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  1. PS3 doesn't use Vita's 2D map. Also, that guide only has Detective Cases guide, others have just explanation of "find it" which isn't helpful at all. Guide from xboxachievements might come in useful, PS3 map plus visible path.
  2. Not much into Metroidvanias and this game is getting on my nerves. IGN's walkthrough skips a lot of collectibles and shows only one path (one that ends with Joker) and i have no clue how to get the other ones. Khaleesi's guide shows all collectibles, but you have to remember the whole map, because they don't tell you where they are aside from simplified location, so if you can't remember how to get in there, it's basically useless. Tried to search for YT guides, found not much. Any other guide that might prove useful? Also, kinda offtopic to not make two threads - guide says that Batclaw is in the Administration zone, meanwhile it's in the Cell Blocks. Why is that? Other guide also mentioned the wrong location.
  3. For some reason being at far right resulted in stable signal. The tiny area with the box (heavy gauntlets upgrade) is stable as well. The rest of the room is no signal with screen appearing for split second, then back to black.
  4. Depends on how difficult the Tower is for someone, online is boosting, Kung Fu is grind, both easy, but time-consuming
  5. I think that this goes into "too long" category
  6. Playing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate and i witnessed the biggest bullshit i've ever encountered ever - TV goes no signal in one room with upgrade. I have no fucking idea why, i tried putting HDMI cable in other slot, but no result, game works fine everywhere, but that spot. How? Why? And how do i fix that issue?

  7. Tried and no result, game works perfectly fine, but once i'm in that room, no signal
  8. I am just as confused as you may be. In the industrial zone, in the zone after you pull out a grate with batclaw and go to the room near fan, before exploding a wall with thugs behind it (i think this is where one of the Heavy Gauntlet upgrades are) my TV just gives up and shows "no signal". Pausing the screen or blindly leaving the area brings everything back. What the fuck is this garbage and how the fuck is this even happening is beyond me. Help? Game works normally everywhere, but that spot where things get fucked. And were similar things happening within either this or other games?
  9. Plat #25 - Beyond: Two Souls - not bad, though copy-pasting is really visible in some paths. And flashbacks pretty much dump all meaningful changes.

  10. I had few short freezes (more like long lags) and one freeze forcing me to reboot console. In the middle of Navajo
  11. Hitting mostly constant +1000 ms ping while trying to use Beyond Touch app with BEYOND: Two Souls.



  12. Well, that's a lil bit late reply, since i already have Alien: Isolation plat, but thanks for caring, and hopefully it will prevent further asks 😅
  13. Trying to knock out Together Till the End trophy and since i don't have second controller, i'm using phone with BEYOND Touch instead. But holy fuck, using that is pain. I need to take a breaks every 5-10 minutes, because ping jumps up to 1500 ms ping and Aiden sections are unplayable. Then it goes back to normal, i try to play and we're back at 1500 ms. Help. The game isn't playable at all because of that and restarting console everytime ping goes up seems like more pain.