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  1. This is what I get about not double-checking on who's who 😅 Kekw just gave me a vibe of "lmao, keep complaining", idk how is the Smite Discord users towards the trophy complainers.
  2. That Caterpillar guy is a troll, right? Cuz he seems like one of those spammy kekw ppl
  3. So, did the devs went all "our job here is done" and went back to ignoring trophy-related issues?
  4. Well, , I understand the sentiment, but maybe not all.
  5. I dunno if I'll really touch PGA, but having MKX would give me an excuse to look more into those invasions, now that they seem to be working. Nothing to say about Hell Let Loose, not like I have a PS5 or smth, lol
  6. PS3 and PS4 games don't cost fortune, you can get dozen of stuff in the range of 10-20 dollars, if not digitally, then by buying used physical stuff.
  7. Well, that thread name could use an edit, lol
  8. What kinda stupid argument is this
  9. Sorry for undigging the thread, but if I change the video settings on my PS3 to exclude 1080i and 1080p resolutions, will the trophy pop? I've already wasted entire playthrough...
  10. So do we wait another year for that trophy to be fixed?
  11. Nah, sometimes I slow down even at 80% of stamina, for some reason it also seems like the angle of running changes the character's speed
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Deathloop contract was made before the acquisition. We will really know if Bethesda stuff will be exclusive with other games down the line, but I wouldn't count on it.
  13. As I've read some of the guides, it turns out that this game uses a lot, and I mean a lot of use of something called pressure sensitivity, which means that Snake does different actions depending on how you hold the button. Thing is, I don't have an original controller. This started to be extremely noticeable during the first enemy encounter - whenever I grab the enemy, I can only kill them by slicing their throat. I tried holding both EZ Gun and unarmed as a weapon choice, enemy died from my knife in both cases. I managed to get an interrogation trophy somehow, but still, Snake killed enemy before he could speak anything. Does this essentially means that without original DualShock, I can forget about playing this?
  14. I've started Metal Gear Solid 3 and wanted to use PSNP guide to get everything in one playthrough. I've collected everything in the Dremuchij South area EXCEPT Giant Anaconda, AKA Snake G. For some reason, I can't find a single one of them there and all ten that I've found, were all Reticulated Pythons.


    Do I need to start a new game in order to find it?

    1. Slava


      If I remember correctly, every animal except Tsuchinoko has 100% spawn rate. So it should be there. You can look up video guides to see the specific locations when the PSNP guide's descriptions are too vague.