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  1. Mine would probably LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - not common rarity, not mine fastest platinum, but LEGO games aren't exactly about the challenge.
  2. Working on Uncharted 2's multiplayer and in between the sessions, playing NFS: Hot Pursuit, both on PS3.
  3. On the PS3, sometimes after downloading a game there's this icon, rectangle with half circles in places of left and right sides. What is it?

    1. ResoluteRock


      After downloading games on PS3, they need to be installed as well. That “bubble” is the downloaded game. Once you click it, it’ll take you to a screen where it shows that it’s installing the game :)

    2. Varhur


      Ah, ok, thanks, I had problems with downloading Uncharted 2 and with server shutdown it's the last thing I'd wanted.

  4. Holy fuck, installing Uncharted 2 is a nightmare. First, downloading from "account managing" didn't worked, so i had to use my shitty internet. Then, i start downloading, first GB goes rather quickly, then big stop, then goes to 5 GB around 12 AM, then nothing downloads overnight, because fuck me, now i'm back and i'm left with this oval thingy in the game tab and i don't even know if it worked or not.



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    2. dik_meplzdaddy


      Really bad planning on Naughty Dog's part, the dlc should work for both regardless of its digital or physical nature.


    3. Commander Waffles

      Commander Waffles

      I have the physical discs for both UC2 and UC3 and all DLC is digital.  Works for me in the US without any problems.

    4. Varhur


      Yeah, US. I'm not in US region.

  5. First, no PS4. Second, i want those trophies while they're avaiable, i already have two unobtainable physical games (GTA 5 and Hitman: Absolution), i don't want to add the other. And i want that other 100%.
  6. Got my 1000th trophy today! Gonna start Uncharted 2 multiplayer soon, then i'll see what can be done with Batman: Arkham Origins and do NFS: Hot Pursuit in the meantime.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the milestone! UC2 might not take you any longer than 2 weeks. I got everything but the co-op done in 1. Depends on who you're boosting with, and now available everyone is though. Turbo controllers for when you're not and others are, also help immensely.


      But there's also no telling when someone might get kicked from the party or something. Servers are not the greatest.. Have seen quite a few matches where everyone is simply frozen, yet you can move around. But because you're still frozen for other players, they can kill you anytime.


    3. Varhur


      Well, i got TLoU done in two weeks so most likely i won't beat your record.

    4. ee28max


      Nice milestone :) 

  7. Shitty voice is one, poor spoken English is second. And i got both.
  8. I'll see, i'll want to try to get Uncharted 2 online done before that and then if i'll have the time, maybe. Btw, from where did the thing about "undying servers" came up?
  9. I meant that idk if i could lead, because of my lack of knowledge about the game.
  10. Out of curiosity - how hard is finding a session? I'm not sure if i'd wanted to lead one, because i'm not sure if i won't even try deleting the list for now. There are sessions that are empty, sessions at times when i'm unavaiable, sessions requiring voice communication, etc.
  11. That means, with all the DLC's, like Initiation or Cold, Cold Heart.
  12. Enjoyable or effective? What makes it a must and why text chat is a no? I seriously don't want to use voice communication for reasons stated above.
  13. Done The Last of Us, will start Uncharted 2 soon, don't give a fuck about Uncharted 3, no idea about unnanounced games yet, excluding Hardline, because no.
  14. So, my voice is shitty and i'm awful with spelling English (typing Eglish is obviously way easier). I'd really wanted to boost this, but everywhere i go, everyone repeats that mic is a must. Why is that? Couldn't you just type quickly what you need? Matches aren't that short.
  15. Why is mic communication a must? I'm asking because i have shitty voice and speak English worse than type English. Also, matches aren't that short, so shouldn't typing communication be enough?