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  1. Same thing with Patroclus here, got 5 runs where he had no dialogue at all. After a got some dialogues in with Achilles, Patroclus started to have dialogues again but nothing to do with his quest, its so annoying, and you can't even find him on every run.
  2. Finally got it, the run took around 2 hours and I was lucky to get a lot of squishy bosses. Summon build is definitely the way to go, dog is really good at clearing levels, turrets are better against (some) bosses, and the 2 skulls are good against slow bosses since if the boss is fast they will miss all the shots. Buy the summoning tome when you have money to spare to increase the damage of the minions. Getting items that increase mod damage will help a lot and cultist set (at least 1 piece) will let you cheese some fights by running around while recharging for more summons. The amulet that gives bonus xp can also be pretty useful, by the last boss I was level 22 against the level 18 enemies. It gives 0.3% per kill and stacks to 80 (24% bonus xp) Knowledge of the bosses will also save the run, I know its kinda obvious. Summon AI is trash so if you have summon mods to spare its good to know what to use against each boss. Turrets are bad against Totem Father because they loose line of sight often, skulls are not good against the Crossbow and Gargoyle boss because they will keeping hitting the cover and not the Crossbow dude, any big or hard to navegate arena may cause the dog to get stuck on the terrain. This you will learn by failing runs but knowing what to switch out will save you. If you have good summon damage and cultist set (at least 1 piece) you can just run around the arena and let the summons kill the boss, I did that on my last boss because it was the big wolf that I had never fought before. Good luck guys.
  3. Tried this the entire weekend, managed to get to the last boss but died for some BS. This mode made me realize how unbalanced this game is, getting stun locked by bosses killed me 90% of the time and the other 10% is getting attacked at the same time by multiple enemies and instantly killed. It doesn't help that every run is well over 1 hour with no way to pause or save.
  4. This is incredible, congrats. I will use it when going for the plat myself, already got 100% on both Bioshock and the Remaster on PC so just want to do it quick.
  5. I dont know if they are needed for trophies (Im playing blind) but they are pretty rare so when they appear I just get them. After 20+ hours I didnt find enough to get 1 for every character.
  6. I played about 10 hours so far and managed a few clears. So I would like to share what I learned and also see what you guys think about god-weapon combos and priority of rooms to choose. I found that Shield+Poseidon is extremely OP. Poseidon gives skills that increase damage when enemies hit wall and he can also give a damage over time for anyone that you knockback, the shield has a knockback effect on its own so it synergises pretty well. Sword+Athena has good survivability, in my opinion sword is one of the hardest weapons since you need to be close to the enemy and knockback is only for the 3rd hit of the combo, with Athenas "shields" and reflects you can mitigate a lot of the damage that you would normally have to eat when playing with the sword. About room priority what you guys normally go for? I tend to go for Hammers > Nectar > Double Boon > Single Boon > Gold > HP > Poms > Currency The last 3 can switch around depending on the situation. I think Poms are really weak specially on runs that you dont have a clear core skill that you are relying on, normally you use so many different attacks that upgrading just 1 for +1 levels doesnt look good enough. On later rooms where Poms can give +2 or +3 they start to be worth imo.
  7. Online and PVP Thats even worse than the Raids 😂 gonna skip it.
  8. Did they even fix the insane game breaking bugs of the previous DLC? Lazy Bear Games is literally lazy and take ages to fix huge bugs, if they ever do.
  9. Another good way to farm points is doing Challenge Course Expert 1, I got 2000 in like 15 minutes. You only need to get 7 score, it takes less than 1 minute per game, and gives 150 points (red bat). The sequence is: Up middle Bottom right American Dream Bottom middle Up right Bottom middle Up left (Eagle) Bottom right Up left Bottom right
  10. That sucks. The games are the exact same and I cant show my appreciation to the writer, guess I will just leave a 'thank you' in the comments. Thanks for clarifying it.
  11. Im trying to rate Hollow Knight guide but it says I dont own the game even though I have it platinum. A similar issue is happening when I try to rate Yakuza Kiwami 2, the green star appears normally but when I reload/reopen the page my vote disappears.
  12. I remember back in the day the trophies Long Service Medal being bugged, I didnt get ME3 100% because of that, hope they fixed it
  13. Batting: took me way to long to get the hang of it, it may have taken me close to 10 hours to get it done Phonedating: the minigame itself is not bad but once you have to do it to complete all the substories then its a pain The starship mini game at the arcade (don't remember the name)
  14. I am writing a walkthrough for Persona 5 Royal
  15. To be fair you can overlevel everything in this game even without farming. Im about to start Shido palace and can insta-kill all enemies there and have over 2 million yen with no farming whatsoever, all I did was complete all requests and get all jose stamps. Atlus just added to much stuff for the player and nothing for the enemy in this version. Just the changes to ammo and technical attacks make the game sooooo easy. Playing on hard without SP Adhesive and it feels like safe mode. Really hope the next game is actually a challenge.