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  1. Any roguelikes come out on PS4/5 lately? Haven't played one in a while.

    1. eigen-space


      There's always Hades

    2. DrBloodmoney


      I'm hearing great things about Griftlands - which I have picked up, but not played yet.

      It's from Klei, which pretty much guarantees quality.


      Speaking of Klei though - while you have loads of great Rogue-likes on your profile, I notice you don't have Invisible Inc - my personal favourite in the genre, and one of my favourite games of all time!


      Not new, but well worth looking at if you're in the Rogue-like mood!

    3. eigen-space


      Ah.... you've done Hades. Maybe Void Terrarium?

  2. Got my girlfriend into fall guys now she can farm the last trophy I need and I don't need to play anymore haha.

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Noice, that is thinking outside the box! 😆

  3. People already buy and sell in game items and accounts. They have been for 20 year.
  4. Shouldnt be hard with a good group of 4 people with mics but yeah randoms are hit or miss.
  5. I bought everything out in season 1 and I think after I had all the Kudos items it still only showed the couple crown ones each day until I had bought them all. This was on PC not console incase you were wondering why I don't have the fashion trophy on my PSN acc.
  6. I've been using 2 accounts to force finals in first round for quick wins for crowns. Que up at the same time on both accounts, when it says 15/16 players quickly leave one one account and it will send you straight to finals.
  7. Ya I'ma just play this on PC and not worry about trophies. If I died at 98 on Hardcore I would smash everything in my house.
  8. Just confirming it isn't needed for a trophy.
  9. Has anyone tried to see if trophies pop when swapping consoles? I want to play on PC with my friends but I also want the trophies.
  10. Loading times alone made me happy for the PS5 as well as games playing much smoother. I did the PS5 stack and going down to the PS4 version of the game afterwards felt so bad. I don't regret getting it because I know I will have it for when games start releasing in a year or 2.
  11. I started a game yesterday and then got distracted and when I came back I was at the victory screen. 2nd round finals are great when a player DCs.
  12. Thats more of a CDPR problem and not a PS4 problem. The Witcher ran like shit on release as well and the Witcher tales Gwent spin off game used to crash like once per hour on release as well.
  13. Not sure if it was fixed or still bugged for some people but I ended up getting it in the Duos mode with a random this morning on the ice version of hex-a-gon when he died and I survived. Not sure if you have to survive or just one of you do.
  14. #73+74+75 Hades, Hades, and Crown trick.  Any Roguelites recently come out that I've missed?

    1. zizimonster


      Not recent, but have you tried Chasm?

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      its not exactly roguelike but could try Deathloop.

    3. MidnightDragon
  15. The game is a ton of fun, tons of weapon and ability combos as well as progression after every run. The trophy list is also very straight forward and nothing missable, basically just beat every level 2-3 times and once more on the hardest difficulty.