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  1. Why you so mad? If they had matchmaking it wouldnt be mandatory like it isnt mandatory with all the other modes that we play right now. I think its stupid that SP is forcing people to form groups, if people want to suffer with matchmaking let them, if they want (and have) a group of friends to play with, let them.
  2. It happened to me in the Bioshock, Fallout and Elder Scrolls games. It helps a bit to change motion blur, brightness and field of view, also try not to play in a dark room like at night with only the screen to illuminate the room. Take some time off during your gaming time its not worth to push yourself it will only make things worse.
  3. I played for 5 hours today, won all the survival games (6) and got to level 9 with one class, so we are talking about a long grind. I would guess 15 hours per class? Depends on how long the gold survival is and how much xp we need for the later levels, i didnt test if you can transfer items between classes that would speed up a fair bit. Bronze games took me around 26-32 minutes while silver took 40-50 minutes because they have extra 5 waves. I think gold would be 1+ hours.
  4. Played for 2 hours, completed 4 bronze survival missions, got only to level 6. The grind is real.
  5. I wonder how much time it will take for the online trophies.
  6. Even though the game crashes a lot it does a very good job with autosaves, I have never lost more than 2 minutes of progress.
  7. Can anyone tell me if Mary bites the priest will I lose the trophy "not even once"? I cant stop her, I shoot her a couple times and she bites him every time.
  8. My only problem with the new system is that levels are going way to fast. People with 10 plats and less than 1000 trophies are level 200+, its insane. 4 bronzes for the early levels mean any "normal" game can give 20+ levels...
  9. Im down for a NG+ with the latest difficulty. But no online trophies, please ☹️
  10. Im doing a run for this trophy after the first one failed (I couldnt win the last battle, one character was level 10 and the other was 5, was impossible). Hopefully its doesnt glitch, I am so done with this game already.
  11. If this was a 20 hours game it would be amazing, but its not, its 50+ hours and if you play to get 100% trophies its 100+ hours and that makes it drop significantly in quality. The first few hours that you play the game you are mesmerized by the graphics and the architecture and all the cool armors and what not but soon enough you realize how shallow it is. The quests are boring and uninspired, the RPG mechanics dont have any weight, the combat is spam R1 or use that one skill that is overpowered. All the map exploration is about is going to X place and kill some guys, get some useless loot, ride 10 minutes through opens fields of nothingness, rinse and repeat. I got my 100% with 130 hours, I was so bored during the platinum run that I wasnt sure if I was going to play the DLCs, but funny enough the Elysium, Erebus and Atlantis ones were quite cool.
  12. You are right. I was putting it into the barkeep inventory. His inventory are only the items to be sold during events.
  13. I have only the 15 events trophy left but you guys are saying to make gold quality wine or beer to get reputation but in my game the tavern doesnt sell gold quality items at all, only during the events, on a day to day basis it only sells bronze or silver items. And the save bug is still not fixed, after almost 1 year. I need to do 10 events, I just saved the game with 3 stars and 99% since its the maximum you can save up, guess now I will have to grind an entire day without stopping for the other 6 reputation.
  14. A lot of AAA games have been pushing the idea of "RPG" nowdays, Spiderman, God of War, Horizon, Assassins Creed and a bunch of others but all they have is the lighest possible version of what a RPG is. Having a skill tree and a bunch of weapons doesnt make a game a RPG. RPGs are all about choice and consequence, that is the essence of it. I choose this weapon and because of it I am able to do X and unable to do Y; I do this quests this way and it rewarded me with something useless or even bad for my game that will screw my progression/character for a time; I have to choose my items and my skills carefully to build my character the way I want to play always giving up on something for something else; the game reacts to my choices for good or for bad in a small or big scale. Sony idea of nothing is missable and you can do everything in the game with only 1 character automatically makes their games a non-RPG, plus in all their games you are just a spectator, you cant influence anything that is happening, so how can you "role play" something that you have no control over? Their games are very much separated between the story and the game, you watch the story and play the game while RPG go more towards "you play the story". Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Pillars of Eternity, Tiranny, Baldurs Gate, Divinity Original Sin, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, those are RPGs, some more complex than the others but RPGs nonetheless.
  15. Never played a "mouse" game on PS4 and after some search online I found people claiming its pretty bad and people claiming its one of the best ports. What do you guys think? And about performance, does it hold? Some posts says it gets laggy after 400 colonists.