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  1.  I thought about going for Mad Max before the servers go down, but wanted to hear about some things


    1. Do I need PS Plus to earn scrap for the challenge?

    2. How long it would take/what's the best route to finish 2k scrap challenge asap?

    3. How glitchy is the platinum after 1.06 version? Heard that the challenger tracker is still glitchy, but idk if it's outdated news, and also don't know if anything else can still not pop


    1. Deceptrox


      As far as I know PS+ subscription is only needed for games where you actively interact with other players (co-op, competitive).


      I haven't played the game but I think it doesn't require PS+.

  2. Shout out to the three randoms in GTA 4 race lobby that were able to successfully kill any chances of boosting those

    1. GraniteSnake


      Why not just create a private lobby?

    2. Varhur


      Not sure if it counts private wins for AWP

    3. GraniteSnake


      'All trophies can be gotten in Party Mode and also in custom lobbies set to the maximum number of private slots. Furthermore, players do not get kicked from matches for idling for extended periods of time.' - taken directly from the multiplayer guide here on PSNP. I'd highly recommend giving it a read if you haven't already, made getting the online done for GTAIV very manageable and straightforward.

  3. Clicker Heroes glitch conspiracy is the weirdest thing that happened to me recently. Why would tons of players lie that glitches work even now, when they don't? I saw "confirmations" as recent of this month, but it's either cheats or trolls. Ugh

  4. Alright, I was able to  use PSX Download Helper in order to download 1.0 version of Clicker Heroes to enable glitches, but apparently it turns out that everyone that recommended using the glitch are douchebags, trying to troll people into thinking that the glitch really exists.


    Now I know that isn't true, but it doesn't explain why following obvious directions gives not the results that are supposed to happen. What do I do? I turned off "set automatically" option in set time via internet and I'm jumping from 2000 to 2099 that's supposed to give me 99 years of money. It worked like a charm in AdVenture Capitalist, it worked like a charm for other people, why it's giving me this shit then?

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    2. Varhur


      It often doesn't work at all or gives laughably small numbers (definitely not accurate to the time you skipped). And few years ago everyone were praising those glitches.

    3. Kittet3


      Did you turn off the internet? That worked for me on another game - even though the game wasn't online it would still check the servers if it could. 

    4. Varhur


      @Kittet3 Just tried and everything happened exactly as previously, nothing at all. That bullshit method doesn't work, yet gets praised by everyone and some dude even said that it works in fucking August 2020. It. Doesn't.


      Or the game just hates me for no reason.

      And the only skips that work for me are so laughably small that I can do nothing with them (despite me skipping entire months)

  5. Can someone who did Clicker Heroes while abusing the time skip exploit tell me how tf do I get it working? I either get funnily low values after changing the date or nothing at all. I wanted to get this 100% right after finishing AdVenture Capitalist where that trick worked perfectly, multiple people confirming time-skipping as a viable strategy for this 100% also made me start this, but I didn't know what kind of a clusterfuck is this

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    2. Varhur


      I'm skipping day or two now, to reliably get merc quests, although to get relic trophy, I need to be at the correct date, and turning time backwards (to correct date) breaks mercs completely, can I fix them, or broken merc is good for nothing?

    3. WileECoyoteXP


      What I do for the mercs is skip a day at a time and every time they break, I'll delete them and start fresh with new ones. There really isn't any penalty to deleting them and if you have none you get a new one 8 hours later. If you get lucky and get a merc passed level 10, the quests for getting 10-15 rubies at a time become more common. But it's only a matter of time before they'll either break or die and reviving them more than once or even at all isn't worth it. As far as the relic trophy goes, I'm not sure it counts relics given by the mercenaries. It might, but I got the trophy after I killed a monster and got a relic. Once you're easily able to reach level 200 or so, you'll be drowning in relics both from monsters (1 per ascension) and quests. 

    4. Varhur


      I killed Relic Ooze already and no trophy

  6. Hey, I've seen that you did 100% in In Space We Brawl and wanted to ask you about one thing - what method did you use for 2k player kills? I've seen some conflicting opinions whether this trophy pops from Gladiator kills or not, and I did removed the patch to get Barehanded trophy, so now I don't know if that could somewhat reset the count or straight up block other kills from counting. Hope to hear from you, I want that 100% in that game as well ;)

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    2. Zerathel


      I used normal contact damage with other ship. Use striker and 2 d-pad should have cypher or pulsar. Prefer use cypher because pulsar is very fast. Play on Sectorg62...It takes while but is doable and fast with this method

    3. Varhur


      I think I used Striker for melee kills, or Leviathan, played on Lurvin VII, due to not much obstacles

    4. Zerathel


      With 50% life is easy :) But play on tournaments because i mostly play on this mode. Didn't have any problems with any trophy

  7. I've been grinding 2k kills in In Space We Brawl for ~3 hours now and still no trophy... I honestly don't know if something happened or not, but it doesn't help that there's no one complaining about it being glitched so I'm alone in this.

    1. Xenoblast91


      Didn't know about this game, but is possible that you mixed kills between Aliens and Players? I read the description for the trophies, but I'm not sure. There are 2 for killing, but maybe you mixed them somehow so you need to continue grinding then. 

    2. Varhur


      @Xenoblast91 I already did finish alien kills and those were much faster (~700 kills every 5 minutes). And those are sadly impossible to mistake, alien is AI only while players are, well, players (using 3 other pads to speed up killing trophy and playing on map with no aliens)

    3. Xenoblast91


      I recommend to start a threat on the game's forum. There you can catch people attention and hopefully find a solution. This could help you as people here ae friendly and want to help you out their best interest.


      As far I've seen, the game is pretty easy, as players get trophies really quick. May be doing it again? I don't know. Sorry for not being a lot of help to your issue.

  8. I like how Riddick's idea of difficulty is enemies killing me in one-two shots in the dark. How am I supposed to improve? Darkness was supposed to be my ally, now it's one of the hardest enemies.

    1. HaserPL


      Have you tried changing your gamma settings?

  9. Pure on PS3 is probably the worst game I have ever played. Frustrating as hell with its dumb destruction-crazy AI, shitty trick implementation (inaccurate left stick or d-pad, on a fkn racing game), glitches, handling which is ass on every ATV, missing inputs that make me crash... I really want to plat this game, but I'm definitely not enjoying it.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      LMAO. Well if you put it this way...


      @snakebit10 heh guess I must've been lucky then. I'm always careful about choosing my games but sometimes I slip here and there and experience the likes of that game.. 

    3. snakebit10


      @PooPooBlast I went through a period I would play just about anything and they were both cheap. I am being a little more careful of what I buy and play now.

    4. Varhur


      tbf, the only reason I bought Pure was because I saw someone who wanted to boost it and I thought "why not, lol". Though I didn't expect this shit show xD

  10.  I just finished 1st route of XBlaze: Code Embryo, the Hinata ending.


    Holy moly, I don't understand any of this.




    I'm so stacking this game when I get the chance, but answer me question game

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    2. charxsetsuna


      @Varhurjudging from the fact that the one recurring character I can spot in both this and blazblue is about 100 years older in blazblue (source-wikia) I would say your correct.

    3. Varhur


      @charxsetsuna Out of curiosity - who is it?

    4. charxsetsuna
  11. New issue of the week - I am unable to log in on PS account and can't add money to my account. While logging through sonyentertainmentnetwork site, I keep getting (18.3cf95568.1590238943.1c5b67fe)  error.


    And it seems to be nothing global, so it's just me. Can anyone help me, please?

  12.  Does anyone know if DLC Bloodbath Arena from Dead Island is on disc with the GOTY edition (physical). And if it is, when can you access the arena?

  13. If it takes ages to connect for rankeds in MK9, will i have the same experience with private KoTH?
  14. Sat 4 hours in AC Brotherhood multiplayer lobby, joined game 3 times, was disconnected 3 times. What a way to spend time.

    1. DaivRules


      I think the main culprit is ISPs who have a business model that involves overselling their infrastructure. Then when everyone tries to use what they're paying for, you get things like disconnections.

  15. On PS3, can you "remove" trophies you haven't synced yet, by formatting the disc? I wanted to do MK9 online while it supposedly still works and have a "get out of jail card", for if servers die during the boost.

    1. DaivRules


      Yes, delete your profile without syncing trophies and it should be like you never earned them, short of a couple examples where the trophy progress stores in an online server in-game. 

    2. Varhur


      @DaivRules In that case I'll ask - do you know if Mortal Kombat 9 is such case?

    3. DaivRules


      I don’t know about MK9, Sorry. 

  16. Just started In Space We Brawl challenges and 2nd one is already a roadblock (shooting basics). I cant for life get steady aim andrank higher than C. Is this something about controller or only about be getting gud?

  17. In AC: Revelations on PS3, does it kick inactive players? Or there's no AFK kick

  18. I absolutely hate how inFamous 2 feels like walking in a mine zone. Everything everywhere explodes. Don't get me wrong, this game is fantastic, but when almost every projectile thrown at you, does the boom, it gets annoying

  19. I just made an HK dummy acc to download AC DLC's for free, but the verification mail doesn't come. Is there anything i can do to or im forced to wait?

    1. Bliss


      Click “resend” code, and check your spam folder.

  20. AC: Brotherhood disc seems to be exclusively broken on my console - works fine on PS3 Super Slim that i don't use (ain't mine), but on my PS3 Slim, it never gets past loading screen and kicks me out by saying that disc is either dirty or damaged (which isn't because it works on the other console). Fucking hell...

    1. Dreakon13


      On your PS3 Slim, are other games working okay?  Particularly ones that don't install much on the hard drive?  Might not be the disc, but the disc reader having trouble.

    2. Varhur


      @Dreakon13 Last disc games that i've played was RDR, Batman: Arkham City GOTY and first Uncharted and they had no issues :(

  21. Will online progress from RDR: Undead Nightmare standalone disc be carried over to RDR: GOTY disc? Or i'll have to get to lvl 50 on UN disc?

  22. Playing Crushing Mode in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and i have no idea why everyone say that this is easy. Is it due to auto health regen only? Crappy aiming with enemies jumping around like they had 5 cups of coffee don't make it easy...

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    2. guy who says bruh
    3. Varhur
    4. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      When I played it on Crashing on PS3 in Uncharted 1 I've haven't experienced major troubles with game. Aiming is easily to get used to advice I can give is be patient, never rush ahead and don't aim from wall cover, stay behind corner with gun equipped, this way aiming sometimes easier because when you aim out of cover crosshair goes slightly off center which makes whole cover useless cos you need time to re-aim 

  23. I'm having some issues with Triple Escrima Stick medal in Batman: Arkham City (as Nightwing). One thing, it's really inconsistent and with how random the thugs behave, their movement is dictating whether this run has to be restarted or not. Two - i don't really know how Escrima Sticks work. Thugs are supposed to be close to each other, but it happens often that 3 markers indicating 3 hits just don't appear. On the other side, i finished Natural Selection Extreme by just throwing it when it marked two thugs (hoping that it will put them closer to each other) and it just ricocheted and hit the third one  - he was pretty far away (half the bridge length to nearest thug) and had no marker while throwing. Any ideas?

  24. Undead Nightmare sure is buggy with all the headless zombie bs...

  25. Is it just my pad or double tapping right on D-Pad for dashing in Golden Axe seem to occur less than 50% of the times?