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  1. January 2020 Update Hellooo again. I know I haven't updated this in a minute. I put off gaming for awhile because of school. So I actually did pretty good with trophies in 2019; I earned 178 trophies. Compare this to 2018 where I earned 158 trophies. In 2020 I would like to earn 200 or more trophies. It will be a challenge for sure, as I am going to be living away at school and I'm not taking my PS4 with me. I am still on break and I've been playing Persona 5. I am close to halfway through and would like to beat the game at some point this year.
  2. September 2019 Review Number of trophies earned: 36 October 2019 Goals - FFXV
  3. August 2019 Review Number of trophies earned: 58 Assassins Creed Brotherhood: F to C Crash Bandicoot 2: E to B Project Diva f: A to S Sleeping Dogs: F to D Uncharted 4: E to D Important Dates 8/26/19: #2 Project Diva f September 2019 Goals I’m going back to school this month so my game time will be limited. I made a lot of progress in August which I’m happy about but from now on I won’t be as active with my trophy hunting. - Work on write-ups for my platinums - Sleeping Dogs - Gravity Rush
  4. August 2019 Goals x Plat Project diva f (90%) - AC Brotherhood (57% as of 8/25/19) - Crash Bandicoot 2 (33% as of 8/8/19) - Persona 4 (17% as of 7/31/19) Long Term Goals - Have no games with a "E" rank. As of 8/27/19 I have 4 games to improve. -
  5. #1 - Assassin's Creed II #2 - Project Diva f
  6. In an effort to improve my backlog I am putting together this nice little journal to keep myself on track. I am one of those people who can't help but start new games when I still have others that I haven't beat yet. So my main goal is to raise the letter ranks of all my games. If I really love a game then I will try to get the platinum. Games in purple are Vita Games that are hidden are gray A (+) sign means I am going for the platinum. A (++) means I need to do the DLC Games I've completed: Assassin's Creed II Project Diva f In progress: + Persona 5 D Backlog: + AC Brotherhood AC Unity E Crash Bandicoot D Dragon Age Inquisition Drive Girls D + Final Fantasy XV + Gravity Rush E GTA V C The story in this game is kind of lame but I'd still like to play to the end KH Birth by Sleep E Mount & Blade E Persona 4 D I certainly could attempt the plat with this one, I'd just have to see how far I get in the 1st play through. Also my Vita is busted so :\ + Project Diva X B + Sleeping Dogs Watch Dogs ++ Witcher 3 - A Winning Post 8 Shelved: AC Origins - I deleted the save file by accident WHOOPS also the game wasn't that good (at least I thought) Current rank: D Update 1/8/20: I sold this game. Kingdom Hearts - Final boss is hard, might pick it up again in the future. Current rank: C Wishlist
  7. Weirdly enough I found a sealed copy at a TJ Maxx for $8.
  8. Well I tried everything but no luck. I do eventually plan on getting a new Vita (mine I got dirt cheap on ebay) and I can somewhat get it to work. I just find it odd that I didn't have these issues before, and then I started Persona and it all went crazy.
  9. So I just got Persona 4 today, was doing fine but then my character started moving on their own. During the battles, when I try to select which enemy to attack, I try to switch but it keeps bouncing back to the original enemy. I would've posted this in the Persona forum, but I actually noticed that on my home screen the same thing is happening; I try to get to one of the icons, like the trophies, but it goes all the way to the right. I've never had this problem until today.
  10. Interesting to see "Bearly Legal" being brought back again. And another bear pun too.
  11. Kassandra definitely.
  12. Just got Project Diva f yesterday. And actually, I was wondering if anyone who has played this game has had an issue where they can't unlock Luka's room. I've unlocked Luka herself and can play her in songs but her room is still "locked".