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  1. The trick is to ignore headshots and just spam shots to enemy bodies. Headshot bonus damage is not that much higher without No Brainer so it's best to just spam without aiming. Same goes for the drill guys with a weakspot in the middle of the body. You can just shoot them in the legs and that still does enough damage to keep the combo up even without any damage skills from bubbles so long as you hit at least a couple of weakspot shots after they are winding up from an attack.
  2. The only reason you want the STAKE over the grenade launcher is to make bosses die a lot quicker. Moreau for example has 26k health on Village of Shadows and the grenade launcher deals 400 damage per shot so it takes a while to kill him. STAKE just makes the Village of Shadows playthrough way faster.
  3. I was dreading Mercenaries too, but they are honestly not that difficult. After playing them for a while, you'll realize they're all just about memorization. Knowing where enemies are and what makes new enemies spawn for keeping the combo up and running. AND the best thing is, once you've S ranked the first 4 missions, you already know all the enemy spawns for the last 4 missions because they are just harder versions of the first 4. Take Factory for example, it is a super annoying mission because it has multiple paths so figuring out the optimal way can take some time, but doing the harder version of it isn't nearly as tedious because you already know the ins an outs of it.
  4. Every time you restart a mission in Mercenaries your upgrades are reset. But they carry over to the next level within a mission. For example in the Castle mission you upgrade your Pistol the way I explained above and when you reach the second level within Castle, you almost have enough lei to upgrade it to the max. Although, I don't recommend upgrading ammo capacity above level 3 unless you're swimming in lei, because Pipe Bombs are really OP.
  5. I'm guessing near the 15-20% mark. It's a pretty short platinum and not overly difficult especially for people who have played Resident Evil games before.
  6. Yeah, at first I thought so too. But turns out you can and upgrading the Pistol makes it actually quite powerful.
  7. The last 4 mercenary levels are a lot easier and less tedious if you use the pistol instead of knife/masamuno. I'v heard a lot people complain about how bullshit Mercenaries are because having to constantly restart missions until you get masamuno and the tediousness of flashbang/knife spam. I also know PowerPyx's guide suggests the knife tactic, but with upgraded pistol, missions are so much faster and easier to S rank. The last 4 levels aren't actually that much harder to S rank, because you don't need as much score as in the first 4 levels. You DON'T even need to beat all levels of a mission to get an S rank! In Factory, I got enough score for an S rank just from the first stage and in Mad Village, I died during the 4th level and still got an S rank. I started every mission by purchasing the Magnum, 1 Pipe Bomb and upgrading Pistol power to lvl 4, fire rate to lvl 2 and ammo capacity to lvl 2. Then you are left with 2500 lei which you can use to buy an extra First Aid Med or just save for the next round. After the first shop, just upgrade the Pistol and buy Pipe Bombs. And when Pipe Bombs become too expensive, start buying Mines. Focus on keeping the combo up during the first and the second level and that should give you enough points for an S rank. Also remember to kill all enemies per level, the bonus you get is pretty substantial. With the Pistol and the Magnum, you're not entirely reliant on bubble RNG, just remember take any damage skills you find. I also think this is the developers intended way of playing Mercenaries, as every mission is balanced fairly well by the amount of Magnum ammo you get per big enemy.
  8. Nice! And just in time before the new patch corrupted your save lol. Yeah, I also don't believe it can spawn in the locked path, but I also can't deny the possibility because I did find few of the variations there. Even so, it's still not worth it time-wise to go there as it was extremely rare and because runs are a lot faster if you just stick with the open side paths.
  9. Yes, it's never behind a locked door. However, I think there's a possibility that it CAN spawn in the locked optional path. Most of the time the locked path just leads to some filler rooms and eventually an artifact room, but sometimes I did see a branching room there. It was super rare, so IMO it's not worth it. After like 14 hours of running biome 1, I just began to ignore the locked path and started to focus only on the optional rooms that were open. It made runs a lot faster and it's quite common that one variation of the branching room will spawn in a run. And again, if you see one of those variations that isn't the log 9 room, just restart cycle and try again.
  10. There is something you can do to slightly ease the grind. I don't know if this makes sense, but try to stick with me. Basically, there's a chance that the game spawns an optional room that leads to additional rooms from a pool of 4 different variations and one of them is the one with log 9. (I'm not talking about the locked one that always leads to additional rooms!) So when you see an optional room that has additional paths, for example the one with the giant metal ball in the middle of the room that shoots bullets down, you can then restart cycle, because now the log 9 room cannot spawn. I don't know if that made sense, but it made grinding a little faster, especially if this kind of optional room spawned early in the biome.
  11. Yes, it was the same room that @DarkJayk posted a picture of. The only advice I can give is to not give up and keep trying. Edit: I'm also confused that some people said they got it from a small room with a single turret in it. I think those people are mixing log 9 with something else.
  12. I finally found the damn log 9. There's nothing special you have to or can do, it's just an extremely rare room for some reason. It took me 17 hours. 17 fucking hours for one collectable. For reference, it took me 25 hours to do everything else in the game. Talk about an annoying platinum... Nevertheless, a great game.
  13. I think there's something wrong with the world generation. I have played the first biome for about 15 hours now and have never seen this room. I just find the same rooms but in different order. Once in a blue moon I see the timed room where you have to choose which item you want to pick up, but other than that, it's the same rooms every time. I know that there aren't that many rooms to begin with, but this is just absurd.
  14. I have spent the last 10 hours trying to find scout log 9 in biome 1. What an excellent way to spend my day off work... I'm no stranger to grindy trophies, but this shit is just plain annoying. I guess RNGJesus is finally punishing me for getting 3 large crowns in a row in Monster Hunter World.
  15. Are you saying the rooms where the sunface fragments are don't spawn or the fragments themselves? The fragment rooms are guaranteed on every run, so maybe you haven't seen all the house segments after all? Me and a lot of people I've talked to had no problems finding the fragments after seeing 5 house segments. Maybe something has glitched for you? Some people have had problems with progression so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. I'd recommend checking the house in both act 1 and act 2. You should also google all the fragment locations, just to be sure you aren't looking in the wrong places. If you still can't find them, then it's probably best wait for a patch. (Or start a new game if you're up for it).