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  1. The kid who screamed and turned on fire, scared the sh*** out of me LoL
  2. I’m watching Bates Motel. I’m really enjoying it
  3. @ArtisticGeek I would like to take TLOU PS3 its really tough to get it to a 100%... WELL DONE
  4. This studio is gonna break a world record, for releasing the most amount of games in a year, I don’t dislike them, I’m just surprised that they can release 3 games in one week and all of them have 6 stacks....
  5. I’m playing outlast 2, I just finished my collectibles walkthrough, now I will start practicing in night mare diff
  6. I got the plat in 43 min, can I get Access Denied NA please?
  7. My most recent games that I have purchased RDR2 BIOSHOCK COLLECTION WET AND ALOT OF EASY 15 TO 30 MINS PLATS
  8. I’m confused and disappointed at the same time lol, he spent a whole day of his life arguing with people that he’s not a hacker, and I believe he’s not. but at the end he quits 😕
  9. Because your acting like one, and I don’t think his innocence is something you should be worrying about, leave it to the admins
  10. R u an admin of this website?
  11. I got 3 wins when the trophies were glitched, do they count after the PATCH