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  1. Nah, maybe if I started trophy hunting on PS3/Vita but I was on Xbox until I got my PS4 2 years ago so I would never be able to catch up. Trying to stay at the top also just seems way too stressful to me.
  2. My favorite type of list, no online, no collectibles so I wont need to be looking at a guide every 5 minutes. My favorite type of game is one were I can play through the story and then clean up the list afterwards.
  3. Season 8 of Shamless.
  4. This has to be the most cancerous thread ive seen on psnp fucking lol.
  5. That's what I was thinking but I also saw a video of some guy saying you can get infinite items that remove Dragon rot. So with that in mind I feel like this game is only going to be harder to plat because of having to learn a whole new game kind of like how Bloodborne took me 10 hours to beat the first area because it was my first soulsborne game. Also not being able to power level to beat a boss your stuck on and only being able to unlock different tools to deal with enemies will also make the game harder. I think the plat percentage will stay about the same, the thing about Fromsoft is people love their games and keep playing them over and over which is why so many people are able to plat them. Its because people put time into them. Some rarer plats are only super rare because the game is shit and no one wants to do pointless shit for 100 hours for a %3 plat.
  6. 1. Bloodborne 2. Zelda Ocorina of time 3. The Last of Us 4. Nier autamata 5. Super mario 64 6. Halo 3 7. Dead cells 8. Nioh 9. Uncharted 2 10. Factorio
  7. I personnaly will only plat a game twice if I really enjoy it, Deadcells is the only game ive done twice and it was my personal game of the year last year.
  8. Just do it man I always avoided them because everyone said they were too hard, I finally decided to play Bloodborne and after hundreds of deaths it finally just clicked and opened up a whole new genre for me. I personally believe anyone can beat the soulsborne games it just takes patience. There is no greater feeling than beating a boss you have died to 15-20 times. For me its final fantasy, I have never been interested in them for some reason.
  9. Inb4: Sekiro is highly over rated and isnt as good as souls thread Imo: RDR2 was boring for the first 5 to 8 or so hours and after that I was hooked the game was like a long amazing movie and less of a game and I loved it.
  10. Its been a while since I have had no intention on platting, Hades I guess because its on PC and I play it a lot, with Sekiro coming out I do not plan on even thinking about trophies my first playthrough because I want to enjoy my first couple playthroughs and then I will decide weather I want to get the plat or not.
  11. I doubt Nioh 2 will be out this year, they rushed Nioh 1 and said they wanted to make sure Nioh 2 was how they originally wanted Nioh to be, while I hope I am wrong and it does come out this year I won't complain if it takes longer to release and we get something really amazing.
  12. I am super excited I am not even gonna think about trophies on my first playthrough, just gonna enjoy the shit out of it.
  13. Welp just deleted my fucking save file on Monster slayers because the devs are fucking stupid enough to put it in game beside everything else instead of on the fucking main menu as well as have the touchiest fucking menu controls in a game ever.  So pissed right now.  What a waste of 15+ hours.

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    2. iGGTheEnd


      Ya I usually upload my saves every 10 or so hours I disable auto upload just in case.  Just forgot to this time I guess.  Havent had a deleted save file since PS1 when the memory card would just randomly corrupt save files.  Sekiro can't come out soon enough, something I actually want to play without even thinking about trophies.

    3. dmland12


      Damn, I'm sorry to hear this.

    4. MidnightDragon


      :( Cloud is your friend.

  14. Enjoys indies and doesnt mind a challenge
  15. Wolfenstein 2, way too much work for me.