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  1. I prefer ice resist for Shiva, Ifirit's not that strong so I just killed him and saved my limit breaks to finish off bahamut. You don't really need Barrier either as long as you have reprieve/ auto-life necklace you'll be fine in my opinion.
  2. You need 86% not 84%, at least that's when I got it.
  3. It does go up just very slowly. All perfect relics account for less than 6%.
  4. I like the changes.
  5. I feel like it's much more difficult then the previous 3. Some of those bonus paths are nightmare fuel.
  6. The platnuim is going to be extremly difficult, borderline impossible for most players i'd say. Going to be a good challenge for those that want it though.
  7. Sending your tailraider safari out to elders recess seems like your best bet getting silver rathalos investigations. In terms of gold crowns tempered investigations with 4 or 5 rewards offer the best chances like others have said, i got a mini gold crown from this and a large gold crown from a lure.
  8. Honestly im not sure. I thought it took up less space, else why would you get the disc if you had to essentially download the entire game anyway? And if that was the case you should be able to play the game without the disc once you installed. Someone feel free to correct me if im wrong
  9. With disc, takes up less hard drive space which equals more games😁
  10. Anyone know why they removed it from the store?
  11. The game is fun for a while but there's a serious lack content. No story like on previous entries really hurts the game, such a bummer.
  12. Did you know that 1 in a million North Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue?
  13. The less like dark souls the better imo. I got bored of dark souls by the time i played the 3rd one.
  14. Plot wise this game is a convoluted mess even if youve played the other games and my god the cringe levels are through the roof. Combat also got a bit stale at least for me anyway, pretty easy to spam your way to victory even on proud mode.
  15. The title of this thread should have been called "my rank means nothing". Although it has been an interesting read, I do love a bit of drama.