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  1. I can agree with that, I had no idea this was a thing until I got on this site
  2. Same issue of living in Australia as well, can't eat that Wendy's Chilli. The cat is still alive for now but he is getting stomped on Siege and probs won't be carried to Diamond. He has been getting more mad at teammates, you should watch he New Years stream. Lexapro is wearing off
  3. I'm in all honesty just waiting for the Pepsi Concentration Camp. Also SHOUTOUT SEAN RANKLIN
  4. It's Just Like Old Times Complete a Side Quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Kirito and Asuna. Girls' Ops Complete a Side Quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Silica, Lisbeth, and Leafa. Can I Get a Raise? Resurrect a party member who has become a Remain Light. Slayer of Enemies Defeat 5 or more enemies at the same time with a single attack. A Deeper Bond: Leafa Complete Leafa's side story."I hope that I'll always get along with Sugu." The Redhead in the Shadows Reach the story chapter "The Redhead in the Shadows."
  5. Richard just doesn't have the ability to LOOK HERE LOOK LISTEN. He has paranoia because he just believes everyone is sneak dissing him in the chat about Brandy getting Blacked and him getting carried to Diamond. My boi Nick Gurr doesn't believe it though
  6. Let's Start With a Test Run Complete your first Side Quest. The Youthful Goddess Reach the story chapter "The Youthful Goddess". A Game Where You Can Die Is Too Easy! Have the character you are controlling reach 0 HP and become a Remain Light. Guys Night Out Complete a Side Quest, Extra Quest, or Multiplayer Quest with a party consisting of Kirito, Klein, and Agil.
  7. 9/10
  8. Val x Love Episode 3 -7
  9. The PS5 only really needs to be backwards compatible to PS3 and PS4. As others have said, the PS1 and PS2 is too niche of a market to warrant the development of adding backwards compatibility that far. Also all the top games have been either remastered to PS3 or PS4. I still have my PS2 modded so if I want to play a PS1 or Japanese PS2 game on my PS2 I can so it's not that important to me personally,
  10. My Name is Mayo easily
  11. Sword Art Online: Lost Song, then might do One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 or inFamous Second Son
  12. After dealing with personal issues for nearly a year, it feels awesome to be able to play games again and earn platinums. Goal for 2020 is get to 30 plats. 

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      Welcome back. It's nice to see you around here again. :wave:  Best of luck with those 30 plats for this year. 👍

    4. HyperBlueWRXY


      @Honor_Hand Thank you so much