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  1. 1. What was your most embarrassing moment in grade school? 2. Craziest (or worst) date you ever had (I'm still waiting on your story Dillan, I've been intrigued ever since) 3. If you were on death row what would your last meal consist of? 4. Not a question but we need Joe to guest on this AMA. The potential of the greatness of this episode would intensify with his presence lol
  2. Given how big the backlog is I'd say I'm more of a person who plays one game at a time, especially if it's a narrative driven experience (ex: The Last of Us). If it's a longer story game than usual (ex: Persona 5) I mix in some racing games or FIFA to keep things fresh and not get burn out to the point where I rush the game.
  3. Gotta say the Yakuza series, especially the ones running on the Dragon Engine. Been playing Yakuza 5 and even with it being a PS3 game the food looks on point *does Chef Kiss*.
  4. I gotta say the platinum for Assassin's Creed Origins. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a "favorite" trophy of mine because of the Old Habits trophy which requires the completion of all the locations but hey, it's another plat in my collection. Also I'm still waiting for you @AfraidOfTheFolly to get this plat. Get to it lol
  5. Even though I played the original Catherine: Full Body is the one I'm looking forward to the most. The music, level design, and story was amazing in the original and I can't wait to see what they added in this version. (P.S. Katherine with a K ftw) Besides that nothing really from this month's releases intrigue me so now is gonna be the perfect time to start saving the moolah for future releases.
  7. Growing up my first console was the Sega Genesis. I remember my dad coming home from work with the console and like 10 games inside a Publix bag, the most memorable of those games being Street Fighter 2 with M Bison on the cartridge doing his Double Knee Press. The countless matches against my brother is something I truly cherish and set the motion of gaming in my life. What a time to be alive.