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  1. Hi! I need the friends ring. I got everything inclusive the stones in the game and if someone want’s to trade Im up for it. ID: RandyAghem Zone: Europe lvl: 234
  2. Well It's not that I don't have people to talk with, but it would be fun to speak with someone new that you maybe have some common with. I will! Thanks and sorry man.
  3. Just wanted to chat and see how all you hunters are doing. Get's kinda alone sometimes so I thought I'll try here!
  4. So Yeah, I have one missing coin left. I followed a guide and after I picked up everything I realised that one coin is still missing. And I have been looking for this one serveral times but can't simply find it on my map. There is one guy though on the swamp that's still there but the coin is not on the map and when I kill/loot him I don't get any collectable. Someone who has a solution for this or should I just start over, try again and hope for the best?
  5. Thanks guys. I won't buy it and will continue to enjoy the game again.
  6. My savefile got corrupted so Im starting from scratch again. Just wonder if the purchase-content on the store will get me to 100% faster or should I just play as normal again?
  7. Okay! Thought it was something like that. Both Siege and Battlefront carries over the stats online so I hope the trophies also counts. Guess I'll have just have to try and see. Thanks For the quick-reply guys.
  8. Like the title says. To be more correct, if you play a game on one console and trying to get a trophy that is like "get 100 kills with that weapon", can you continue the progress on another console? Got two PS4 and are switching between them almost everyday so this got me wondering. The games I play right now that is Siege and Battlefront and those games requires alot of those grinding-trophies.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Will think about that on my playtrough!
  10. Have somebody found any missable trophy in the game yet? Want to know before I start the game so I won't miss it!
  11. Omg I can swear that I got that one on Boldan on my first playthrough. On Challenge Mode there it was again. Maybe it didn't save or something, i don't know. My head is spinning right now lol. Anyway now I got it. Thanks you all for the fast answers, you guys are awesome!
  12. Hi guys. Like the title says, only got one more remaining until two full bars. Just walked around and killes some enemies. Then I realised that my "lever-counter" just stoped at the last one. Now before anybody asks, yes I got all the ones you need to find and yes I have doubled-checked every area. Also looked on some websites for this but didn't get any answers more than "kill other enemies" or if It's a glitch or something. If somebody have any answers on this I would be most appreciated!
  13. Well so here it is, I have some remaining quests to fetch in the game. After a long way into the game I started to notice that I already have picked up TWO items that I SHOULD turn in but I CAN'T cause of some reason. I try to talk to the questgivers but they only replies that I have to go and collect the Item for them when I actually have them right before thier eyes? If there is someone who can help me to find a solution of this I would be most appreciated. It's the Mithril Music Boots and Mithril Shield that is glitched.
  14. Hello Internet! Just trying to get som new friends here, don't really know where to go so I just start up a new forum here. Don't have a lot of friends on PSN either so Im trying to start somewhere. Don't have a lot of gaming-friends either at all, almost all of my friends thinks that I am a geek and that I have no life. "Crying like a lonely baby". Serious though. Have a nice day! Kisses to you all. Especially cats.
  15. It looks like shiet, it feels like shiet, and it is a total shiet. Can't even explain how bad this actually is. I rather play Crysis 2 MP than this. The singleplayer is fine though.