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  1. Honestly you got the SMB plat you could easily do Fall guys and it's actually pretty fun. Took me about 75 hours to get infalliable on PC which should be normal for a UR plat, I'm currently 220 hours deep and have gotten infalliable 4 times so far. While it is "luck based" at times anyone with some sort of skill and determination can get it.
  2. It varies from week to week for me. This week is Jump showdown week, last week was Hexagon week, my first week I started was fall mountain like 10-15 finals in a row.
  3. When they said it was going to be a "games as service" about a year ago I noped the fuck out of there. EA and Anthem, Bethesda and FO76 both taught me that "Games as service" means the game aint finished yet but they are going to release it anyways.
  4. Seeds in roguelikes are a code basically that you can type in and play the exact same run as someone else. So if someone gets an insane run they can give their friends or some random online the Seed and that person can try it out as well.
  5. Is this the second strand type game?
  6. Yes I would say Hexagon is the most skill based but it still does have RNG especially with 12-20 players. 7 or lower is hard to lose if you are good. Every single game has some sort of RNG but you can turn the RNG in your favor if you are good enough.
  7. Ya I guess you are playing on PS4 as well so jump king probably has much more desync, I am waiting to play it on PS5 because I hear PS4 slim has bad input lag. It doesn't help that Tiptoe is in EVERY game, it is so annoying because even if you are good at it something can go wrong and you just randomly get launched.
  8. Jump showdown is always possible to make the jump. The only RNG here is if someone decides to target you. Also stepping on a crack and jumping eats your jump so don't step on the cracks. Hexagon is little RNG, I got infalliable playing 1 fall mountain into 4 hexagons, planning your moves 2 floors ahead of time is how you win hexagon easy as well as grabbing people to drop them down a floor and keep the floor to yourself. While this trophy is hard it is definitely do-able with practice, my first time getting it ended up being a 7 win streak, I find saterday is the easiest day to win for some reason could be because I dont work and my mind isn't wandering or because theres lots of kids playing. Also with Tiptoe I found NOT grabbing works best. I was wondering why I was always falling when I used to grab all the time and it is because you push yourself back a little when you push people. I found not pushing and holding forward into the group is way more consistent. But I will agree tip toe is the infallible killer in my opinion. Any random asshole can just grab you before the finish line.
  9. Just got Infalliable on PC I am so sad that I didn't play fall guys on PS4 now. All it took was 120 hours.  Proud that I did it with no quit outs.  Might go for it once I get the PS5 since I hear the slim and base console are wonky.



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      Congrats! Yes I would recommend not playing on those. You'll notice a huge difference with the frame rate and it's really distracting.

  10. Neon abyss isn't worth your time in it's current state (too many black screens). I would Reccomend "Streets of rogue" and "Risk of rain 2" before it if you are looking for a roguelike.
  11. Defenders quest, it is a tower defense game the last two levels are near impossible to do because of frame drops and the game crashing as well as being 2 hours long and one minute mistake an hour in ends the level. If I finish those two levels the last few trophies are easy.
  12. I actually really like this theory, I am not sure if I believe it and you may be over thinking it but it does give the story a lot more depth if you think of it this way.
  13. Ya I doubt I would play it long enough to get all the trophies but I still wouldn't mind giving the game a shot just for fun if it turns out to be good.
  14. The game actually looks pretty good, I like the art style it is very simple. I haven't played Pokemon since Ruby or sapphire tho. Capturing every type of Nexomon looks like a huge grind tho.
  15. Grats on the plat man! The game is just a bunch of trial and error until you press the right buttons haha. Except garden cheese hunt, takes pressing the right buttons and a lot of good RNG.