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  1. This game doesn’t deserve sub %1 if it wasn’t on ps+ it would have been 3% IMO and by the way u don’t need to cloud save just close the application and the time and hit counter will restart before the boss fight, a friend told me that
  2. Thx for the quick reply, I’ll check the Hong Kong version
  3. Fuck this game man, I always die when I reach nick and laird chase with a fucking dumb arrow, and there’s a time I died by cactus 🌵 and when i finally managed to reach almost the end they were fixing the electricity in the building so the power went off. Ahhhhhh I wanna kill my self, but I’ll have to keep trying the hardest parts in the game IMO are nick and laird and the library, and u need to save like 45% or more of the battery just for the mines
  4. Well there’s some people on the leaderboard who finished slyde in 1 sec, but I don’t know about Inksplosion
  5. Wow you can get flagged for slyde
  6. Can someone give the guide link if it’s out, thanks
  7. Ok thx I will start over
  8. I know this is unlikely but can I link my second acc instead of my first, like when someone click go to psnprofile. It takes him to my second account not my main one that is linked to the forums. I hope I explained it right
  9. No buddy, I’m not talking about psn name change, I’m talking about a creating a new second account
  10. Dude If I was a mod, I’ll let u stay out of respect for DIO sama
  11. when I start having career goals
  12. Thank you I will try it tomorrow 👍
  13. I can’t seem to find Cops and robbers In the game, any ideas?
  14. My psn name is Atoya_ feel free to add me.
  15. Yo!

    Welcome here @KazuoAkashiya,and I hope you enjoy your new PS3
  16. That’s actually an amazing idea
  17. Mk11 ❤️❤️
  18. Welcome @SepticPhlegm. I'm new here too
  19. October 21st of Japan, I think we will have to wait until 2020
  20. This game trophy list looks interesting, and it doesn’t look like an easy platinum
  21. I agree with you, but.... every trophy hunter has his own goal, some people wanna reach 200 plats or whatever that number is, so they buy cheap games with easy plats to get there faster.