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  1. Didn't you noticed that Abby wasn't the "jackass" mentioned? Why am I asking, you didn't.
  2. Alright, this is seriously bugging me out - I'm playing Worms Battlegrounds right now  - on one pad, I get random inputs during aiming, which make aiming harder. On the second pad, camera randomly just goes up and I have to fight it. What's going on? Do both of my pads suffer from stick drift? If yeah, can I fix it? Because I have those pads since June 2020 and I'd really would hate to have to replace both of them, because, aren't those things to be sustainable for years?

    1. SnowxSakura


      If cleaning the joystick boxes still doesn't fix the drift, they can be repaired by soldering a newer joystick box on

  3. I played in versus local in Full Wormage, against a guest. Used all weapons, utilities, special weapons and surrender, even made sure that I'm using weapons correctly (like using telekinesis on object, instead of just firing it in the sky). Trophy didn't pop and in stats I had zero uses on all weapons. After that I deleted the game and saves, reinstalled the game, re-did everything and same result, no trophy, nothing in stats. Any help?
  4. Did anyone who played Worms Battlegrounds had an issue when the game would go thru the options without you touching anything? Like, I have paused game, but I'm going thru all the options in pause menu like I'm holding down on dpad, but I'm not touching anything.

    1. HuntingFever


      It sounds like you have a faulty controller, because I have one that does a similar thing in other games - only it's the right thumbstick in my case instead of the D-pad.

    2. gruffiiti


      Yep. Stick drift.

    3. Varhur


      It's only on Worms so far and not all the time, but randomly I just lose control. And it especially sucks in Worms, because my aim is already trash and the game's making it worse


  5. Seems like a really long grind, don't you need 4-8 players to boost too?
  6. Not really, the only source said that the pre-order suits had bonuses, but nothing about base-game suits and suit from codes. Hard wasn't too bad if you utilize your arsenal correctly, like using hyper-sense sometimes to spam triangle and sometimes to just as somewhat of a block. Time Paradoxes also recharge rather quickly and help out with clearing fights fast (or to just walk to the big group of enemies, smack the key-holder and go straight for the door). Besides Black Cat fight that requires a bit of practise (she smacks hard and the only way to regenerate health is to defeat clones), everything else was a cake-walk. Also, important thing - after you beat Black Cat, don't skip the cutscene where she tries to kiss Peter (right after she's defeated) - if you do, you won't get a key and you'll have to redo the entire three-stage fight.
  7. One guide I remember seeing mentioned, that choosing certain suits can make hard mode easier, due to added health or damage (similar thing to God of War skins). For some reason though, I can't see anything mentioning bonus stats, guide doesn't mention what suits add what bonus and outside the guide, I wasn't able to find anything regarding stat bonuses. Is the guide completely wrong in that manner or I just failed at finding the proper source? This is the guide that mentions the bonus stats from suits btw it's mentioned in the All You Can Survey trophy description
  8. Not gonna lie, sorting options in trophy log are implemented in a really bad way. For example, if I wanna search from the most common, to the most rare trophy, whenever I change pages, that automatically changes from rarest to most common. Is there some workaround for that or it's just wacky PSNP thing that's staying that way until Sly does something?

  9. Anyone who played Spider-Man Edge of Time has any tip on how to fight shield stunner guys?

  10. Only did the time requirements so far 😅
  11. First game completed, Dante's Inferno now at 100%! 1. Dante's Inferno (0.82% full completion, rarest trophy 4.44%) - 100% 💯 2. Worms Battlegrounds (1.17% platinum, 0.43% full completion) - 0% 3. Mortal Kombat (0.61% platinum) - 58% 4. Hive: Altenum Wars EU (0.91% platinum) - 0% 5. Greedfall (4.87% platinum) - 0% Sadly, this game falls victim of exposing flaws of the gameplay by making attempt of making something difficult. And I won't lie, those trials are difficult. But that's because enemies can deal tons of damage quickly, while off-screen (those flying bats all deserve to be in hell, good thing that's where they are), summoner stages are a play of tag, where you damage him twice, then he's at another side of the map, enemies can easily break off your attacks without any chance of reaction, which ends up making the "spam projectiles from afar" the most reliant and best strategy to beat them. Now for second game... most likely Worms
  12. Can anyone recommend a good guide for Prince of Persia 2008 light seeds? I thought of giving the guide from gamepressure a go, but first I'd like to hear thoughts of other people, because this looks like it could be pain in the ass (especially if you forget several by the end and have to walk thru all areas to find them).

    1. Alderriz


      The map shows you how many light seeds you've collected in each area, so you don't have to walk through the whole game again.


      Collecting 1001 seeds wasn't too painful for me. I wasn't using a guide, I just fast traveled to each incomplete area and looked up a YouTube video for it. That said, I believe I cleared most of the areas by myself.


      The gamepressure guide looks fine. The light seed parts are very thorough.

    2. Copanele


      Same, you don't actually need a guide for those seeds, eventually go to YouTube videos for the guide. Most of the tricky seeds are already referenced in the comments most likely.

  13. Quick question regarding Borderlands - can I skip doing the side-quests in Dahl's Headlands? They don't seem to be on a list of quests necessary to get "Made in New Haven" trophy (already have "Made in Fyrestone"), but I just want to be careful.

    1. HuntingFever


      No, you have to do all of the side-missions in the core game to get the Plat.

    2. ApriIis


      Yeah you can skip them, I got the plat a few weeks ago and you  don't have to do the side missions in Dahl headlands. Just follow the list you've seen online and you'll be okay. 

    3. HuntingFever


      EDIT: I should have checked this to start with since I wrote the Guide and all but ApriIis is right, the Dahl Headland missions don't count towards the trophy.

  14. Checkpoint before the tower seem to be patched out, but it's not that bad, if you're doing too much errors, jump off the stage. That way, the timer will reset and you won't have to redo the rock puzzle.
  15. Eh, I might as well submit something, don't know if I'll even get past tier 1, but who knows? 1. Dante's Inferno (0.82% full completion, rarest trophy 4.44%) - 98% 2. Worms Battlegrounds (1.17% platinum, 0.43% full completion) - 0% 3. Mortal Kombat (0.61% platinum) - 58% 4. Hive: Altenum Wars EU (0.91% platinum) - 0% 5. Greedfall (4.87% platinum) - 0%
  16. Bugged in what way? Doesn't pop and has to be redone, pops on a higher streak?
  17. Late-ass response, but seeing as you abandoned the game, were you reloading the game at any point (either loading checkpoint or dying)? I'm pretty sure that if you collect something, then reload/die, you have to recollect it and it saves for sure only after you get the save icon. I did that and had no issues with the collectables.
  18. My ban has been lifted, so I guess that there's some sort of an automatic unbanning action every few months? So instead of ban lasting a set amount of time, it ends at the set time, we just have no idea when that is. But oh well, with how Sly operates things I suppose that is how things will be running for a long time, can't wait to get 3rd IP ban in idk, a week? Maybe two.
  19. Sly did absolute minimum work when the PS5 got released, I wouldn't hold your breath that he'll come back and save us all from the bans.
  20. Doesn't work in Poland, used both pl-pl and en-us in address and it's just endlessly loading.
  21. So using the guide method, I uploaded my save to the cloud after every finished stage, to avoid losing progress after every death (and those were plentiful). I managed to reach around stage 12-13 and I turned off console and went to sleep. Another day, I boot up, I'm thrown into stage 1. I upload my cloud save, I'm at stage 1. I delete current save and upload cloud save, I'm at stage 1. Basically, after turning off console, your backed-up save becomes worthless, so you need to do it in one go.
  22. If only Sly can unban, then they're permanent
  23. IP bans are permanent, from my experience you can use mobile data on phone to update profiles just fine, so use that.