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  1. This is one sneeze away from a lawsuit, surely
  2. They just renamed the Gunslinger class to Outlaw in-game and forgot to update the trophy. You'll get the trophy when you max out the Outlaw.
  3. I speak for both myself and @Ac3dUd3- here - bollocks to it. We're both pretty tired of the game, didn't like the towers, and the last couple DLC's didn't really warrant a guide, so we're probably not going to make one for this new batch - not unless we're super bored, anyway. Hope those of you who go for this set have a good time, but for the time being, I ain't touching this game. 🀭 (plus I'm supposed to be finishing University, so that's a bit more important than trophies. a bit.)
  4. What an honour to be nominated for two years running - congratulations everyone! Before I reveal my nominations, I want to give a little shout out to user @Paperclip1776 who's always leaving lovely comments on guides - it's very cute and has certainly made some of my days a bit better - and everyone in the PSNP guide authors' discord is an absolute gem, so I hope they all had a great 2021 & start to 2022, too Now, the votes: Trophy Guide Hades Persona 5 Strikers Gameplay Guide Maquette Tales of Arise DLC Guide Spider-Man Mortal Shell Retro Dirt 2 Rune Factory Oceans New Age Resident Evil 8 Aliens: Fireteam Elite Original Content The Forgotten City Super Meat Boy Forever Formatting Friday the 13th: The Game Monster Sanctuary Overall GOTY suicideyan's Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate Guide
  5. 'Ello, me again - this is just a quick update, but was pointed out by @smsyx and I wanted to share it here, too. Protector of the Valley, the trophy for completing all the monster slayer goals in the adventuring guild, is buggy. Before you panic, it's not that bad - you just need to be careful about the order you're completing the slayer goals. Basically, if you complete the Magma Sprite slayer goal last, the trophy will not unlock. You'd need to start a new save file and let one of the other slayer goals be the last one you complete to unlock the trophy. To my knowledge, it's only leaving these guys til last that causes the glitch - the last goal I completed before unlocking the trophy was the one for Pepper Rex monsters, and I had no problems. The annoying thing is that magma sprites are one of the last monsters you'll encounter through regular gameplay - you need to unlock Ginger Island and access the volcano dungeon to find them in the first place, and then you need to kill 150 of the lil' bastards, giving you plenty of time to kill everything in the desert dungeon first like I almost did. So be careful, it's an easy glitch to stumble into! The guide has also been updated and the trophy has been tagged as buggy. Cheers!
  6. Great idea for an event! The guide side of the site has been doing nothing but improving for the last year, it's been lovely to see. Here's the things I qualify for: Published 10 Guides (14) Published Guide has exceeded 100,000 views (Stardew Valley) Collective guides have exceeded 100,000 views overall (212,442) Helped to maintain a published guide Nomination list for GOTY 2020 (Amnesia Rebirth Collectible Guide & Amnesia Rebirth Trophy Guide) 1 of each guide type published (Trophy Guide, DLC Guide, Gameplay Guide) (I also have another gameplay guide coming soon - keep an eye out, resident evil 1 fans!) Things I might qualify for? "You Have Helped to Maintain a Published Guide not Authored by You" (I was added to the Cat Quest guide to add cat puns / more detail, and added to the Stardew Valley guide to bring it up to date with recent updates) "You helped to correct a bug in a guide" (I pointed out a video that was no longer accessible in the Resident Evil guide) Things I'd like to nominate and just generally thank other people for, because I don't know where I'd be without their help: @Flamingknux pointed out a dastardly typo in the Stardew Valley guide. @ObsiEez, @Malachen, @Orphioon, @Sir_Bee and @gafpiratehook all made my Graveyard Keeper guides far more useful and concise with their tips and feedback @Optinooby,@riverrun_PT and @esstee11 all made writing the Amnesia: Rebirth guide around release feel really fun and rewarding, figuring things out ourselves 😁 @beerninja88 also helped point out a trophy change in Amnesia that I somehow failed to notice for 6 months @EdinhoN helped correct an incorrect description in the Operation 7 Showdown guide @lucask001, @mikem192 and @KubaLenart offered up tips and alternate strategies for getting Zombie Army 4's trophies (very helpful with the game giving you so many options) @dieselmanchild and @ACEBUDD were hugely helpful in getting the Zombie Army 4 guide out reasonably quickly - it took me a while, but they kept me going! @Velvet was an absolute queen and helped me tremendously with the Amnesia Rebirth collectible guide (I'd still be trying to find some of the bloody things without her help) @MinatoIsCrineLol and @Ac3dUd3- have been great co-authors every time I've worked with or consulted them And everyone else who left a nice comment or bit of feedback on the website or in discord has been an absolute star, thank you all so much
  7. Can confirm it still works, I'm just a dummy dumb-dumb who typed the seed in wrong three times somehow 🀣 thank you @Xylobe the video was a great help
  8. Yup, though it's possible I just typed in the seed wrong. "" - are the "."s included? I tried the seed both with and without them, and couldn't find the spot in your picture.
  9. The seed DOES still work as of the time of writing!
  10. You can get a friend to give you the sword and that will unlock the trophy. Doing even just this one trophy legitimately from scratch would take ages, as you need a shit ton of materials to make the required swords.
  11. I wouldn't say none - a few examples I can think of off the top of my head: The cooking trophy becomes harder, as the TV show that gives you recipes may show ones you don't need but your partner does. In single player, it will only show ones you are missing. You'll need to craft an extra item for the craft all items trophy, and it's one with a pretty chunky recipe (wedding ring, needs 5 iridium bars) You can keep players' money balances separate, but combining them will let the other player spend your money on anything, anytime. If you both want to marry a certain NPC but they put on a ring on it first, you'll just have to sadly groove to BeyoncΓ© and marry someone else. That's all I can think of for now. AFAIK you won't get locked out of any trophies in co-op but it'd be best to skim around the internet first to see if I'm wrong. thanks diesel, I hope it helps you out πŸ˜€
  12. I was convinced that this feature wasn't in the PS4 version for aaages, but turns out I missed it somehow - the game does track the items you have and haven't crafted. Go to Options and tick 'Show Advanced Crafting Information', and the game will tell you the number of each item you've crafted when you're in the crafting menu. Especially useful when you think you've crafted everything but may have only missed one, like I did. Guide has been updated to explain this, too. Hope this helps, happy crafting
  13. Unfortunately I don't think it will πŸ˜” not unless your co-op partner beats it normally for you, since that'd give you a home version. Now I think about it, that might not be a bad idea for anyone struggling πŸ‘€
  14. Yep! You just need to beat it once, then on the day after you'll get a home version in the mail that you can play whenever.
  15. Hey gamers, So if any of you tried to use the Stardew Valley trophy guide a couple months ago, you'd have noticed that it was a bit outdated - the guide didn't mention that there was new monsters to kill for the adventure guild, new recipes for both cooking and crafting, and it could've used some clarification in some areas. That's all been updated now. I was added to the guide to bring its content up to the most recent update (1.5) and will probably do so again for 1.6 onwards, but I hope you all find the updated guide useful. Things you can expect: A section that explains the Multiplayer mechanics added in 1.3 and how it impacts trophies A full explanation of how to downgrade the game to version 1.00, which would put certain money-making glitches back in the game More detail, notes, percentage chances and images added to the museum trophy's description* Custom art assets that show every villager's favourite gifts for the friendship trophy** Images and extra recipes from new updates added to the 'cook every recipes' trophy Images and extra crafted items from new updates added to the 'craft all items' trophy Detail, notes, images and extra fish from new updates added to the 'catch all fish' trophy Images, seasonal information and 'where to get seeds' information added to the 'ship 15 of each crop' trophy Images, seasonal information, 'where to get seeds' and additional notes added to the '300 of one crop' trophy Images, information and new items required added to the 'ship every item' trophy Images, information and information about the new bundle added to the 'complete the community center' trophy Link to the wiki added for information on remixed bundles - I thought it might confuse people if they were all on there. Called you a monster for siding with Joja in the 'joined joja' trophy description Tons of extra detail, images, 1.5 tips and a very useful 'Cheese Fector' video added to the Fector's Challenge trophy description Clarified and added detail to the 'full house' trophy. Also added the bachelors & bachelorette's images. Added 1.3 note to the 'Master of the 5 ways' trophy, since you can now change your skill professions in the sewer. Added images, new monsters and their spawn locations to the 'adventure guild' trophy * This part might be a bit too cluttered - any ideas for cleaning it up and keeping the relevant information would be much appreciated. ** The text on these might be a bit hard to read, so if anyone has major trouble reading them just let me know and I'll look into editing them. I also considered writing a companion guide for the new 'Ginger Island' stuff that got added in 1.5, but it's probably easiest to just look at the wiki (and more fun to figure it out yourself) so unfortunately 'A Ginger's Guide To Ginger Island' has been scrapped So... yeah! It's not been easy but I hope the hard work pays off and this helps you all get that iridium-quality platinum. Happy hunting!