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  1. I’ve platinum Imaginators and I had a good time doing it. Although good luck if you plan to use only original Skylanders or Giants. The older Skylanders are so underpowered compared to the Senseis and Imaginators.
  2. 39.64% average, hopefully I can keep it below 40 for awhile
  3. I just want to play Persona 1-4 on PS4 with trophy support. That’s all I dream for!
  4. Threshold Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.
  5. I think the last time I got excited for PS+ was when Bloodborne was free. Although I literally ordered The Handsome Collection 6 hours before the games got announced today and it already shipped so I couldn’t cancel it 😒
  6. I agree with you. As long as your playing your games, collecting your platinums (both rare and common), then what does it matter in the end? Just have a good time doing it.
  7. My favorite fighting games that I play with friends are Super Smash Bros. and Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 If I’m just playing by myself I love Pokken Tournament and Soul Calibur 2
  8. Jodariel (Pyre) Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
  9. Sega Game Gear Nintendo 64 Gameboy Gamecube Gameboy Advance PS2 Nintendo DS Nintendo Wii These are the consoles I had from when I was four until I graduated high school. Out of these my favorite was probably the DS. I remember putting more than 900 hours into Pokèmon Platinum just making teams and putting them against the opponents in the Battle Frontier.
  10. I really hope it won’t be a Microsoft exclusive. I’m not that big of a George R.R. Martin fan, but everything sounds interesting so far. Can’t wait until E3 to learn more
  11. I got it a couple months ago and I didn’t have the backyard dlc. Like the other people said you just need a fully upgraded TV and stereo. Just make sure as your going through listening and watching channels your sims do it with out being interrupted.
  12. So far for me it’s Thor: God of Thunder. I wanted to play some Marvel games after seeing Endgame, so I bought this and it’s just so bad and boring, and difficult for no reason at all.
  13. One of the very few anime openings I love
  14. Definitely Journey. One of my favorite games on the PS4 and my favorite games of all time. I was sad when I first started trophy hunting and learned that Journey didn’t have a platinum.
  15. My goal is 60 platinums before the end of the year. I’m currently at 44. So not impossible but a challenge for me.