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  1. Agreed some players have a goal that can be reached what i can't understand is why some users keep on collecting all those trophies without a goal in mind
  2. This is great nothing is missable
  3. Finally its here the list are extremely easy and forgiving not all the collectibles needed and you don't have to play the hardest difficulty the issue is the side storyline we don't know if they are missable or not
  4. Great news will test it out after work
  5. Awww i think am unlucky than will good luck for others 😁
  6. My finished list are The Mooseman NA EU Sigi a fart for melusina NA EU Skytime NA EU energy cycle edge NA EU Planet RIX-13 NA EU Drowning NA EU Creepy road NA EU Energy Cycle NA EU Energy Invasion NA EU and i choose Awesome Pea EU this is a good chance to try it
  7. Member of the elite best girls club
  8. Will i think am gonna take Metagal US than thanks
  9. EU PS4 3 minutes, 58 seconds Will about the prize i already got all the game on the list so if i can get a new game other than those in the list it will be great
  10. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered
  11. Watch Dogs 2
  12. Kingdom Hearts 3
  13. So how long its take to plat ?!
  14. Will i don't play racing games that much but Burnout is one of my favorites and this one looks so much like it i think am gonna take it its somehow cheep which is nice as for trophies its looks like its focusing on getting gold medal i think it will be fun platinum hunt
  15. One who walk in the path of the shadow