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  1. Actually, yes, i don't have much time for gaming rn, with it being sometimes just 2-3 hours daily, with times when i don't play at all, and i don't want to be stuck with playing one game for a long time. When i'll have the time then i think i'll try getting more games with UR's.
  2. It's cool to see yourself going higher in the rankings, but ultimately, while i don't think it's pointless, i'm not caring about it very much. By that i mean that i'm not getting 30 minute games to get higher in the leaderboard. Yet. But while i could do that, i don't want to just play games for ranking, i could see myself playing Little Adventure on a Praire or My Name is Mayo, but not always, there has to be something other between. Btw, i'll be soon sub-700k 😄
  3. #15 - God of War: Ascension Champion of the Gods Unlock all Trophies Well, well, well, ain't it the infamous God of War that's called "the worst"... Well, sadly, yeah, it is. It is by no means a bad game, i had fun while playing this. It's just the overhaul of the mechanics that we were used to, that made this, imo worse. Enemies were less of challenging and more of annoying - fighting Satyrs (generic "cannon fodder" enemy) when there was 5 or 6 of them boiled down to "grab, throw, repeat, maybe throw few strikes", otherwise you're waiting for the endless waves of attacks to stop, which doesn't really work, since it's endless. Other enemies were irritating with temporary immortality, especially Taloses (elemental statues with hammers). And camera being sometimes focused on the views rather than arena made some fights harder than they should be. Also, for God's sake, the change to parry! And one MP trophy that requires digital copy or season pass, otherwise, k, bye. But again, not by any means a bad game, fight with Castor and Pollux was amazing, same goes for Alecto in her final form (good thing I don't have thallassophobia), Amulet of Uroborus and Oath Stone of Orkos were great additions to Kratos's arsenal and World Weapons weren't too bad. But, it is easily visible that the gameplay was done more for multiplayer stuff, which God of War is not really. Well, now i'll have to wait for my physical copy of Lego The Hobbit to arrive and i'll try to get back here with that.
  4. Platinum - Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - 1 month and 6 days - it was your typical Lego collect-a-thon, but that time was because something happened with my disc version - one mission was glitched in a way, that it crashed about 30 seconds from the start, no matter what i did, trapping me in the first room. Thankfully, not that long after it was on a sale with all DLC's, so i've grabbed it - no problems. And ultimately, that was cheaper than buying DLC's alone 100% - Assassin's Creed 3 - 1 month, 2 weeks, 2 days - it's also a collect-a-thon, but not to scale of Lego Batman, of course some club missions were annoying, filling encyclopedia was frustrating and there was multiplayer involved (though piece of cake in comparison to Black Flag/Brotherhood). Add to that not a lot of free time and repeating episode 3 of Tyranny of King Washington, because one of the random missions glitched and never spawned.
  5. Are servers still up? If yes, was the shutdown mentioned or it's safe for now?
  6. Banner image for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth uses artwork from original The Binding of Isaac, that was released only on PC's. For replacement, perhaps one of the images on the Steam page? Not sure which would be the best though.
  7. God of War: Ascension, so far, so good, didn't missed anything and from collectibles it's only artifacts left.
  8. My first page of rarest trophies is finally deprived of 20%+ trophies. Baby steps :D

  9. Oh fuck yeah, another negative thread about something bad © I don't see you smiling on the avatar, but that doesn't mean you should complain or be negative all the time. Hearted comments say the truth - it's worth what you think it's worth. Someone likes to go up, someone doesn't care, someone will buy Ratalaika games to climb higher, someone is maybe dropping to set on the certain number for something. A little bit of positiveness won't hurt anyone. And i'm risking by saying that it's vice versa.
  10. "If I can make it in there" is the last trophy I need to 100% AC3, but of course something had to get broken. Those missions are scattered around the map and I need to complete 3 of them, during the story, I've found only one, where I spawned and I couldn't respawn it. Now they're not anywhere to be found. Even the map of the "guaranteed" defend civilians missions is bullshit, nothing spawns there. Any help? I feel like this is the ultimate "fuck you" after everything I had to do with this game. I have found only one thread of someone else complaining about this, on Ubi forum. And no responses... EDIT: I had to make a new save, spawns for those missions worked normally from the beggining. Save your time and use that map, which turns out isn't bullshit (is in the guide) and do it asap, went there immediately after getting to New York and they were there, respawning worked as well.
  11. Nope, digital version. I had the disc, but it stopped working. At least buying the game on sale was cheaper than buying online pass alone.
  12. So, i think it's corrupted data, because... i've found corrupted data on the list of games. Great. Is there a way to avoid this in the future?
  13. Well, it was still installing when i woke up, no error message, just i was disappointed in how little was installed. How to make sure of that?
  14. God of War: Ascension, 32 GB if i recall correctly (heh). What happened and how to avoid it?
  15. Can i download the Pass first and then the game?