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  1. Ya I figured it would show up in the rewards vendor still haven't bought the correct item to open it up yet tho, I wish there was more info on this game.
  2. So one of the acheivements is to use Ressurection shampoo in a pond I have yet to find shampoo and I am unsure how to unlock it as rewards. Does anyone know what I need to unlock first to unlock shampoo as a reward? Also the trophy for winning the election apparently I need to get a Mayor visitors badge from the clerk in Mayor city but the clerk didn't have the option to buy it and he didn't have it when I killed him even tho I was aligned with him is it just random if he has it or not?
  3. Ya I'm addicted to TFT haven't turned my PS4 on since it released, I love strategy games.
  4. That game made me naseaus beyond belief which is why it is probably so rare.
  5. I am so crap at this game, every time I start it up to try for the plat I never get more than 2-3 levels in before dying and remember why I don't even try for it. Maybe I should give it another go with your tips and give it more than an hour before giving up.
  6. I don't honestly, I keep buying games telling myself I will go and finish them or even start them at some point and then something new and shiny comes out and I buy and play that instead. I have been telling myself I will go back and finish up some of the easier ones like Hellblade and Life is strange before the storm and hopefully move on to harder ones as I clear the easier ones out but it never happens.
  7. Hes obviously new to the site, I didn't know the difference when I first joined either. I don't see how knowing what both of these numbers means has anything to do with how hard life is going to be. The bigger number is usually PSNProfiles percentage, mostly trophy hunters join this website so the number better reflects how hard a game with be because more people here will complete their games. The second one is all of PlayStation network, so everyone with a playstation and that game. Most people don't care about trophies so the number will usually be a much lower percentage.
  8. Aweful games block is my favorite, there was the one game they played last year that got like 1 fps the whole game it was hillarious to watch. This seems like a very "I read the books so they are better than the movie." Type answer.
  9. I think it has been confirmed that there will be a new VR headset just not on launch with the ps5. It has also been confirmed the current headset will work with the ps5 as well.
  10. Ahh that kind of sucks I assumed he would be playing Sekiro because when he sent in which games he wanted to do he sent in for Sekiro, DS and Shadow of the colossus. He has also been grinding Sekiro every single day since it released. Kind of unfortunate but DS2 will but fun to watch as well. On his stream he has been doing marathon runs on sundays of Demon souls, Dark souls 1-3. Bloodborne and Sekiro all in a row all bosses runs.
  11. So summer games done quick is on all week and I love watching it every year, my whole week after work will probably be spent watching speedruns. I am most excited to watch Distortion 2 do Sekiro, who are your favorite speedrunners at AGDQ? Stream is here if you have never watched it. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick It is a charity event for anyone who has never heard of it all proceeds go to doctors without borders.
  12. Red dead Redemption 2
  13. As I wrote my reply to you I thought to myself that this exact sentence was going to be your dumb ass reply. Grats how original.
  14. Another thing to note is that the leaders are premiums so once you are close to 150 premiums you can mill some of your cards and craft leaders for the final premiums. They are the only premiums that can be crafted without dust. Also I recommend once you have a leader for each class, plus a leader skin that you spec your skill trees towards premium kegs, once you get to a premium keg in one tree move to the next tree and do the same. The 150 premium cards will be the grindiest trophy in the game but the premium kegs always have 5 premiums.
  15. Realm Royale, it was fun for the 2 days I had to play it but I have no interest in playing it again when there are just better options if I want to play a BR game.