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  1. Did it this morning. Like others, had to meditate. Also had to redo the kick the horned goat things trophy. Also hadn't saved after getting the last collectible and secret on PS4, so had to refind them.
  2. Done a few runs, gotten to the first boss three times, just now had a crash as soon as I shot one of the eyestalk/searchlight creatures in the lead up room. Had a lot of crashes before when I was wearing the pre order suits, it had been completely stable since switching to the default. Don't know if it was because I used the ship bed twice, had teleported around a bit, or what.
  3. Anyone double check if the money/crafting glitches were fixed? Don't see them mentioned in the notes
  4. Anyone else experiencing a problem with the superhero landing not doing any damage?
  5. Just hearing of this game for the first time, looks really cool. How big of an update is this? Is it a big overhaul where I should wait for it to be released to start playing?
  6. Also bugged for me, tracker stopped at 3/100.
  7. Does anyone know if anything is missable?
  8. Anyone know if there's any missables?
  9. Just had this problem - will try replaying now. Edit - worked on replay. I made sure to stay behind the couple during the sauce part so as to not mess up their pathing, not sure if that had any effect.
  10. Also struggling with these, using a fully upgraded huracan. Only managed to get three stars on one drift zone so far. I feel like there's something I'm just not getting. Only things I have left are these and the Dusty Trail speed run, which has been driving me absolutely crazy.
  11. Same, just got it four times without it registering. Stepping away from it for now, haha. Edit: Kicker 2 railspan. Also, my dpad gave out, only the down arrow works. Cursed gap Edit 2: Got it just now. Used this method ( - even not using the exact positioning by the stain, it helps to be anywhere near it and pointing between the trees. Somehow got Feed Me in a few tries right after. Good Luck.
  12. Happened to me today on the quest mirror mirror. Walking from the dungeon from the previous quest to the blackened halls, my minimap will stop working right outside the hall (tested three times). Luckily I had an autosave right as I left the previous dungeon and it seems like as long as I don't walk towards the hall, it stays unbugged. So I guess I'm going to finish the rest of the game and come back to the halls as my last step. Annoying as I have been 100% each area as I pass through. I still haven't been to Detyre or the other continents.
  13. Same thing happened to me - tried to see order details but got put back in the queue. A few minutes later I got the order confirmation e-mail.
  14. Finished the campaign a few days ago (sped through it without doing any side stuff), can't figure out if I should continue playing or wait until they sort out some of the trophies. Worried that if I do stuff now, they won't retroactively pop and I'll have to start over. Did you have any issues besides the one that's unobtainable? Also, I've heard some people saying to backup their save games, and redownload them if trophies don't all progress stored client side? That seems very strange to me, for a game like this.
  15. So I just finished the campaign (went through it ignoring most side stuff) - is it risky it to continue at this point? I like the game and I want to play more, but I don't want to have to start over if some trophies won't retroactively pop. Is all progress stored on local saves? Seems like a strange choice.