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  1. Hi everyone. I would like to say sorry in advance if I write something wrong, Enlgish is not my 1st language. First of all, I dont know if the title explains the problem, as it´s something weird and don´t know how to even explain it. So, there was a game, called NBA 2K18 for PS3, that I played long time ago, 2017. The trophies popped up as normal but everytime I tried to sync those trophies with PSN, they did not appear, they only appeared in the offline version of the trophy list. I checked several forums and it seemed that it was a 2K Sports problem, like old gen games did not seem to care them anymore, and people were saying that these trophies would not appear online ever. My OCD did not let me to leave that game unfinished. so I complete the platinum (including painfull grindy trophies like "82-0") and leave it, visible offline but never online. Time passed by and I even forgot about the subject, until a few months ago. While I was completing the Last of Us, I did not know that the NBA 2K18 trophy list appeared out of nowhere and pop!, it placed itself not in the offline logical place, but over the Last of Us game, even though I earned more trophies for LoU and it continued to appear on top of it. I thought it would be something casual, that the trophy list would return to its logical place..... but I was wrong. The NBA 2K trophy list was there to stay, even though it did not updated again, luckily. So, my general trophy list looks like this: with that NBA 2K18 trophy list in the middle.... I contacted Sony, to check if the could do something about it, like ordering them or whatever, but they told me that trophy list order was created taking into account the updating time of the trophy lists, and not the timestamps, and that they could not do anything. The point here is to check if somebody have the same problem as I have and not to feel like the only one f*** by Sony. I know it is a 1st world problem and all, but this trophy list fucked my list order and my OCD keeps reminding me that. Thank you for reading it and sorry for the long message, Pooh
  2. Batman: Arkham City
  3. Ratchet & Clank, memories of the good ol PS2.
  4. PSN: Poohetry I try to max. de games I play , so basically another trophy hunter but not playing weird or easy plat games, just the ones I really want to play. Feel free to add writing "PSN" on the description
  5. If planning to plat Fallout 3 watchout the several buggy areas, trophies that don´t pop... AND MANUAL SAFE CONSTANTLY Advices from a friend Welcome to the site from another rook👋. Other game you have to take a look is Fallout New Vegas. If you like F3, you will love this one (once again, careful with some bugs, but still awesome game). And yea, definetly the Witcher 3 ( GOTY edition is 20 € on Amazon).
  6. wow, great to see so many collectors! Hola a todos! jaja Thank you for the welcome and see you around 👋
  7. Hi everyone! Pooh from Spain here. I have discovered this page today and I love what I am seeing so far. It is great to see so many people that likes to get the plats from the games they play as much as I do. Hope to see you here in forums or getting together some of those big prizes.
  8. Yeah, I saw the percentages... shame that they have created this luck-based system where you have to be a sort of pro-player and have the time to expend hours of worthless grinding. Back in the days, the game had some difficulty to plat, but still doable and rewarding. I will follow your advise, though. I expect some improvement from my good ol' NBA 2K14 haha (Great game btw)
  9. Hi! I am an old player of the series (NBA 2K11,12 and14) and I would like to come back to it with this one, but so far I see that there are some trophies really difficult to get as I read in the "Trophy Thoughts". I want some advice from those players that are actually going for the plat - Any walktrough you will follow? Is it achievable for old rusty 2k player or it´s simply way too much time consuming? Thank you guys!