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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2
  2. It's random fix you never know when the trophy will pop up just like hive trophy and other trophy before the patch this game need a lot of works even if I enjoyed the game and I still play it but it's need a lot of fix and contents
  3. According to the update details they didn't fix trophies they fix some bugs and glitches in the game maybe it's fix some trophies issue but it didn't fix all problems ...
  4. I only need Villain Sectors trophy i did now more then 10 still no trophy ...
  5. That’s disturbing but at least you got it ...
  6. Same here nothing yet ...
  7. Update are now available am download it now
  8. Finally got the hive trophy just replied Let's the game begin mission until it's unlocked not sure how many times I played it but it's unlocked in the end
  9. Some people got it around 66 and some more then 80 it’s ok I enjoy finishing challenges for all characters but the bugs and glitches in almost every time I play the mission is the real tournament
  10. Wow so there are still hope to get the hive trophy honestly am stop counting after 50 I think i will keep trying as for the Villain Sector I encounter taskmaster a lot but I don’t focus on the mission name
  11. Only two trophies remain for me and of course both are glitches am trying replaying the hives hopefully it’s unlock somehow but I don’t think so looks like the patch will be our salvation
  12. Keep unlocking chests and you will get them the gold once have a high chance I collected more then 80% of the files
  14. Just go to the challenge card menu withe the character that you cleared his daily or weekly and it will update and give you reward if you complete a level
  15. Anthem Destiny Marvel spider man