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  1. Honestly I was expecting at least half of the characters to die and instead I watched a show for 10 years just to be dissapointed like 30 times in one episode.
  2. I enjoyed the first 5 episodes of this season but the final episode has to be the most trash ending episode to any series I have ever watched in my life. They made my 2 least favorite characters in the whole show King of westeros and Queen of winterfell, if they don't make another season as a surprise or something then they managed to give my favorite show ever my least favorite episode ever. I was hoping everyone fucking died or something crazy happened.
  3. Enemies do not scale with scrolls anymore they got rid of that because it was punishing you for getting scrolls now they just scale off cells. You can save a copy your save file, so before a boss quit out to main menu and copy your save file over to 2nd slot and 3rd slot for safety, load up if you die.
  4. Even in games where the story does change a bit it is annoying. I wish games would have trophies where you have to do one of three things to pop it all 3 things would be the decisions you make.
  5. Aren't ambush camps just done through side quests through each of your camps? Just do all the side quests through your camps and you should get the trophy
  6. Exactly this, for example, I thought God of War was boring as all hell and couldn't have cared less about the story even tho the rest of the internet thinks it is amazing. Reviews aren't catered to each individual and not everyone is going to agree with every review
  7. Can this be played with a controller in the VR version or will it only be move? I am assuming both?
  8. I find this post hillarious because of all the people who say they enjoy Rat games but the second the game takes more than an hour to plat that mindset instantly changes.
  9. Yes you can, you can also use the cheats that unlock if you've already beaten the game.
  10. Gwent the Witcher card game. I had fun for about 20 hours but once I had all the trophies except Prestige I had to grind out like 23 levels for like 25 hours, at that point I wasn't playing anymore I just qued up matches and spammed X to play cards.
  11. No thought on the trophies but man they need to hire someone who can think of a better name for their game.
  12. I think they saw what happens when an unfinished game like Anthem and Fallout 76 come out and decided to polish it up more.
  13. Beat saber, I just can't find the motivation to play it after work, the game is awesome but it is too much work to set up my living room and move my couch every time I want to play it.
  14. Awesome thank you I am busy this weekend but whenever we are both free that would be awesome.
  15. Yes they were pretty easy, it isn't so bad at night either if I saw one roaming at night I would usually just kill the horde so I wouldn't have to grind as much levels at the end of the game. The hordes are a lot more fun and hectic early on when you have fuck all for guns and ammo and don't have many skills. Late game they are very easy.