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  1. The thing I would be most worried about is all those matches. By the time you would hit 1500 matches I doubt there would even be any players left unless it is really good and holds a player base but VR games seem to not hold a player base for too long.
  2. Holy they actually added the quick Upload/Download by clicking start over the game on the PS5.  That is all I wanted, I was wondering why it was gone since PS4 had it.

  3. For anyone looking to make the game easier and doesn't mind a little extra grind there is currently a bug with Tamoks bones. Take the blessing and get hit until you are half health. Finish the area and go to the next area on the map. Save the game at the start of the area and go to the menu. Go back into game and you should get +1 constitution. You can do this over and over if you want. This is good if you get a 1 percent damage prefix on your weapon or are using Warmongers claws which give 3 percent damage on constitution. I haven't actually done it myself so I don't know what the damage numbers look like and how long you have to grind it out but if you are having troubles with the plat this is probobly the easiest way to get it. Edit: Was patched out with the Dead cells update.
  4. Honestly the loading speeds alone are worth it in my opinion, it's night and day. I haven't even played any PS5 games on mine yet but loading times are a game changer.
  5. Sounds like a superior version of Jump king.
  6. That would be awesome, thank you. Once I get through the the games on my list I will definitely shoot you a message, I have been planning to start I hate running backwards for a while now.
  7. Jump king guide: Take a break when you tilt.


    Me: Takes 3 hour break.


    Me: Comes back and falls on the first jump and instantly tilts again.



  8. You are going to want Gem high as you can kill stuff easier, you will want to get used to it. The catacombs are the most annoying shit I have had to deal with in the game that area on hard mode ended hundreds of runs for me. In hard mode I never felt like I was getting better I just felt like I was getting lucky making it past catacombs once in a while. Good luck just keep smashing your head against it and take breaks when you feel like you are tilting.
  9. Has anyone else had this problem? Apprentice of the Pond-Sage is for talking to the old man 10 times but the trophy didnt pop, but the trophy for talking to him 40 times ended up popping. Has anyone else had this issue and can I get it to pop with a new save or is the trophy bugged after a patch? Edit: For anyone having this issue I had to delete the current run and start a new run and instead of using the save and quit strat in the guide I had to keep jumping up a couple screens and falling down to talk to him and it popped. You dont need to delete your save, just the run you are on.
  10. I love PSNP but threads like this make me realize how much people complain over absolutely nothing on this forum. If they want to remake a game then let them it isn't like they are going to drop all other projects for this. I'll buy it again no matter how many times it is remade.
  11. That's good to know maybe I will reach out to him and see how to cheese it I would love to add that platinum to my list.
  12. They have that planned just not sure when.
  13. Hades will be announced for PS4/5 anytime now I can feel it in my balls.  I mean theres no reason they just hate money right.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      @ihadalifeb4this Disco Elysium is on the store now.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      seems fitting, considering i just bought it on switch. I really shouldn't buy anything for the switch. I install, play an hour, and let it collect dust. Fuck Nintendo. 


      Id play Hades on ps. 

    4. DrBloodmoney



      it'll happen eventually. 

      I remember being categorically told I was an idiot when Cuphead came out on Xbox and I mentioned I'd wait and get in on Playstation.


      There's no reason not to do it sooner or later.

      People like money 🙂

  14. A man of culture, good to see someone add Wuppo to their list, I wish I could get more into metroidvanias because I love the style of Wuppo.
  15. Ya Roguelikes seem to do a ton of crossovers, I hate running backwards has characters from Gungeon as well. Also Dungreed had 2 Isaac weapons which I found funny and useless haha.