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  1. Ratchet & Clank, memories of the good ol PS2.
  2. PSN: Poohetry I try to max. de games I play , so basically another trophy hunter but not playing weird or easy plat games, just the ones I really want to play. Feel free to add writing "PSN" on the description
  3. If planning to plat Fallout 3 watchout the several buggy areas, trophies that don´t pop... AND MANUAL SAFE CONSTANTLY Advices from a friend Welcome to the site from another rook👋. Other game you have to take a look is Fallout New Vegas. If you like F3, you will love this one (once again, careful with some bugs, but still awesome game). And yea, definetly the Witcher 3 ( GOTY edition is 20 € on Amazon).
  4. wow, great to see so many collectors! Hola a todos! jaja Thank you for the welcome and see you around 👋
  5. Hi everyone! Pooh from Spain here. I have discovered this page today and I love what I am seeing so far. It is great to see so many people that likes to get the plats from the games they play as much as I do. Hope to see you here in forums or getting together some of those big prizes.
  6. Yeah, I saw the percentages... shame that they have created this luck-based system where you have to be a sort of pro-player and have the time to expend hours of worthless grinding. Back in the days, the game had some difficulty to plat, but still doable and rewarding. I will follow your advise, though. I expect some improvement from my good ol' NBA 2K14 haha (Great game btw)
  7. Hi! I am an old player of the series (NBA 2K11,12 and14) and I would like to come back to it with this one, but so far I see that there are some trophies really difficult to get as I read in the "Trophy Thoughts". I want some advice from those players that are actually going for the plat - Any walktrough you will follow? Is it achievable for old rusty 2k player or it´s simply way too much time consuming? Thank you guys!