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  1. Replace "nobody" with "everybody", because this kind of knowledge should be spread more across the world
  2. If it turns out that patch locks some trophies, you can always use PSX method to revert to 1.0 version
  3. Clown avatar suits you.
  4. Only locations can glitch or any other challenge as well?
  5. Might be a question that has been already answered somewhere, but can you change clock time to finish scrap challenge faster?
  6. What stats should I check? Not only locations, right?
  7. Why this "you had YEARS to complete this" is even an argument, I ain't playing in a way that consists of going from one online game to another, so obviously people don't have all online games under the radar. Add glitchiness and even recent news to some people that the platinum is effectively online because of the Scrap Crew and people who thought about starting the game "someday", don't have that big time frame.
  8. So, should I save before looting locations? Or more often than that?
  9. I heard that even after the plat-fixing patch, the game is still highly glitchy and bad decision can require repeating entire game, where do I find more about this?
  10. Is PS+ required for the Scrap Crew stuff? Also, are those challenges the ones that can permanently wreck a save? Don't know much about the game except it being a glitchy shithole that turned from "unobtainable" to "very glitchy with a possibility of ruined save".
  11.  I thought about going for Mad Max before the servers go down, but wanted to hear about some things


    1. Do I need PS Plus to earn scrap for the challenge?

    2. How long it would take/what's the best route to finish 2k scrap challenge asap?

    3. How glitchy is the platinum after 1.06 version? Heard that the challenger tracker is still glitchy, but idk if it's outdated news, and also don't know if anything else can still not pop


    1. Deceptrox


      As far as I know PS+ subscription is only needed for games where you actively interact with other players (co-op, competitive).


      I haven't played the game but I think it doesn't require PS+.

  12. Shout out to the three randoms in GTA 4 race lobby that were able to successfully kill any chances of boosting those

    1. GraniteSnake


      Why not just create a private lobby?

    2. Varhur


      Not sure if it counts private wins for AWP

    3. GraniteSnake


      'All trophies can be gotten in Party Mode and also in custom lobbies set to the maximum number of private slots. Furthermore, players do not get kicked from matches for idling for extended periods of time.' - taken directly from the multiplayer guide here on PSNP. I'd highly recommend giving it a read if you haven't already, made getting the online done for GTAIV very manageable and straightforward.

  13. What time was set on console when that happened? Afaik, nothing pops when time is incorrect
  14. Finally managed to reach zone 3.6k and not get a glitch! My stats for comparison - hero used - Wepwawet, lvl 1231 (before buying massive Betty Clicker boost) - transcendent power - 1.44% - sacrificed hero souls - 6,608M (scientific notation turned off) - ancient souls - 49 - Siyalatas lvl - 151K - Solomon lvl - 31540 Now I'm just leaving the console overnight to farm chests and hopefully wake up to 100%