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  1. Good to know now anyone want to do auto pop they should have a manual save at LV 69 or lower for this trophy thanks for the info
  2. The real question now will be are all the trophy will pop when save transfer or not 🤔
  3. So that's mean I should wait for both release to be in the save side thanks for the info 🙂👍
  4. As title said there are 3 PS5 stacks and 2 PS4 which is strange .
  5. Will will what do we have here looks like we’re going to search and open a lot of chests again I don’t mind since i am a Genshin player but it will be a little pain for completion players
  6. Good thing I didn't finish the Spiral Abyss now I can make this plat in my milestone collection 👍
  7. Never mind i tried it with a sub account got the PS5 tutorial trophy and its worked its autopop PS4 version
  8. Can someone confirm if the trophies earned on PS5 version will autopop the PS4 version ?!
  9. Is it possible to do it level by level or you have to do the entire playthrough without getting hit ?!
  10. Looks like it's the same method as Marvel Spiderman I think I will give it a try
  11. GTA V the grind this game need are way to much time consuming I don’t know about you but for me i got bored easily when play a rockstar game so I advise to avoid it
  12. Oh man i was afraid this is going to happen and it’s happening looks like they will release all their game on PS5 it’s a matter of time...
  13. So when we can pre-order this masterpiece
  14. It's fine by me i stuck in LV 100 for long time finally I can make some progress to new goal LV 999
  15. 892 Hmmm not bad so close to 999