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  1. Might as well go for it Clownfish are on the endangered species list
  2. Might be a weird question, but how do I actually search for certain trials in Dante's Inferno? Guide suggests to search for quick ones to lessen the grind, but I'm not seeing any option to search for any keyword, closest I've seen is filters menu, but it doesn't allow any typing

  3. Anyone knows how to fight Fire Guardians from Dante's Inferno (big  horned demons, that are non-stop on fire)?


    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm spamming him with cross to quench the fire, then he's possible to be damaged for like, 3 seconds, before he's fully in flames again. I am spamming until he's pitch black, but it doesn't seem to have any effect, cuz he just nullifies it all randomly.

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    2. Varhur


      Definitely not Malacoda, ones I'm talking about are non-stop on fire (like the minions that need a cross slap to be damaged). On wiki they're named Fire Guardians, but there's no photos.


      Timestamped a fight with them

    3. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Yeah, those are first introduced at the gates of Fraud and most people call them malacodas because the first one they introduce is named that. This might help. I never had trouble with them in the main campaign, but I've never played the trials, so.



    4. Varhur


      Well, they're god-awful in trials, because they're often fought alongside heretics (so cross spam won't work until those are alive) and camera makes it so their unblockable attacks keep coming offscreen. Add to that some challenges making spells more expensive and you get absolute awful battle, even with Lucia, who has even better spamming potential than Dante,

  4.  I was just adding funds to my Sony account with PaySafeCard, but I got an error. And now I got no money on my account and both PSC's are counted as used, making me literally waste my money.


    Anything I can do about it?

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      Contact Sony customer support or the payment processor support related to your PaySafeCard.

  5. I played Lost Embryo and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to play the sequel, but found some issues along the way. Game costs 30 dollars (and with PS3 sales dead, it will stay that way) and few sites that I use don't offer any copies of this game. Is this game really that rare or it's just my region that is dry?
  6. 1. The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (0.81%) 2. Batman: Arkham Origins (1.94%) 3. Crysis 3 (2.55%) 4. Red Dead Redemption (3.32%) 5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS3 (3.77%)
  7. At the moment, in my cabinet I have plats of games that I really, really liked (like Okami or XBlaze Code Embryo) and particularly hard/annoying trophies that I obtained (Cold Blooded from Uncharted 2 or Zone Conqueror from Clicker Heroes for example). I still have spot for one more and after that I think I might be kicking out "The Hunt is my Mistress". That, or my premium expires and I'll probably stick to just favourite games.
  8. So a PSNP discord moderator just straight up leaked someone's phone number and photo, like, what the hell is going on there, lmao

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    2. Otonio_Bruno


      Dude, you still on this? Move on.

    3. Varhur


      @Otonio_Bruno you know thats completely different thing, right? no, you don't. I just saw screenshots of someone who's in discord that were clearly of a mod posting someone's number. Probably not a good place to do it here, so I can pm them to you, if you want.


      Or you can disregard my opinion at all

  9. Not in PSNP culture definitely
  10. That's just PSNP forums in general, no one knows what sarcasm or joke is
  11.  How's the situation with PS5 owners redeeming PS+ Collection for those without the PS5? I heard that people are permabanned for doing that for three different account, in opposition to previous 50+.

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    2. DaivRules


      I don't know if that would fit the data patterns that I've also read about that Varhur was referring to.

    3. Ac3dUd3-


      well if its being flagged by amount of accounts and different consoles and/or IP address my account situation would be no different from me throwing your account on my console from what I can see

    4. NERVergoproxy


      All I gotta say, do it at your own risk.

  12. I don't know if anyone cares at this point or it will be noticed, just wanted to share my thought about this whole ban "drama"


    First, I want to publicly apologize to @B1rvine and @SlimSanta94 for my behaviour in the server. It kinda flew over my head, that what I posted could be offensive and I wasn't trying to offend anyone with that.  I wasn't trying to shame either of you on the forums, it was a panic-attack, because it was impossible for me to talk to either of you directly. Also, I know that ignorance isn't a good argument, but I wasn't aware of the month-long warnings, if I would've seen that what was I posting is considered insensitive and constantly removed, I would do my best to work on myself in context on what to do and what to not post.


    I know that this sounds like a generic YT-like apology, but I just wanted again to say sorry and somewhat explain myself, because I'm not a bigot and stuff that I used to post don't represent my beliefs. If either of you would accept an option to talk to you privately, I'd appreciate that.

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      It's great that you are conscious of your behaviour and it's impact - but I will say that if those folks aren't replying to you no matter how hard you try, it might be worth just moving on and accepting this is part of the consequences for the actions that you mentioned you recognise. It's not the end of the world and if they still show no sign of wanting to engage after this time, then it's probably worth moving on with this under your belt as a learning experience to guide your actions elsewhere in future.

    3. Varhur
  13. Well, just saying that "i didnt meant it that way" is obviously wrong, but tbh, I shrugged it off, thinking about it as in-between friends kinda thing, with the whole absurdity of there being a cemetery like that. Yeah, I know that it would work as casual homophobia, which probably doesn't make this any better... Thanks for letting me know actually, cuz it kinda puts a different light on the side of things and sorry for anyone who got offended by that (not using "offended" in derogatory way).
  14. I definitely wasn't uploading anything homophobic or racist, I understand that it definitely isn't a humour for everyone (not talking about homophobic/racist stuff now), but I don't think I posted anything offensive, if I did I'm sorry, but none of my stuff was posted with intention to make fun of other sexualities or races.