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  1. If it's just a patch to make the PS4 version better on PS5 (just like Days Gone), I don't think so.
  2. 20th Subnautica Platinum Trophy Collect all other trophies
  3. 19th Control Ultimate Edition Director of the FBC Unlock all other trophies I wasn't interested in the game at first but the PS+ was a great motivation... and I'm glad it was part of the PSN+ because I finally had to experience this amazing game! I jumped right in, didn't watch any trailer/gameplay video... and it was amesome. The story is quite difficult to understand IMO (and I understood everything about Tenet and Interstellar!) but it's very special and I I enjoyed the references to this other Remedy game... The only thing I'd complain about is the checkpoint system... you have to go all the way back to a boss whenever you die... that's a bit frustrating. A nice experience... (The Jesse Faden Starring in "Swift Platform" Mission with that synthwave ambiance was lit!) 🔥 I'll probably 100% this one, and try to make The Last of Us Part II my 20th platinum!
  4. I'm not sure you can play PS5 versions with a PS4 controller...?
  5. 18th Deponia Deponia unlocked! Complete every trophy of the game. A funny game with an easy platinum!
  6. Sorry, I only play mainstream games...
  7. The one and only...
  8. #17 :platinum: Watch Dogs Legion



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      I feel really tempted to get Watch Dogs Legion since it's half price. :)

  9. 17th Watch Dogs Legion Completionist Get all other trophies I enjoyed the game and thought it was better than Watch Dogs 2. The missions are very repetitive and I thought the "agents" concept was interesting but lacked of diversity (weapons and skills). I recruited +20 agents but barely played with more than 4 of them... Play with the construction worker (the flying drone is perfect to reach everything you need and avoid the ennemies) and play with the Hitman to get the best weapons. I hated the "painting/drinking/darts trophies" and had to go over the city two times since I missed one of the bars. Took me 8 days to get all the trophies!
  10. Watch Dogs Legion Completionist Get all other trophies
  11. Watch Dogs Legion England For Everyone Complete "Parks and Reclamation" Fresh Threads Spend 100 000 ETO on Clothes in shops
  12. I wasn't interested at first and thought "hey, I'll buy one in two years"... Then I got hyped following the games annoncements and bought mine on the release day. I had a sleepless night I spent behind my computer, refreshing all of the French shopping websites that I knew would sell some units while watching The Office. Most of them posted earlier about the time they'd put the units on sale. All of the websites crashed... it was crazy. I finally focused on the only website which didn't post anything about the time they'd put the PS5 online... and I successfully bought mine at 10am sharp. I was supposed to receive it the next day but the delivery guy didn't ring... so I got it on the 21th.