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  1. So I haven't played in months but the guide said something about talking to the old man and quitting out and going back into game and talking to him again. I think what happened is I didn't finish the conversations before quitting out specifically the 10th one which may have made it not pop. Then once I noticed that trophy didn't pop I listened to the full conversations and that's why it popped at 40. Then when I realized the 10 talks didn't pop I reloaded my save from the cloud and re-tryed it and the first trophy popped. I know it's hard to prove since no one else has them out of order. Any chance having the picture of each trophy popping would help my case or should I just hide the game and move on? I know someone could just Photoshop the trophies popping on the photos but if it would help my case I will send them when I am done my holidays.
  2. I havent received any other flags for any other games. Also this would be some odd trophies to hack and if I were a hacker I would have to be pretty dumb to do them out of order haha. Unfortunately the game has very little players so it is hard to find proof that it was bugged. I might actually turn on the video thing that takes a video after trophies pop so this doesn't happen again but I hear it takes a lot of space on the SSD.
  3. Ya it's not worth it that's why I stopped playing and told myself I would go back it isn't very fun and just very frustrating haha. Thank you, I didn't even think about trying that.
  4. Has anyone else had these pop out of order? I got flagged on PSNP because they popped out of order and think it would help if I could show someone else had it bug on them as well. I don't really want to have to hide the game to get back on the leaderboard.
  5. iGGTheEnd Jump King I don't know how I would provide proof for this dispute but this trophy bugged on me and I made a post about how to fix the problem about 3 months ago here.<br /> <br /> https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/106270-apprentice-of-the-pond-sage-popped-but-talkative-didnt-s/#comment-2304280<br /> <br /> Do I have to remove this game from my list because I can't prove it?
  6. Does anyone know why I don't show up on first achievers lists or fastest achievers lists.  I don't show up for any of the games I have played.  I was first 3 or 4 for Curse of the dead gods, I think top 5 for slay the spire and it isn't showing me on leaderboards.

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    2. totakos1


      Didn’t want to post on your dispute but unfortunately people don’t use common sense anymore and you got flagged,but I strongly believe it is going to be lifted and it should, and that you already had mentioned the bugged trophy is strong evidence, patience!

    3. iGGTheEnd


      @totakos1 If I was a cheater I don't know why I would chose those 2 specific trophies and not pop the platinum, they are the easiest trophies in the game haha.

    4. totakos1


      That’s exactly my point don’t know who reported you but he/she didn’t even take the time to see what’s happening or anything, definitely you are not a cheater, and I’ll say you look like a skilled player, hopefully it will resolve soon!

  7. I would assume most reviews that came out were after little gameplay so they didn't have many unlocks or any weapon buffs unlocked. Once you get like 5-10 hours in the game because much easier. I think the first boss is the only boss I died to and even him I beat later on with just the basic starting pistol and no relics once I knew what I was doing. But then I check Reddit and some people had 100+ attempts in the first Biome before beating the first boss. I guess it just varies from player to player.
  8. Ya that's how I figured out that mass doesn't spawn if you've grabbed mine off the altar I rerolled everything and it didn't spawn I thought my game was bugged so I reloaded save and did it again, that's when I realized I needed to start a new run after grabbing it.
  9. Sorry I didnt see your reply until I saw you already got the plat. But for anyone else looking at this thread yes pretty much how you explained it. Gotta take it off and end run then find both. Glad my advice has helped rogulites are my favorite genre and I love figuring out how to break them haha.
  10. Unfortunately you can only use certain seeds if you have the same items/potions/etc unlocked as the other players so it's hard to get a working seed. The best way I found to get Masa is just get as many potions that let you reroll shops and reroll as hard as you can every single shop, if you don't find it before the altar restart the run.
  11. Honestly I loved the trophy list it was a nice break not having to do anything insane, I still played on the hardest mode and think I died to enemies maybe 3-4 times so it's not like that would be a very hard trophy anyways. There's plenty of hard games out there, this is just a nice break in between. I find it funny that this thread is complaining about no NG+ trophy and everyone was bitching that Miles morales had an NG+ trophy.
  12. I can count on 0 hands how many exclusives the new Xbox has right now. Sony is already ahead and they haven't even had their game showcase yet.
  13. There's not a chance Sony would want game pass the amount of money they would lose would be insane. They will do just fine with their games, Bethesda hasn't made a good game in like 10 years (except doom) and Halo and Gears of war fell off hard. Sony will have no issues competing.
  14. Just finished Ratchet and clank, gotta say I love Spiderman but I wouldn't be sad if Insomniac made more R&C games instead.  Insomniac know how to make fun games that's for sure.

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I feel they can use this character formula as a way to expand upon and swap R&C, R&K, for Miles/Peter.


      But yeah i had a lot more fun with R&C than i did with Spiderman 2018, Spiderman Remaster,  or Miles. Id prefer more Ratchet. 


      Give another, longer R&C game say 2023, and near 2025 Give a new spiderman. Unless they have 2 teams and can do it quicker. 


      im also a sucker for animal games lmao

      The beginning of this had me laughing. 

      Ratchet: "Us? Heroes? we havent saved anyone... in... years!"


    2. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      Honestly, I'd greatly prefer new Ratchets to new Spider-Man games, but Ratchet does not unfortunately have the brand recognition.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Darling Baphomet no, you're right. But id say Ratchet had more quality games.. Spider-Man has a lot of duds... 

      i didnt like Shattered Dimensions or Spiderman ps1 and spiderman 3 game. 2 was alright. Never played Spider-Man Web of Shadows, or the Spiderman Edge of Time. I liked the 2018/Remaster and Miles. But thats recent.


      In Ratchet, I really liked 1, 2, 3, A Crack in Time, Ratchet 2016, Rift Apart.

      i felt Tools of Destruction was okay

      I didn't like Deadlocked

      i never played Quest for Booty, All4One, Full Frontal Assault, and Into the Nexus.