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  1. Isnt the game getting harder?
  2. Do-Able for sure games that I want to plat are Darksouls 3 and Resident evil 2 remake. Also gonna work on Darksouls 1 and 2 when I get time. I for sure want to get Sekiro's plat but I have yet to see how the list is. Deadcells is the plat I want the most right now but I feel like I would have to put 1000's of hours in just to get to a point where I could do it and still might not be able to. Currently I am working on the 3rd Crash bandicoot if I am able to do that one I will try doing the first 2 as well. They just really test my patience.
  3. Working on Spyro 3 at the moment, I was working on Thronebreakers but the game crashes every 20-30 minutes and it started driving me nuts.
  4. For what it was Deracine was great and probs one of my favorite VR games. It really makes you feel for the characters and the voice acting was beyond great.
  5. Bloodborne easily, I go back to it whenever I have nothing else I want to play, I have done 5 plythoughs and still find new stuff all the time. Its also my favorite game of all time, beating out Zelda OOT after many years.
  6. Deadcells I love the game but theres no way I could ever beat the bosses without taking damage or finish the game on ng+++. Deadcells I love the game but theres no way I could ever beat the bosses without taking damage or finish the game on ng+++.
  7. Is anyone here able to help me out with all drops? PSN iGGTheEnd I would appreciate it a lot.
  8. Hey guys I can't get a hold of anyone on the posts about giving all the stuff needed to plat Darksouls Remaster in one playthrough. Would anyone be able to help me out with Covenant items, weapons, weapon upgrade items, enough souls to get me pretty high level and whatever else I might be missing? I would very much appreciate it. I can meet right outside the campfire at Undead Burg if you can help me out. PSN: iGGTheEnd
  9. Hey are you still doing this? I sent you a friend request on PSN, this would be a huge help and save me a ton of time if you are. Thanks in advance.
  10. If you would be able to help me thatd be awesome I sent you a message.
  11. Orc slayer bought it for the trophies couldnt even get through that fucking disaster. Id rather grind a 100 hour open world game than play another hour of that shit.
  12. Owning 1 of each unit trophy is very missable it isnt just craftables but also people you find alonv the way.
  13. I prefer Uncharted I never really liked the gameplay of God of War and by the end of the new one I felt like I was dragging myself through the game just to finish it. Uncharteds story always hooks be and I find myself playing them every year.
  14. I didnt have high hopes for Fallout76 so it wasnt a dissapointment really. Id say God of war for me after that sick starting scene the rest of the game couldnt live up to the hype at the start. They just re used bosses all game with minor tweaks.