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  1. Hey so Beat Sabre has been out on PC for a while but just hit PS4. Is there anyone who is veteran from the PC version that has any tips that would have helped you when you were begging. Maybe even small things like positioning that you may have overlooked when starting out.
  2. Last game was Hollow Knight bought it 2 days ago during the Black Friday sale. Using my $15 credit from the 2 pre order deal to get Beat Sabre after work.
  3. Orc Slayer is so fucking aweful I couldn't bring myself to complete it, bullet hitboxes are fucked and don't land most of the time so I end up dieing and having to restart a level and theres no way I am playing the same level twice in that disaster of a game. Thanks for the advice, that could really help me me not be so intimidated when it comes to trophy hunting. Is Crash 3 much easier than the first? I wouldn't mind playing crash for nostalgia but when playing the remaster I just got so frustrated, it was much better when I was a kid and wasss happy playing the same 3 levels over and over haha,
  4. Celeste has God mode, and unlimited boost as well as slow down time, etc. Super easy plat with cheating,
  5. I want to clear up some of my backlog before buying more games because I tend to just not play shit after I get it or play it for 30 mins and quit. I want to plat some of my games that I haven't plated yet, I wanna start with the easier and quicker ones. The PS3 games on there are PSNow games and I don't plan on going back to them so other than that which ones are the quickest. Hellblade and Spyro 3 and Icey are a given any others?
  6. I bought the Special Edition Pokémon Switch with pokemon, after seeing how dumbed down it looks it is sitting in my closet in the box waiting to see if the value goes up.
  7. Same here, I also had PSNow for like a month and would just open games get like one trophy shut it off and start another game on PSNow that I didn't like and repeat.
  8. I agree with you I cannot play an assasins creed game anymore. They literally give you the option of grind shitty side quests to progress the story or pay more fucking money to be able to progress. Theres nothing assasiney about the games anymore either. I haven't played odyssey but I have played Origins and the amount of sidequests I had to do to be able to progress the main story was unbearable and from what I have been told it hasn't changed.
  9. I definetly want the Astrobot plat so I will definetly check out your guide when I do. Never heard of the persistance but I will have to check it out. I havent been knocked off the first 50 plats for Daracine yet! First time being on the leaderboards for a platinum. And I just got the plat for Spyro last night as well, onto Spyro 2 when I get off work!
  10. Flight ones aren't so bad most of them I got 2nd try, the first one I tried tho was I think in the second world and I messed up like 8 times in a row and it was pissing me off, the later ones feel like they give you a ton of extra time. But ya I hate timed missions in any game so these are definitely my least favorite, I remember hating them as a kid as well haha,
  11. Gnasty's Demise (Plat for Spyro1)
  12. I feel like the guy coding the trophies for Spyro was either stoned or did something wrong and was put on trophy detail because so many of them are buggy as fuck. In tree tops I used all ramps and the trophy didn't pop I keep playing the game and run UP a ramp I already ran down like 3 minutes later and it pops. Theres a trophy where you have to ram 3 or 4 guys in a row and I just flamed them all and it poped. Sometimes you will do everything needed for a trophy and it pops instantly sometimes you do everything needed and it pops 30 seconds later. There is also a bug apparently where if you %100 the game before talking to the last dragon the trophy won't pop and you gotta restart the game if you didn't cloud save. (Sometimes.)
  13. Ya I noticed some of the trophies are buggy. Launch date bugged for me where I had hit all 4 and it didn't go off and right before ending the level I went up a ramp instead of down and it triggered the trophy, a ramp I had already gone down.
  14. Ya I love pokemon but I don't think I have ever watched an anime turned live action that wasn't complete shit. I hope they prove me wrong, it does have hope with Ryan Reynolds.
  15. I thought the Detective Pikachu trailer was the bad news for today.