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  1. So DLC's will be possible to complete post-shutdown, right?
  2. I'm waiting to get myself PS4, after that i'll need PS+ and i wanted to finish DriveClub Bikes as well. Plus, that was just custom situation, i wouldn't wait for 100%-ing the game to the shutdown.
  3. So, if i would get the plat before shutdown and started DLC packs after shutdown, i would be able to 100% the game?
  4. Never found anything in my country (Poland), it's just Garden Warfare all over the place.
  5. One game less to play then
  6. In store i've only found Garden Warfare and Zen Pinball.
  7. Didn't broke me but sure annoyed me. LEGO The Hobbit. One of the trophies requires you to finish all quests in the game, which isn't a problem in itself, if you played LEGO game before you'll know more or less how that looks. One quest was bugged though - there is day/night system, but very marginal, it limits to some quests being avaiable at day, others only at night. Bugged quest could be done during both the day and night, while it was supposed to be avaiable only during night. And i did it at day, so it didn't counted for the completion. As some of the quests involve gathering treasures from story levels and crafting other items, i had to replay the whole game again and hit 100% again. Took another two weeks of my life. I'll definetely do more research on glitches and bugs from now on, because i thought that the only issue would be getting brick before completing the quest, but then this happened.
  8. So, both A and C can access multi if account B is primary? And if B is not primary account, how to change it?
  9. Let's say that there are three user accounts made on PS4, named A, B and C. Account B has PS+ bought and can access multiplayer. Can accounts A and C also access multiplayer? Or they need to buy PS+ individually?
  10. I don't have anything that will make you go "Wow, look at this dude, congrats!", but i'll say Assassin's Creed 3, both plat and 100%. Original Gamer, An Extraordinary Man and Completionist (but not that much) were annoying and i had to re-do third episode of Washington's Tyranny, because one event wouldn't spawn at all. EDIT: And maybe Rayman Legends as well, because it took me 4 months with missing something about 5 challenges.
  11. I thnk that i'll just use psdeals from now on, PS store is real bad.
  12. Games for less than 22 PLN (i think it's 5 dollars) also doesn't show Prince of Persia Trilogy, what the fuck? Do i have broken shop or what?
  13. Now i'm getting confused, because in the Price Drops category (one with the price tag) in the PS4 category there's games from Popular in Japan sale, so it's not just permanent price drops., yet in PS3 category there's barely anything.
  14. Aren't those the same thing essentially? What's the difference between those?
  15. For example, i can perfectly see that Prince of Persia Trilogy on PS3 is now on sale, but when i visit Price Drops it's not there. Why is that?