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  1. Pure on PS3 is probably the worst game I have ever played. Frustrating as hell with its dumb destruction-crazy AI, shitty trick implementation (inaccurate left stick or d-pad, on a fkn racing game), glitches, handling which is ass on every ATV, missing inputs that make me crash... I really want to plat this game, but I'm definitely not enjoying it.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Monster Jam Battlegrounds says hello :wave: 🤢

    3. snakebit10


      Orc Slayer And Albedo are for worse. I can promise you that. Even what @PooPooBlast is better than those two games.

    4. Varhur


      "This is the worst game I've played"


      "The worst game you've played so far"


      Can't wait to dethrone the game from it's "worst game" spot, lol

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