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  1. Downwell for me, I got it for free with PS+ played it for like 5 minutes thought it was too hard and shit it off. After playing many more roguelikes and getting addicted to the genre I decided to go back to it and it took me about 2-3 weeks of really trying to platinum it. Took over a year to get the plat.
  2. Great point, The last of us was about 10 hours and it was still one of my favorite games this gen.
  3. Ahh I see, only Lunar coins can be saved, farm 15 of them then back up your save. Level layouts are always randomly generated even if you back up your save but newt altars are usually in the same 3 spots per level so you can keep checking for them and restarting your game until they spawn on the first map if you want.
  4. Completing the game without falling is also going to make this one very hard, after watching streamers play this I am going to hard pass on this one to save myself the headache.
  5. A back up save? You cant save in this game you do a run and if you die you start a new run if you exit the run you have to start over.
  6. Is there an actual release date or just a time frame on this game? Cant seem to find it.
  7. Can any others confirm the trophies have been fixed. Anyone here still having troubles with trophies? I really want to start this one and I see a new DLC just came out but dont want the headache of trophies not popping.
  8. The shaped glass tip? Yes for sure you can add it. Also the plat time of this game all depends on Monsoon + 20 levels, for some people they could plat this game in 20 hours or less and for some it might take around 40-50 hours in my opinion. My guess would be 35 hours for the average player to get the game mechanics down less for a more seasoned gamer.
  9. Co-Op is much harder than solo imo I still play this game on PC and I get wrecked in co-op but can get 20+ rounds in consistently in solo. Once you understand the game mechanics it becomes much easier. I would say the plat was a 5/10 on release but may be harder now that Monsoon was made harder. Also if anyone is having a lot of trouble a trick you can use is farm around 15 lunar coins and upload to a USB or the Cloud. Memorize newt altar locations go to the store every chance and get as many shaped glass as possible. If you die just get your save from the cloud and try again.
  10. This is great to hear thank you!
  11. From your experience has the game been crashing on PS4? I hear on Switch it crashes a lot.
  12. Hearing people chew in general drives me up the wall, even worse over a microphone.
  13. Can anyone confirm if you have to play co-op to platinum? Also is this out tonight? It says may 15th but I can't see it on the store.
  14. Any new roguelikes released this year?  I haven't trophy hunted all year and wouldnt mind getting back into it.


    I see Dungeon of the Endless and West of dead are out soon but have there been any others?

    1. Leenewbe


      there's RAD, fury unleashed hasnt been released yet but has a demo up on the store and sounds interesting.

      there's always etg or isaac to go back to as well ;) 

    2. iGGTheEnd


      @Leenewbe  Ya I thought about RAD but theres a user on this forum who plats most roguelikes and I remember him saying theres no way he would grind that game for the plat because it stops being fun pretty quickly.  I guess I could go back to Isaac but I played it so much in a short time I just needed a break, its going to be a 3 year plat for me haha. Fury unleashed looks interesting, looks pretty fast paced.

  15. Finally another roguelike, been waiting what feels like forever since a new one has been released. Also I see 3 trophies for defeating Preacher 1,2 and 3 I am assuming thats NG+ and NG++ and if I have learned anything from roguelikes this game probably gets pretty difficult at that point.