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  1. For the Light Rune that's on the Rooftop, stand to the left of the stairs (must be right next to the bottom step) and look up at the open window above you / at the top of the stairs. A cutscene will be triggered, and you will get the Light Rune at the end.
  2. Hi, @Maoistella! I took a look at your trophies, and the only collectible trophies you are missing are the ones for doing the following: I Believe: Go to the rooftop and stand just left of center at the edge of the giant hole in the back behind the stairs. Alice will then do a swan dive into the hole. Mandoras: Go to the Stack Room and go through the broken wall to your left immediately as you arrive. Then walk along the path until you see a bush on your right with a yellow circle sticking out (It looks more like a lemon ...). This is the same creature that you pulled out to get the Rune Light. Interact with the bush to pull the creature out again. Then leave the room, return, and repeat the process. This has to be done three times to unlock the trophy.
  3. To get the Light Rune in the Stack Room, do the following: Open the menu with the [OPTIONS] Button and select the Stack Room and Press X. This will automatically warp you there. Once in the stack room, immediately turn to your left. If you have the Feather Duster, you will be able to interact with a part of the wooden wall. Interact with the wall (Alice will smash through it with the Feather Duster) Go through the broken wall. On your left you will find a bookshelf you can interact with in order to get the Doll and a piece of Sheet Music. From here, walk further along the path until you see a bush on your right that has a little yellow ball sticking out (sort of looks like a lemon). Interact with the bush three times to pull a creature out in order to get the Light Rune. If you exit the room, return, and pull the creature out again three times (exiting and re-entering the room upon each successful pull) you will also get the Mandora Trophy.
  4. What step are you on? The organ steps or the conductor? If you are on the organ steps, the keys will flash red if you step on an incorrect one. If you are on the final step of the conductor, the instruments needed are as follows: Organ Obe Grand Piano Viola Violin Cello
  5. For anyone who is still having trouble with this puzzle, the full answer is in the spoiler box below:
  6. @ladynadiad for the Anthropomorphized Animals category, the games would need to contain animals that have been given human traits. Looking at your profile, if you'd like to finish up either Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2, those would count via Donald, Goofy, and Mickey. If you'd like something quick on Steam, if you haven't finished all of the Hatoful Boyfriend VNs, those would also count, as well as Grandia 2 (due to the character of Mareg), and any of the Sam & Max games. It also looks like you have Octodad (though I've read reviews that have stated that the controls are rough). Personally, I really enjoyed Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. Each episode was packed with humor & only took a max of 2-3 hours each. So, it was a win-win in my book. I know this is a lot, but I hope it helps!
  7. Hi, @Sofa King . The easiest way to check the scores would be to go to Metacritic. Just type "gaming" and "metascores" into Google, and it will be the first website to pop up. From there, just type the name of the game you want to check in the site's search bar. You will then be given a Metascore (based on critical reviews) and a User Score. Either works for this event, as far as I'm aware, as long as the Metascore is below 60, and/or the user score is below 5.0.
  8. Hello All! After much consideration, my tentative plan for my BINGO card is below. Given that we have the entire year, my goal was to use my card to get rid of some of the bigger titles that have been haunting my backlog. Fun Fact: The last time I got a trophy in Nier was roughly 8.5 years ago! πŸ™ƒ Also, if anyone would like me to do something similar to this for their own card, let me know!
  9. Pyramid Game 1: Phil's Epic Fill-A-Pix Adventure (Vita) - on 11/20/18 Hey, All! This is already in the spreadsheet, and I have been terrible about updating this, but back in November I did finally manage to get Phil's Epic Fill-A-Pix Adventure done on the Vita. I also have been making good progress on IA/VT Colorful, but I have a ways to go yet. Overall, I would not recommend Phil's Epic Adventure unless you really enjoy puzzle games. Some of the puzzles took me upwords of 3-4 hours to complete, and made the game just a complete slog to get through. My complete list of pyramid games is in the Spoiler box below. On a more positive note, my internship just ended on 12/21, so I'm hoping to have more free time to devote to this now! If I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their friends and families! 😁
  10. Hi, Everyone! Please add me to this, too! It sounds like fun. πŸ™‚
  11. Hi, @ArtikSkarab. I have the Reboot/Spiritual Successor category as well, and was able to come up with the following options: Any of the Uncharted games. (Nathan Drake is the spiritual, male successor to Laura Croft/Tomb Raider). DmC - Devil May Cry (PS3 or PS4) - Reboot of the Classic Devil May Cry series. Bayonetta (PS3) - Spiritual, female successor to Dante/Devil May Cry. Either of the Knack games (PS4) - the spiritual successor to the likes of Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank (or at least that's what I believe Sony initially intended). Prince of Persia (PS3) - Reboot of the Prince of Persia series (Sands of Time, Tale of Two Thrones, etc.). Soul Calibur 6 - While it does have a 6 in the title, the developers have made it so that the story is essentially a reboot of the original Soul Calibur game. Any of the Telltale games - you could make the argument that they are the spiritual successors of the retro point-and-click games (like The Secret of Monkey Island). If anyone feels I've headed in the wrong direction with some of these, let me know! But, I hope this helps.
  12. This such a good idea! Count me in! Below are the games I'm planning to go with. @eigen-space please feel free to let me know if I need to change anything! Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Storm Boy (PS4 – NA Version) Completion % - 98.65 (as of 12/22) Ultra-Rare Dark Cloud 2 (PS4 – NA Version) Completion % - 3.99 (as of 12/22) Platinum-Less Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (PS4 – NA Version) Unpopular Root Double – Before Crime * After Days – Xtend Edition (Vita – NA Version) # Owners – 87 (as of 12/22) DLC Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3 – NA Version) DLC Pack # / Name – DLC 1: Fearless Difficulty The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS3 – NA Version) Trophy Name(s): Crown of Fortitude Crown of Nightmare Speed Run Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock (PS3 – NA Version) Trophy Name(s): Deleted Elementary Clever Clogs Flying Doctor MP Injustice 2 (PS4 – NA Version) Trophy Name(s): Don’t Stop Me Now A Real Contender Off With His Head Only a Real Master Be Pre-Paired Peripherals Let’s Sing: 2016 (PS4 – NA Version) Peripheral Used – Microphone Bad Rep Star Trek: The Video Game (PS3 – NA Version) Metascore or User Score Metascore = 45 User Score = 2.0
  13. Well, here's mine! Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, and think I can find games that will fit every category. But, @XX_FTW how long does the game have to be to count for the "That takes 'Forever' to beat"? Are we talking White Knight Chronicles and Star Ocean International levels, or games that take at least 100-200 hours?
  14. Oh, this sounds like fun! Go ahead and sign me up, please! Quick question though ... do you have an idea of when everyone will be receiving their Bingo Cards?
  15. Hi, @eigen-space! I'm so sorry for the extremely late reply. For the past few weeks I've been working on closing out my internship, so I've been a bit MIA on the gaming side of things. If you'd still like to collaborate on the Tales of Graces f guide with me, you're more than welcome to! Just let me know what works best for you!