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  1. The video is great, but that isn't really the problem I'm faced with. When Staring at any tablet... nothing happens... You had the text appear on your screen... and even translate itself. My game does nothing of the sort when I look at the tablet. I could be standing in game with someone else, and it work for them, but nothing happens on my screen. Look up, look down, left right, Patch, no patch... What it's supposed to do it doesn't.... and I am not sure where to even begin to fix that. I got the bronze completely by accident apparently
  2. Thank you for your responses. I just can't see anything on the screen. I see the hub, the heart anytime you pick up armor health etc. But if I point my gun at something and that is supposed to trigger text or subtitles or something. Nothing shows up. The funny thing was I had a friend go through the game with me 2 times went back to all the tablets, had me stand where he did, point my gun in the same direction and nothing showed up on my screen. He said he saw something on his and both copies were from PSN plus... so something is broken somewhere
  3. I understand that's it's glitched, but the first topic doesn't say how, why or a work around and yet people are still getting a trophy. Like many newcomers to the game I got this a a PlayStation plus game. When I look at a slab... all I see is a SLAB, there is no text, there is no transformation or translation. IT DOES NOT I repeat NOT do anything like it does in the YouTube videos. No text appears. I simply star at the slab. How do I get it to register, how long do I have to stare at it. I have moved forward, backward, off to the side, shot the slab, tried different weapons and scopes. I have deleted the game data, ran the game with the patch without the patch. Uninstalled it, re-installed it. Tried co-op, where my partner read the slabs. Nothing Does actual text appear for those who have gotten a trophy? Is there a way to get a working copy? What settings do I have to change? Any feedback, help, etc. will be appreciated, thanks