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  1. Your more then welcome my friend, hopefully i'll be able to translate the other M2 Shottrigger games as all of them are worth playing, once I've done ESP RaDe i'll do Battle Garegga.
  2. After getting the Platinum Trophy I thought I would write a guide and settings menu translation for all Aleste games in the collection, my guide is still waiting for review (hopefully it will be up soon) so until then I have (on my blog site) a translation of the game settings that will help all trophy hunters. Here is a link to my Aleste Collection Menu Settings Translation article, this same translation is in the guide so once that's up I advise you go there for more trophy specific help. If any admin read this I hope its ok for me to use an external link to my blog, please let me know otherwise as I assume it's ok but I know some websites don't like it. Currently working on ESP RaDe translation.
  3. Love Raiden IV and V. Got Caladrius Blaze on Switch really good. Fast Striker sometimes goes on sale so I might pick that up next.
  4. Two great shmups, i've got Jamestown on Switch and Darius Cozmic Collection, that's worth it for Darius Gaiden. Dariusburst looks great, it's always quite expensive though so I'm waiting for a sale.
  5. For many years i've been a fan of shmups (sometimes referred to as Shoot'em'ups or STG's) and some of my favourite Platinum Trophies I've earned have been from the genre. If your looking for some of the best shumps on the PS4 you need to buy all the M2 ShotTrigger games, they are among the best on any console and are easy Plats. Battle Garegga, ESP RaDe, Sorcer Striker (MAHOU DAISAKUSEN), Dangun Feveron, Ketsui Deathtiny and the recent Aleste Collection (which I've just finished a guide and menu translation for, just waiting for a review). Ghost Blade HD was a slightly more tricky Plat but still very obtainable once you get used to the game, which I really enjoyed too. Hard as nails shmups that I doubt I'll get 100% on but highly recommend are Ikaruga, R-Type Dimensions and Sine Mora. NeoGeo had three absolute classics that are available on the ACA Arcade Archive range (easy 100%), Aero Fighters 2, Blazing Star and Pulstar. Have I missed any great shumps you would recommend?
  6. Hello and welcome to the site. All the best with your streaming too and getting to 100 Plats (I said to myself I’ll buy a PS5 when I get to 100 plats). 👍🏻
  7. Anyone know the unlock conditions for Pierce-‘em-up? I've tried several attempts but I must be missing something.
  8. To obtain this trophy all you need do is visit the option menu in Power Strike 2. From here, highlight the difficulty section, press left until you see RANK1 CRUSH, then press <+X (left dpad + X button) to select RANK0 Comfort. Start a game in Comfort difficulty for this rather comfortable trophy to pop, if it does not then you need to turn off Dynamic Difficulty in the Game menu ( press the TouchPad button), its the option second from the top.
  9. Ghost of Tsushima, I enjoyed every minute of it. Great story and incredible game world, I’ll start new game + soon and play in black and white (just like the classic samurai movies).
  10. Bloodborne, massive respect to anyone who gets through the last two Chalice Dungeons.
  11. I’m stuck on this one too, tried everything, let the timer run down and tried just using bombs. Any help would be fantastic.
  12. The days of paying 10p in the arcade, I remember those days. Think I’ll get a Kai and an adapter for my Switch (Mayflash make good ones). Thanks for the recommendation.
  13. I’m in the UK, £150 would be my max. The cheapest of the three is the Hori Kai, then F500 Elite (Sanwa parts) and the NeoGeo being most expensive.
  14. Hello fellow gamers. can anyone recommend a good arcade stick for SNK fighters and arcade shmups? Got my eye on the Mayflash F500 Elite, Hori RAP 4 Kai and the NeoGeo Arcade Stick Pro (via an adapter). Any recommendations would be great. 👍🏻
  15. Anyone unlock Cyborg Fever 7? Thought I had it on Super Easy but when I finished the stage with 777 the trophy never unlocked, any reason why?