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  1. That's supposed to be a troll or not, cuz idk
  2. Playing Just Cause 2 and it's shaping to be the worst game i've played on PS3 so far. Awful driving and flying, shooting is just walking on enemies cuz you're bullet sponge and the game is pretty much just grinding everything. And i can't even play the destructor, cuz explosives you're given are crap and the weapons that you actually need for good destruction (grenade and rocket launcher) are unlockables at the lone end. Someone can change my mind?

    1. Varhur


      Oh, and fuck the paparazzi mission and fuck the bouncy cars.

  3. How do i use price tags? Those visible on Metro and Sonic Racing.
  4. Ever heard of "real men do/don't do x" stuff before? Taking upon yourself what's considered to be a part of something. Like Dark Souls fans that say that fans of The Legend of Zelda aren't "real gamers". You won't ever change my mind that it's bad. And there's not a single, failsafe way to say that the game or it's writing is good or bad. Just look at Days Gone reviews. Critics said it's bad, but does that mean that suddenly having an opinion that says that it's good is objectively wrong? Plus, Jesus Christ, that's a lazy answer "i said that it's true so it's true, were done cuz you're stupid". Maybe try backing up your "facts" with evidence instead of standing on pedestals.
  5. So why is "tlou writing good" not an opinion and a truth? Doesn't help that those who disagree are either "crazy" or "trolls", which sounds stupid in it's own way, because it's gatekeeping.
  6. Then if you're so smart, tell us what is it. All i'm hearing is that you're saying that it's "objective opinion".
  7. imo it is well written, but that's what it is, an opinion. Opinions are subjective. Opinion that TLoU is well written is definetely popular, but of course, there are the unpopular opinions, that say that it isn't. There are no "denying truths" bs you're talking about. There is only not agreeing with majority. And there's nothing crazy with it, different strokes for different folks, and while TLoU appeased many people, it obviously can't appeal every single one of them. And don't tell me that you get the "subjective" thing, because you just contradicted it later.
  8. You don't seem to understand what "subjective" is. Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't mean that what they're saying is invalid. No need for namecalling or calling people trolls, it has no sense.
  9. Why are you implying that your opinion is the "one and only truth", and everyone else are out of their minds? Just because someone doesn't share your opinion doesn't mean that they know jackshit about the game. Why are you having so big problems with it?
  10. Just Cause 2, Perfectionist trophy looks like a chore, hopefully it isn't
  11. /s stands for sarcasm
  12. If you say that you didn't liked TLoU SP, you're either not sane or trolling, what's so hard to understand /s On a serious note, some people could really stop acting like having unpopular opinion is being "a bit of a troll".
  13. If you mean the unlockables in black market, then i guess i still have to wait...
  14. All of my arsenal doesn't provide the boom that some bigger structures require (and my ammo on SMG is pretty much always low) and there's only so much you can do with triggered explosions, and the attack helicopters appear rather rarely. I assume that due to people praising this game, this changes, but when?
  15. There are 3 new achievers of this trophy since January 2016 fuck-up and i was wondering if it was fixed or that's something else going on.