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  1. It was free on ps+.
  2. Did you use M&KB on PC then switch to Controller on PS4? I am currently playing on PC and I can only imagine how hard it will be to switch from M&KB to controller for the misc trophies.
  3. I have never tried it but from the Powerpyx guide it says 30-40 hours to platinum so it can't be AS bloated as an AC game. I am sure there are still plenty of collectables but definitely not as many if it can be completed in 30 hours.
  4. Im not defending Cyberpunk but 10 years of hype or not if Sony is going to hold one game to this standard maybe they should do the same for the rest of those shit games. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales for example crashes once per hour when I try to play it, the game is at least a couple years old and never got pulled from the store, made by the same dev. Sony should be doing some quality control for all games and not just the big releases.
  5. I find this insane, there's probably 100+ games even worse than Cyberpunk that are still on the store, they must just be sick of people trying to get refunds so they will take it off for a few weeks and wait for it to slow down and then throw it back up.
  6. Not a chance I could do Necrodancer, Its not only the hardest platinum on PSN but I am also pretty garbage at rhythm games haha.
  7. Monster train just got onto gamepass.  Giving me hope for a PS4/5 version, easily the best deck builder since Slay the Spire.  Hopefully we get Hades in 2021 as well and it will be the perfect year.

  8. Update: Just grabbed the Neon abyss plat. The devs seemed to have fixed the crashes and black screens.
  9. This is why I love Roguelikes, No collectables in most of them and the trophy lists are always straight forward. You can look at the list normally and figure out how to do %90 of the list without a guide.
  10. #66 Neon abyss: The game has gotten much better since release, no more crashes, glad I came back.

  11. Id love TFT on console with a platinum. Havent played it since release but it was a lot of fun.
  12. At least you dont have to play anything made by EA anymore.
  13. Abyss Veteran is for entering the abyss 999 times, this would be grindy but you can get in in about 20-30 minutes pretty easily. First enter the Abyss Press Start L1 over to Quick Restart. When you click "Quick restart" spam X and it will count as restarting multiple times. Before going for this trophy I had entered the abyss around 70 times, then I started this method and got the trophy in about 20 minutes. This should save hours of grinding. Took 20 minutes on PS5 with quick loading times so it may take a bit longer on PS4 but not too long, I cant remember how long loading times were on PS4.
  14. For me it was Dreams, Nothing like bomberman but for 7 days straight after work about 7 hours a day as well as 12 hours on weekends I clicked X and Square over and over until I finally hit level 30. I dont think I am going to do anything grindy again for a while.
  15. What is the glitch on 1.0? You just have to get A instead of A++ on each level or is there something else to it? Also if I revert to 1.0 is Best Surgeon In The Universe unobtainable like the PSNP written guide says and what do I do to get around that, do I just do everything else first and then go back to that trophy on 1.2? Edit: Dowloaded using PSX download helper and still got patch 1.03 not sure what happened but I guess ill have to do it current patch anyways.