a judgement on how tough it may be though.
  23. Maybe in terms of boosting to find a boosting console easier. I didn't boost this back when I went for Platinum so I'm not entirely sure how boosting works in this game. What I do know is the more experienced people will migrate to SF6 and that means less smurf accounts to worry about in the lower ranks. Good luck.
  24. Here we go again. Time to reclaim my 100% for the 4th time. 😅
  25. I pretty much agree with @LancashireLad87ratings here but I do want to give a nod to a couple of games worth mentioning when it comes to hard fighting game Platinums. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus - The Survival mode in this game requires you to beat 100 opponents in one sitting. You get an opportunity to choose an 'upgrade' after every match which helps to build a strong character as the session gets harder. The higher the round, you fight powered up Gold versions of the entire roster which have their own quirks and traits to make them more difficult compared to their normal counterparts. For example Gold Potemkin has a bullshit tanky health bar. If you are not prepared he can win by time out scummimg if you don't know the effective way to beat him with your character (usually Justice is recommended). Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - I seen this mentioned already in this thread but it deserves another one. I got the Platinum back in 2009 so memory might be a bit foggy. Yes, this is no longer obtainable but those combo trials were almost as hard as the ones in vanilla SFIV at the time and they still hold up as one of the toughest to grace a fighting game in my opinion.