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  1. The Risk of Rain 2 plat, was so satisfying seeing myself improve every run and the game is like digital crack, most roguelites are but this game is so addicting it is insane. I am honestly very impressed at what they were able to pull off on screen without insane framedrops.
  2. Anyone know the name of the adapter that lets me use an Xbox elite controller on PS4?  I don't want to buy a scuff controller when I already have an elite sitting around not being used.

  3. I felt this way pretty much the whole game as well the map is just bad and often doesn't do much. I found if I died after 20-30 minutes from a check point I would forget where I went and have to look for where I was going again which got me pretty irritated.
  4. #46 Risk of rain 2 What an insane game this game would legit make my brain hurt after doing a long run from how insane this game can get.  Man am I happy I was able to pull off the Monsoon elite boss kill trophy I thought it was going to Ruin my hopes for the plat.

  5. I like white on black or black on white trophy pictures. Red over black looks good too. Control, Remnant from the ashes, Bloodborne, Sekiro. All of them are very simple but I like them.
  6. Ya it was kind of short but I am just glad they got the whole original cast back, I agree the first one felt rushed tho.
  7. I am a huge fan of Zombieland mainly because I will watch anything with Emma stone but I am going to assume this game is a dud and only releasing to promote the movie unfortunately.
  8. I used ironclad, I think its tree branch relic that puts a card into your hand whenever a card is exhausted and then using the card corruption lets you play cards infinitely pretty much. Ironclad also has the Bash card that gives vulnerable then that card that gives 1 energy + draw a card if the enemy is vulnerable so using 2 of those and having a small deck lets you play infinitely as well. If you can't get it, I was watching Jorbs play the new character and he gets infinite almost every game he wants it on that class so you could just wait for the new character on console.
  9. Boss trophies, ring and coin all need to be in your own world. There may be a few more as well.
  10. After getting the plat it honestly wasn't very hard but it took about 110 hours to get, luckily it was a lot of fun. Apparently there is a new character soon so maybe it will release physically with the new character.
  11. Ya I unhid all of them yesterday and popped some trophies today but they aren't coming back to my profile. That's why I am confused. Edit: think I may have figured it out.
  12. Ya I did that only like 3 games popped up.
  13. I am unsure if this is a problem on my side or PSNP but a while back I hid some games to make it easier to look through my profile but today I decided to unhide them all as I decided I want to start working on my backlog. I did the same as when I hid them and popped a trophy after so it would register, but for some reason only a few games popped up and I had many, many more hidden ones that aren't showing up on my profile. Is there a way to fix this or will they only show up if I pop a trophy in each and every one of them?
  14. Ya I got it the second time around and just asked the clerk, I am pretty sure he just didn't show up or something my first time because I searched the town for like an hour and couldn't find him.
  15. I personally don't care about my completion rate that's a really good way to make gaming feel like a chore and miss out on a ton of good games so there is no real point for me to make another account just to try games. No body really cares about your completion rate except yourself so honestly there is no real point.