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  1. I don't wanna make another topic on this but anyone with the plat, I am curious should I wait to unlock the preppers until after I 5 star everyone else so I don't risk all my ziplines being destroyed, I hear preppers can be a bit time consuming.
  2. While I played on hard what I realized is I should have played very easy until I was done the story and then switch to hard after Chapter 14. The reason is because I rushed only Sams orders to complete the story and didn't do any standard orders anyways. I recommend you do the same, rush through the story on Very easy and then once it is over put it on hard and set up a Zipline network to do the standard/premium orders. In other words don't worry about shit until you are done the story.
  3. I use a piece of crap 150 dollar phone I got off Amazon not sure the name but the brand is Blu, when it breaks in 2-3 years I will buy another $150 piece of crap. I used to go with iPhones but it's such a waste of money when all I use my phone for is browsing the internet anyways. Where are you from if you don't my me asking? Murica?
  4. So in the corner I have 21X Legend of Legends in deliveries but no trophy for 10 or 20. So I am assuming I am not getting S+ in all categories. How do I see what rank I am getting for each category and is there a specific type of premium delivery I need to do for it to count?
  5. Ya I kind of worded that like a dick, I meant weather buggy or not seeing as it was made by a 17 year old, I didn't mean it was a bad game I haven't even played it yet.
  6. Yea no platinum tho but seems like a quick and easy list.
  7. I just saw on reddit today that a 17 year old made this game herself which in my opinion is pretty impressive even if the game isn't top notch. I just wanted to let people know that all earning from this game go to Safe In Our World charity, I don't know if I am going to play it but I decided to buy it since it is only a couple bucks I figured may as well. Heres the original post for anyone curious.
  8. This is actually so awesome, I was wondering what the birthday selection thing did at the start of the game. Happy birthday to you!
  9. Why does the game trailer trying to sell me the game have nothing from the actual game.
  10. I had some guy screw over my Zipline path when I logged in today by building a watch tower between the two, luckily you can dismantle from the map.
  11. Currently going for Binding of Isaac and am going to start working on Death stranding as well. First time trying for two 100+ hour games at the same time.
  12. I honestly doubt it is even a 2022 release I feel like they whipped the trailer up super quick for blizzcon after the disaster they had the year before.
  13. December, I going to assume Sony will want to give out something big for Xmas so I will go with. Horizon zero Dawn and maybe Pyre.
  14. Looking forward to this game Respawn is the only team EA has that I can trust to make a decent game now days. Still gonna wait for a sale tho because I am sure Death stranding will keep me busy.
  15. Basically anything I started up on PSNow and got one trophy then never played again. Not a huge deal as I don't care about my completion but I don't really want them on my profile because I don't own them.