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  1. Shadow of the Colossus
  2. B: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 100% C: Crash Team Racing - 52% W: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -3% ->8% Finally completed Battefront 2 last week. Made good progress on Crash Team Racing. Finished most of the misc trophies, just need to 100 percent the adventure mode and then off to the fun filled time trials.
  3. Update Week 2: B: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - 17% -> 44% W: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ->3% Have the campaign about halfway done for Battlefront 2, and then about half of the multiplayer trophies. Plan to get the campaign done this week and then just do most of my grinding on Wednesday's for the double XP, that way I can free up my time to do a few of the less time consuming games on my list. I actually am enjoying this game more than I thought I would and the grind isn't crazy. There is one trophy that might prove difficult but we will see. Finished the prologue for Witcher 3, that game is going to be a beast but so far so good. As I am trying to level up before going through a lot of the campaign, not too many trophies earned. Don't really feel like its a game you just blast through so I will continue to play it alongside others. Even though no completions yet, happy with the progress made so far.
  4. Update Week 1: B: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 -> 17% There was a community event going into this weekend so I decided to jump on it for the triple XP. Started the campaign but mostly trying out the different modes in the game. Will probably keep playing this along other games as its an easy game to pick up to play a few rounds. Also started Witcher 3 but have not earned any trophies yet as I decided to start over and just do the highest difficulty for my main play through, which so far has not been that bad. Considering I was not able to play until this weekend, not a bad start.
  5. Edited my list already but swapped out Batman: Arkham Origins for Star Wars Battlefront 2. All ready to start!
  6. @iXanon Quick question for you, might want to change my list, for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Can this game count as both a S- game or a B-game?
  7. No way I finish this and there are some that scare me but I am really excited to try. Here is my final list: A- Ark Survival Evolved B- Star Wars Battlefront 2 C- Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled D- Days Gone E <-> Assassin's Creed: Origins E+ <-> Division 2 F- Far Cry 3: Classic Edition G- Godfather 2 (PS3) H- Horizon Zero Dawn I- Iron Man 2 (PS3) J- Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS3) K- Kingdom Hearts 1 L- Lego Marvel Superheroes M- Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor N- Nier: Automata O- Order 1886 P- Prey Q <-> Death Stranding R- Ratchet and Clank S- Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions T- The Last of Us Remastered U- Uncharted: Lost Legacy V- Vampyr W- Witcher 3 X <->Middle Earth: Shadow of War X+ <-> LA: Noire Y- Yakuza 0 Z <-> Watch Dogs 2 Z+ <-> Hitman Back-ups: LEGO: Marvel Avengers Detroit: Become Human Deux Ex: Mankind Divided
  8. Changed my name, old name: cassiealln95. Basically my list is complete, waiting on Christmas to see what games I receive as I may swap some games out in case I get any unexpected. Should have the final list by Thursday!
  9. Sign me up! Will begin to put together a list!
  10. The last few years have been slow in releases but last year was a great year for games. This year, however, with the exception of KH3, there really hasnt been much to look forward too and the ones that have come out have been getting questionable reviews. Example, Anthem and Days Gone have been getting reviews that are not up to what the hype was when these games were first shown. The OP is complaining that we are getting a lot of the same stuff, which is fair, but as other people have said this is an industry wide problem. Also, I think Sony is pumping the breaks on what they are showing because they want to put the games they are currently working on for the PS5.