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  1. I guess they're still "working" on a fix 😒
  2. I checked my stats after a year of me not playing the game since last year and in each and single category, I'm seeing zeroes everywhere, 0 wins, 0:00:00 time played, 0 kills, etc. The only stuff intact is my profile level and coins. I haven't finished the major grinds such as levelling up or monster kills, are they completely reset now or the stats just aren't retroactive and only track stuff after the stats menu update? EDIT: Just got my 100 hunter kills, stat wipe was thankfully just visual
  3. I remember mentioning it here and seeing it fixed, but something must've happened cuz it's back - it's sorting on trophy log. For example, I did set it to sort by rarity, descending (rarity going down). I go to the next, page, it automatically sets to ascending. I put it back to descending, go another page forward, and again sorting changed to ascending. The issue seems to be with the site, cuz when I look at the address, it already switches to ascending ("&dir=asc&page=2", this part).
  4. If you still need this, an absolutely the fastest way it to start Training 5 and repeatedly use the tubes to travel around. Distance counts when in training mode and tubes are the fastest way to travel as a ball.
  5. While I appreciate that I can use the video to know what to do when, I can say that all the "when to run" and "when to hide" tips are completely useless for me, since the corpse guy just never appears in the same places and kills me when I supposedly, should be safe according to the video.
  6. The slow down glitch still works, but it definitely slows down your speed, I'm just unsure if you end up having to walk less Also god damn, this game is such a piece of shit
  7. Finished the game, got even lucky enough to get camera on my first run, but no trophy for completing the game. I'm on PS4 Slim if it matters.
  8. 1. Haven't played it yet. 2. Yeah, if I had a chance, I'd go for it, though could be a while, because I'm planning to do all MGS games chronologically (did 3, Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes so far). And considering that Revengeance is the most "recent" story-wise... Yeah, could be a while, lol 3. Probably not too special answer, but just grab some more games from the store, my backlog was always really small and didn't had much money to get more, but with that changes, I'm grabbing quite a lot, so more money means more cool stuff to get
  9. Are the Doolhouse specimens required? I just met the final one that I needed in Karimari Hospital and no trophy popped
  10. Ik that this is digging up an old thread, but the CAKE skip does not work for A_Rival mode (no jumpscares and no specimens). I had both options disabled before inputting the code, had them both "off" in the room 750, kept playing, got the unique ending, but no trophy. Guess I have take the longer walk...
  11. Back when the scam PSN groups were a thing, I've renamed them to "gta +18 roleplay group". First time was fine, on my second attempt I must've had a snitch in the group cuz I got a week-long ban, lol
  12. So, assuming that someone has just started and has no legacy coins, can earn 60 coins per week, while the prices of everything have increased drastically (everything is 2-3 times as expensive in comparison to OW1), as an example, voice lines now cost 100 coins instead of 25 (and if you want to get a legendary, have fun, it's 1.9k now). Free battle pass has 15 items in it, not all being character items (such as avatars). With that in mind: - roughly how long should it now take to get that trophy from zero? - can we expect that trophy to become ultra rare soon-ish?
  13. Don't worry, you can just play until they hit the 128 trophy limit on PS4, which if PS trophies will stick to just character trophies, woul equal to... 20 more characters.
  14. You can make amends with the wolf, do you remember if you gave him a bone/pet him? Also Wolfie never follows you down the hole after the run/barricade choice.
  15. Maybe there could be some sort of distinction between how a trophy is unobtainable? I get Terraria but it's still very odd seeing it there.