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  1. Well after being told I have tonsillitis to then 3 days later my tonsils swelling up so bad I can't breath to being injected with steroids and antibiotics for 2 days straight, to now being told I have Glandular Fever. I think I'm ready to be playing again in the next few days!

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      Ouch, hope you recover quickly and feel better

    2. --Deleted--


      Ya gotta stop swallowing scorpions mate. It'll do that to ya.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hope you get better soon.

  2. Paid in Fyrestone Completed 5 missions in the Arid Badlands My Brother is an Italian Plumber Killed an enemy plumber-style Discovered Skag Gully Discovered Skag Gully Ding! Newbie Earned level 5 Truly Outrageous Killed an enemy with the Siren's action skill
  3. Do you ever have those days where you just can't get into the game you want to play and no game looks appealing to play at the moment?

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    2. HyperBlueWRXY


      @SaltyCat Yeah I think I just might of been too tired to play tbh but lets hope you find your mojo back

      @Honor_Hand I dunno, I looked at everything on my pile and just found reasons not to play. I think I was just too tired because I fell asleep like 5 mins after posting this :lol: 

      @N3xmach-ina The car uses too much fuel to drive aimlessly around tbh :lol: 

    3. Midnightwards666


      I think quite often it's due to the fact that many games take quite a while to learn. The learning stage can be very tedious. Play games that you can get into straight away, and always have a few other games that you're working on that you enjoy. 

    4. NERVergoproxy


      You sound like you need a gaming buddy. ;) 

  4. Unfortunately save games aren't allowed so the only way would be hide the game
  5. Hyde and Seek Finished Arcade Mode with Hyde. Neither you nor I... Can return to the world as we know it. Around the Wald Finished Arcade Mode with Waldstein. Continue to train... In both flesh and spirit! I Rule Finished Arcade Mode with Orie. The glimmer of my blade... Tells me if my foe is evil. Could This Get Any Worth? Perform an Infinite Worth (Cannot be done in Training Mode, VS Mode, VS CPU Modes, and Network Modes) Execute the command, ←↙↓↘→+D (character facing right), with 200% EXS or while Veil Off is active. This is the ultimate Super Attack that consumes ALL remaining EXS The Labors of Merkules Finished Arcade Mode with Merkava. Guaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Infinite Monkeys Used "Random" on the character select screen, and picked every character. (Cannot be done in Network Modes.)
  6. Move It, You! Successfully performed an event attack on Bruno. You chose this Path of Death yourself Successfully performed an event attack on Aokiji Piece of Cake Played the game on one of the characters' birthdays. Welcome to the Jungle Started playing the game In the night's darkest hour, you have travelled deeper into the abyss. En-Chain-ting Perform a Chain Shift (Cannot be done in Training Mode, VS Mode, VS CPU Modes, and Network Modes) Quickly press the D Button twice during Vorpal situations to cause a Chain Shift to occur. Depending on how much GRD Gauge there is, the EXS Gauge will increase. So, try using it after long-pressing the D Button to increase your GRD Gauge. Also, Chain Shift can be activated in the middle of certain Special Attacks, which will reduce the time during which you're vulnerable. This is your chance to create some original combos by launching opponents! Raise Shields Perform a Shield (Cannot be done in Training Mode, VS Mode, VS CPU Modes, and Network Modes) Activate the shield with a Block direction + D. When successfully executed, it pushes you farther away from the opponent, and increases the GRD Gauge. In a pinch? Try to get out using this technique! Time for The Unveiling Perform a Veil Off (Cannot be done in Training Mode, VS Mode, VS CPU Modes, and Network Modes) When the EXS Gauge is over 100%, press the A+B+C Buttons to perform a Veil Off. While Veil Off is active, damage output is increased by 20%, and EX Special attacks, Infinite Worth, and Infinite Worth EXS (less than 30% HP) become available. Furthermore, the moment Veil Off is activate, the enemy will be knocked backwards and you will gain invincibility. Turn the tables when the enemy is pressuring yo
  7. Humming Swordsman Brook Completed the Brook story in Another Log. Fire Fist Ace Completed the Ace story in Another Log. The Straw Hat Pirates Collected all the coins featuring the Straw Hat Pirates Pirate Princess Boa Hancock Completed the Hancock story in Another Log. First Son of the Sea Jimbei Completed the Jimbei story in Another Log. The full might of the Marines Collected all the coins featuring the members of the Navy.
  8. The king of snipers, Sniper king Completed the Usopp story in Another Log. Black-Leg Sanji Completed the Sanji story in Another Log. Chopper the Cotton-Candy lover Completed the Chopper story in Another Log. Demons Child Nico Robin Completed the Robin story in Another Log. I'm gonna defeat you!! Collected all coins featuring powerful enemies. Cyborg Franky Completed the Franky story in Another Log.
  9. The Great Pirate Whitebeard Completed the Whitebeard story in Another Log. Zoro the Pirate Hunter Completed the Zoro story in Another Log. Cat Burglar Nami Completed the Nami story in Another Log.
  10. Two deliveries in one day!!!
  11. Thanks for the follow, nyaa~ ^^



    1. HyperBlueWRXY


      Thanks for following back!

  12. Update - Just added some games to my back log and put a description of each platinum
  13. I'm by myself. Get out of my way!!! Defeated 1000 enemies in a single Episode for the first time! Thank you for loving me Completed Marineford just as it happened in the original story. You're Next, Straw Hat! Successfully performed an event attack on Akainu. Straw Hat Luffy Cleared the Main Log.