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  1. I had the same problem and after a bit of research, I found out that completing the Civil war questline is one the ways to ruin your save file. Luckily I had a save just before turning in the second to last Civil war mission and I've had no problems ever since. However, it doesn't work for everybody which means there are other things that cause this bug. Definitely worth giving a shot though (if possible)!
  2. I said before that this was going to be a 7-8 platinum, but now after being over halfway through nightmare, I'm going to say it's a 9/10. Some missions are ridiculously hard on nightmare and it doesn't help that you have to do like 5 missions in a row without checkpoints. Act 1 and the second mission in act 2 are definitely the hardest parts (at least for now, although I don't think the final act 3 missions are going to be too much trouble). Super meat boy is a 10/10 in my books as I couldn't do it, so this is going to be a 9/10 for me.
  3. If you guys are struggling a lot, try the movement speed decks with sprint cancel jumping. Helped me clear the last 4 act 1 missions on nightmare and the first 2 missions on act 2 (Handy man is extremely hard on nightmare). You need these cards as your first 4: +15% movement speed +10% movement speed +40% stamina (or +60% stamina, but I find that to be more risky because of the negative slow resistance) +30% sprint efficiency After those 4 cards stack the other stamina and movement speed cards and cards that give more offensive slots for pipe bombs. You also need the +125% use speed card in Hell's Bells and The Sound of Thunder.
  4. I feel for you people that just started running Nightmare. But don't worry, it does get easier after 1-4, because there are no more idiots who start the game on Nightmare and have no idea how the game works. After 1-4, you have to beat 5 missions in a row but it's not too bad. I'm now on the last batch of Act 1 missions and it definitely seems doable. Having teammates with brains reduces the difficulty quite a bit. I'd say this is probably going to be a 7-8 platinum. My only advice is to do 1-4 with bots. Most people leave after losing the first continue, so stay in the server and pray that you are left alone with bots. Although, the boat section in mission 4 is a bit annoying with bots since you have to carry the bombs by yourself. Having the 15% move speed card is a godsend there.
  5. While I agree that there's a bit too much variability in how many mutations spawn, I wouldn't go as far as to say the game is unbalanced. The "roguelike" element might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it gives the levels a lot more replayability. Sometimes levels are a cake walk and sometimes they are ridiculously hard, but that's just the nature of it. It gets a lot more manageable after you start unlocking the better cards like the one that let's you escape grabs. Personally, I'm having way more fun with this game than WWZ. The level/enemy variety is much better here.
  6. You can do it offline and save-scum.
  7. For everyone saying "finally a challenging platinum"; you guys are nuts. Beating the game on Hell isn't that challenging once you understand how everything works. Reaching level 99 isn't going to be hard even on hardcore, since you can do it offline. These kinds of trophies are just pure tedium. I mean if Last of Us had a trophy for beating the game a 1000 times, would that be hard? No, it would just be mind-numbingly boring. Same goes for reaching level 99 here. And you have to do it twice! Even back in the day when I was playing nothing but Diablo 2, level 99 was an insane slogfest.
  8. I can't believe they thought reaching level 99 was a good idea for a trophy. Not once but TWICE. Insane... I'm still going to play the game, but I'm not going to waste thousands of hours for the sake of one platinum. But on the bright side, it's nice to play a game once in a while without giving two shits about trophies.
  9. Yeah, after you beat the last boss and the Earth Spirit Temple (and maybe a couple of side quests?), you unlock the "EX-dungeon" where it's basically levels galore. The final boss of that dungeon gives multiple levels per kill as long as you have the exp-boosting artifacts.
  10. I don't think you should worry about it too much. Recent Tales games have had an option to buy all the remaining skits from a shop near the end of the game. In Berseria you needed to see over 400 skits and it wasn't too bad.
  11. That's a pretty good find, should cut down the grind by a lot.
  12. Like @Ashbo said, you just need to activate Wung-Fu a specific number of times. (I think it's like 300?) Go to an area with a miniboss, build up Wung-Fu by doing combos against it, then just wait for Wung-Fu to run out and rinse and repeat. The reason I was doing this against one of the big armored guys, is because they take reduced damage from ranged attacks. However, you can grind this against basically any enemy, but the tankier the better. Remember not to kill the boss; after it's health is low, leave combat and it will regenerate it back. I did it with a low damage automatic rifle, but any ranged weapon will do fine.
  13. I also just got the Old gadgets trophy by spamming Wung-Fu. It honestly doesn't take that long to do; find an armored big guy, set the difficulty to hard and start spamming. Took me about 90 minutes to pop the trophy. But to be fair, at this point it's probably just better to wait for the patch and do it the real way.
  14. I can confirm that Old world gadgets ARE glitched. I did all of them with patch 2.01 and didn't get a trophy. Don't believe this nonsense that the trophy works now after doing them all instead of 15 of each type.
  15. Like everybody here said, the narrator is super annoying. Thankfully you can turn him off. Melee combat doesn't feel that satisfying; it's like there's no weight in it and not enough feedback when you hit an enemy. Shooting feels okay even though there's no lock on. I think the best part about this game is the crafting system. It's quite deep for a game that doesn't seem to take that long to 100%. Exploring and scavenging items around the world is quite enjoyable in my opinion. However, the second you start the game, the second it becomes obvious that it was made by a small team and that they were maybe a LITTLE too ambitious. It definitely lacks the polish and the game direction seems like it was all over the place. I'd recommend listening to a lot of different peoples reviews and then deciding if this game is for you.