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  1. Going for it two more extra times is kinda to much i got lucky and finish it whiten just a day but i don't think things will go smooth if i try it again maybe if i want to play the game again for fun i will take one of those list but it will be far to long at this time am trying to focus on my backlog but everytime new game released i forget all about them 😅
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. Yeah i agreed not just that you have to deal with the connection problems and lags and ... but still i will got it when i feel i want to return to the game right now i don't feel like it at all maybe they will fix connection problems with time and i will take Dragon Ball FighterZ 😉
  4. Resident Evil Resistance I don't like playing as mastermind at all its not my style and boring 😒
  5. Far Cry 5 will in my opinion this game is so much boring so ...
  6. KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP getting 100% in almost everything take some time
  7. VANQUISH Finishing the challenge again was a little bit hard but it was far more easy then PS3 version I don’t know why i remember trying for 3 days but this time i got in one day it was totally worth it
  8. It’s been a while since last time i post here will I choose Kill Zone 2
  9. Will yes it’s happened just like you
  10. Thanks it’s worked you need to update your profile in here too