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  1. The most important thing is to break the habit of starting tons of games and never complete any. If you can manage that you account is just fine; if you cant, doesnt matter how many accounts you make they will eventually all be the same
  2. Is this still possible with 1 controller ? The app is not available anymore so can I use PS Remote Play to act as the 2nd controller having my account as player1 and a guest account (remote play) as player2 ?
  3. If you are going for 3 separate runs there is no worry about missables since in your last run you can just check the guide to see what you still have to do. You can always go back to other areas to get things you missed with the exception of 1 weapon and the true ending that need things to be completed in a certain way.
  4. They are really showing a lot of big battles in the videos. I hope they make it better than in Odyssey because they were pretty crap. And another eagle, its starting to get tiresome.
  5. Update 6 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, Until Dawn and Heavy Rain thoughts are up.
  6. Wouldnt be much better if this site would "fix" the trophy milestones so they cant be changed once they are set ? Like once your First Trophy milestone is attached to trophy X it wouldnt be moved no matter what? That way you can have missing timestamps and it would never mess up your milestones.
  7. Sony does 1 bad month and people think its the end of the world.
  8. I have went on a FF journey myself on PC, got FF7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 13 and 13-2 all 100%. You didn't pay attention to 13-2 story but I really think it has one of the best villains on the series but everything else on the game was meh at best. I am playing 12 on PS4 now and I really like it. I would say my favorites are 9 > 7 > 12 > 10, the rest idk, they are all OK I guess 😅
  9. I was literaly about to buy dying light. Gonna wait now.
  10. I have completed everything except chapter 18 on hard and I didnt experienced half of the things that you guys are saying. I completed normal mode at level 38 and went straight to hard mode and never got stuck anywhere, didnt grind at all not even to fight Pride and Joy. Got 3 gameovers so far, 1 to Airbuster, 1 to Rufus and 1 to Bahamut. Ran out of MP twice, 1 during Chapter 8 sidequests and 1 during Rufus boss fight. And I didnt plan anything, didnt look for guides or strategies and didnt farm the crates for MP crystals. The thing is, you cant run hard mode like you would run normal mode, not even if you are level 50 with max materias and all the manuscripts. Enemies will punish you expecially if you just sit on your ass and let them do wathever. You need to know what to expected, what enemies you will be fighting and change materias accordingly. You only really need 3 HP Up (doesnt need to be max level), 3 max level Cure and 3 Revives (you can buy them after Ch9 I think), thats all , everything else is optional and depends on the enemies you are facing, I also only run 2 elemental magics at a time because you will never face enemies that are so varied in order to have all elements at once. Also change your weapons!!!! Weapons are super important, they all have different uses, some reduces MP costs for heals or magic attacks or both, some gives thousands of HP and will make sure you survive. After getting wiped by Megaflare I just changed Barret's weapon and he survive with 200 hp and revived the others saving the battle. I have never seen instadeath spells except for Tomberry, are you sure you are not being killed because of low HP? Enemies can very easily deal 3000-4000 damage combos, even trash enemies. I agree about being interrupted during cast. Its really punishing and can doom you or put you into a death spiral. You lose ATB, MP and take damage all at once. Also enemies cant be interrupted as easily, at one point I had Cloud with Fire-Elemental on his weapon while in Punisher Mode going crazy at one of those Soldiers3C and the guy just walked out of my combo, literally walked. Anyways, if you need help with some fights feel free to ask me. The game is hard only if you dont prepare for the battles and grind is not required whatsoever.
  11. I started hard mode at level 38 and its not hard at all. You have to switch materias all the time to always have the advantage, I run with MP and HP up, Pray and Chakra, the rest I change depending on the fight. Bio is really usefull on bosses, probably did 10.000 damage to hellhouse during the fight, was doing like 150 per second and casted only twice for 10 MP total I think. I just ran out of MP once during chapter 8 and just because I did all sidequests, but Aerirh can drain MP with her skill and also has 20% MP cost down plus the skill to double cast. During the big robot sidequest I drained MP twice and with 16 MP I double cast Thundaja for 14.000 damage, Cloud was just there to tank and use Chakra when low. Am currently at chapter 11 had to retry airbuster a couple times and that was it. Anyone knows if hard mode changes enemies attacks? Airbuster was using B.Bombs even when I removed all of them and hellhouse summons 3 tomberries dont remember if he did on normal.
  12. And Jesse? Man I am telling you this Remake is going to get "better and better".
  13. Square will only go back to make good games when Nomura retires. Seriously that guy is a broken record about fate and time lines and stuff, every single game that he makes is the same shit with different characters. Wait and see how FF7 becomes Final Kingdom Fantasy Hearts, just give him a couple more games. I believe Jim Sterling said in one of his vídeos that all the whisperes did was pretty much Nomura finding a "lore friendly" way to give himself a blank card to do whatever he wants with the FF7 history. There is already inconsistency with the whisperes themselves. If they are the guardians of fate and try to maintein everything as it was supposed to happen, they killed Wedge and saved Barret then why is Biggs still alive? The whisperes were there when the pillar was destroyed why they didnt make sure Biggs died? Nomura being Nomura and I should stop trying to take this Remake seriously Im so pissed that they are messing everything up. It was a good story they dont need to change it.
  14. Got stuck for 1 hour in the Pro after getting draw 5 times at 44 pull ups. Jules is just insane, its crazy how fast you have to go to win without making any mistakes and when I was about to win I got one of those were you had to tap the same button 5 times. Even when I managed to get 22 against his 17 he still managed to get all the way to 46 in the second round. Glad its over and I will never do it again.