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  1. I replicated this bug on PC. It happens when you move in one direction and something else push you the other way (NPCs or Zombies) but it only lasts for a couple of minutes or until sleep.
  2. Voted combat because the first bike challenge was such a pain but the most fun challenge was the golf cart one.
  3. All right got the gold after only trying for 1 hours, the quickest challenge so far and the most fun, I actually keep playing after the gold because it was fun and I didnt cursed the devs not even once while playing ๐Ÿ˜ There is actually no "trick" to this one you will have to get used to control the golf cart and more or less know where the survivor wants to go and where is the next one to pick up, they are all kinda linked together and I never found myself in a situation where there was no one around to pick up.
  4. As I started this game I thought that this was the lowest quality sony exclusive in a long time, there was a lot of bugs, the story was slow and not interesting at all but my opinion made a 180ยบ over time, the more I played the more I liked this game, patchs are coming out every couple of weaks, bugs have been fixed, things have been added and the story started to pick up the longer I played (it actually only really starts at Iron Mike's Camp after 10+ hours), I started to like the characters and realised that the game was aiming for a lot bigger of a world than the average "this is the apocalypse and you have to survive". As I finish this game I really want to play more, even though the story is very long, I want to know where it goes after the big plot twist in the end, I want more of Deacon and Buzmann. It was a weird ride and Im happy that I didnt give up after the very boring and generic beginning because it was worth the time (and pain) of going through it.
  5. So its Crazy Taxi zombie mode, that will be fun. Will try it later tonight.
  6. Playing the older GoW makes you connect better with Kratos, the main character, but since this a completely new story it isnt required to have any knowledge of what happened before and the game itself barely mentions the older games anyways, you just have to know that Kratos is a very angry fella that literally killed everyone and is now hunted by the memories of it. Also the game is quite good on its own, the combat, the level design and the lore, and Sony will invest quite heavy in the upcoming game and a very possible third one.
  7. I would go for GoW, easily the best game I evere played. Its a master piece. 2nd Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I played it on PC and didnt cared about trophies so I dont know if its hard or not but the game is pretty good. Metro 2033 is short and easy compare to the others. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a nightmare for trophies.
  8. Anyone know a good place to farm stuff for nepalm molotovs? I need to kill like 10 hordes to level up to 45 and Im literally out of everything except normal molotovs, killing a horde with only guns takes 5x longer.
  9. Another one? damn they most have tons of bugs to fix because every update for this game is 15gb+ and it doesnt change that much apart from the challenges that shouldnt be that heavy cuz they are all part of the main game anyways. I think i downloaded 50gb for this game this month alone. My slow internet is crying.
  10. Got the gold with 174k cut quite close. I probably tried it 20 times and was always getting silver even finishing the level in under 2 minutes. The key for me was actually getting all gold in a single run even if it takes 8 minutes. Gold medals give quite a bit of score, if im not mistaken no rolls gives 30k, no damage 30k, crossbow kills gives 20k and headshots 20k. Unless you finish superduper fast its quite hard to get the gold without doing all the side objectives, at one point I had a combo of 260 and still was far from the gold.
  11. I liked both Gyoubu Oniwa and Genishiro Ashina. Both bosses captured really well the feel of Sekiro, swords clashing (or spears), close combat, no time to back out, no weird magic or jumps or tools, just two warriors fighting fare and square. I will never forget when I finally defeated Genishiro, the feeling of a "true battle", the adrenaline, it was so awesome.
  12. Thanks for the info. Im at work right now so I couldnt check the game, all patches I remembered what they did but not the bike one, and I couldnt find online either.
  13. I have to disagree. +28% Energy Effiency is huge, you can run for days with it, after getting that I didnt feel the need to upgrade my energy anymore. The bullet penetration make hordes a lot easier, you can literally stand still and gun freakers down without the need to run around. As someone that didnt finish the game and is getting the gold medal as the challenges come out I can say for sure that the bonuses do make a difference. True, but there is very little information about the challenges that already release. No need to wait 12 weeks and post everything at once.
  14. This is an information topic about all the Challenges, Subchallenges and Patches. I think it would be a good idea to have this information on hand for people that did not complete the game yet and want the paches bonuses (that do work in the campaign) to help it make a little easier. I have searched around and there is very little information online about this. 1st week - 28 of June Surrounded Horde Challenge - Gold Medal gives +28% Stamina Efficiency Calculation - Get 100 kills with barrels or crates Ranked - Get 300 kils while having a combo of 50+ Trapped - Get 100 kills with traps Earful - Collect 999 freaker ears 2nd week - 5 of July Survive Combat Challenge - Gold Medal gives +15% Health Item Potency Relentless - Kill 100 marauders Silent Night - Stealth kill 6 marauders Brutality - Kill 30 marauders with a melee weapon Shots Fired - Get 75 headshots 3rd week - 12 of July Drifter's Run Bike Challenge - Gold Medal gives +13% Faster Refuel Air Time - Get 40 total seconds of air time Slider - Drift for 20 total seconds Ramped Up - Use 14 ramps Furious - Clear the challenge in less than 2:35 minutes 4th week - 19 of July Ambush Camp Combat Challenge - Gold Medal gives +3 Bullets Penetration Camp Ghost - Kill 24 enemies before alerting the camp Crafty - Kill 13 enemies with traps/distractions/throwables Berserked - Get 13 residue bolt kills Quick and Painful - Defeat the camp under 3:30 minutes 5th week - 26 of July Keep Them Safer Horde Challenge - Gold Medal gives +20% Focus Efficiency Bolted - Get 50 kills with crossbow In Scope - Get 110 headshots Untouchable - Get 300 kills without taking damage Needless Risk - Get 300 kills without dodge rolling 6th week - 2 of August Dead Don't Ride Bike(?) Challenge - Gold Medal gives reduced rate at which bikes slow when impacting enemies Close Call - Park close to 12 survivors 5 Star Driver - Drop off 9 happy survivors Wild Speed - Drop off 4 hard survivors Street Sweeper - Run over 20 swarmers
  15. Congrats man, Im glad you got it. Im personally struggling with the traps one, or I run out of traps and dont kill 100 enemies or I end up killing myself with the explosions. Its the only gold Im missing atm.