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  1. So, what i do know about those, is that they're mini-sales that last for weekend. Though i don't understand why it seems like i don't have them. Many games that i saw that are on sale right now, stay at the normal price. Is it because that they're region locked? If yes, can someone tell me, if there were any flash sales in Polish PS Store?
  2. So, my brother accidentally started GTA V on the wrong account and gave me pretty trophy list with unobtainable platinum. I've already hid it, though the view of 0% is really hurting my OCD. Is there any way to get rid of it? I heard that i could either format the console or delete user and then create new one, log into my PSN account and it would be gone. Is there anything better though? I don't have PS4.
  3. Woo, it seems like i'm finally getting forum trophy All GoWs platted outside of Ascension and PS4. And Vita versions. And GoW 3 Remastered. Oof. Enough for Titan at least Just one thing that i've missed - how will i be able to make this trophy visible? On the forum cards, or whatever it was called.
  4. So, if i'll add 40 PLN with that card, i'll be able to use that code again, just it will be 10 PLN now, right?
  5. I have already bought PaySafeCard for 50 PLN.
  6. I don't have the game, but i heard that Blood Money feels very same-y, comparing to PS3.There are videos already, but imo, it's kinda like God of War was ported from PS2 to PS3.
  7. If i don't have credit card, all i can do is get lower amount and lose 10 PLN or get another 50 PLN card for 100 PLN?
  8. So, i've bought PSC for 50 PLN (i'm Polish), but the amounts i can either get 40 PLN worth of, or 60 PLN, which really bugs me. Is there any option to add those funds? If not, what can i do, to not let that money be on waste?
  9. Do those have any DLC trophies? Or DLC's in general? Those would pretty much decide if i'm getting those games.
  10. I tried to search for it, but no results except for dead links. Will i have to resort to physical copy to get it today?
  11. Ninja Complete an Outpost without getting detected And this got me to level 12, so double yay
  12. So not pre-installed, but everything I need for 100%-ing the game is in it, right?
  13. That is, Battle Hardened Pack and three episodes of Tyranny of King Washington - Infamy, Betrayal and Redemption.
  14. The thing is, i don't have the way to save the copies of the game files - folder with saves takes an eternity to load.
  15. Is this video a good explanation of this?