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  1. The guide's coming along quite nicely so far with the help & co-authoring of @MinatoIsDeadLol! We could use some more information on these trophies to finish the guide faster, though: Speedster - If anyone's attempting this speedrun, please time yourself and let us know your chapter clear times. It'll help us put a rough estimate on how long each chapter is. (apparently, the trophy wants a clear time under 2 hour 20 minutes, so good luck!) Archivist - How many collectables did you need to read to get this trophy, and what were their names? (you can check this in your journal by pressing touchpad) Lightbringer - How many matches did you use, and did you need to light something with them or just use them? Curator & Crewmember - Nobody has these trophies yet, but between everyone, we might be able to piece together their locations so let us know which ones you find and where they were. Stoic - If anyone who has this trophy can share how many times they died, which ending they got and how much Laudanum they used, it'd help a lot. Big thanks to everyone in the thread so far that has shared their experiences!
  2. First you need to open a window on the left side of the room, walk along some wooden scaffolding and jump over a gap to enter a window that gets you into the cage. Once you're in there, grab the sulfur and whatnot, and grab the key from the hand of a corpse that has its head impaled on the left side of the room. From there, just take the hook off the door, put it on the chair with the grenade guy, and then use the key on the door. It's a pretty well-hidden key lol.
  3. I'm gonna start writing a guide for this soon - if anyone wants to co-write it with me, or give general advice that helps with some of the harder trophies, hit me up As for trophy thoughts, it doesn't seem too bad - the usual good ending, bad ending, story choice A and story choice B stuff. It'd be nice to have some sort of time-to-beat on the speedrun trophy but other than that, most of it seems story-based. Plus a few neat little nods to trophies in the original game (Nope, Merci like the amnesia collection's NOPE!)
  4. Announcement trailer: Release date trailer I think the game looks cute as hell, quite unique concept too. Trophies all look very basic - should be a nice, easy game to do in an afternoon or two.
  5. Updated main post to include some stand-out patch notes. That's the final update for this game, unfortunately.
  6. A new character, Iceberg Lettuce, was found in the files near-finalised, will now never be released. (Along with plenty of other datamined content) (I know things in files aren't guaranteed to release, but the Wizard character was also datamined and is now in the game - IL will never release, yet looked 90% complete.) Seasonal battle passes create the obvious expectation that the game will be getting updates for more than a year to keep people paying & playing. Most similar games (Paladins, Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, even Garden Warfare 1 & 2) get updates for at least 2 years, it's unusual for a game to stop getting content updates in 12 months. Certain things missing; not all characters have 'Legendary Upgrades' which were being added in roadmaps - the implication being that support for the game would continue to add them until every character had one. Discussion (and a lot of complaining) can be found here, the general consensus among the game's fans is that the announcement came out of nowhere - EA never said they'd discontinue support after a year, and most of their games are live service anyway so you'd expect it to be getting updates for longer than that - unless it wasn't making enough money to keep around. I'm not one to take potshots for the sake of potshots, but you have to admit, EA does have an unfortunate habit of shutting down studios after a game they make is unsuccessful. It doesn't look great for Popcap if their latest game stops getting updates so soon. You make a good point about servers though, so I hope they'll stay up regardless.
  7. Well, this is a bit shit. The game released just last year and now they're announcing that after September there'll be no more updates. Servers will still be up (for now, anyway) so the usual advice goes - better get this one done sooner rather than later while the servers are still populated. Oh, and they're adding two new characters permanently, so that's... something. More info in their update post. Edit: (Patch notes from final update) Noteworthy changes in the patch notes: Added in a multiple vanquish XP event. Fixed Levelling Up upgrade not working Vanquish Streak XP event grants 500 XP for every 5 vanquishes against players Decreased multikill window from 2->1 seconds Assist XP event triggers for any amount of damage dealt New characters; TV Head and Wildflower can be fought for 500,000 coins (or 1,000 rainbow stars) each at Rux. Shit-ton of balance changes (too many to list here) that you can read at the link above.
  8. After giving it some thought, I'm cautiously optimistic for this game as a big fan of the Arkham series. Here are my thoughts. The Good: A new timeline, giving writers the opportunity to explore new stories and give old villains a new spin Graphics are niiiice, certainly on par with Arkham Knight Playing as Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing & Robin so there'll be a good bit of gameplay variety Court of owls! They're so creepy! Bat-bike. Just looks cool. I'm easy to please The Bad: Mr freeze's boss fight. His fight in Arkham City was unique; you couldn't use the same moves twice because he adapted, and seeing him become a generic 'hit him until he falls over' fight is just... saddening. Especially when the developers, WB Montreal, were responsible for the great boss fights in Arkham Origins. Different voice actors? I can appreciate that wouldn't be easy to get all the voice actors from the Arkham games back, but the new ones just sound off. Alfred & Batgirl especially. This trailer at the 7-minute mark mentions that boss fights won't be the same for a level 5 or a level 15. I'd personally rather have a linear story with optional co-op than a system that sounds like it's going to encourage constant repetitive mission replaying to grind gear like an MMO, but that's just personal taste. The Bruh: Damage numbers and levels. I know it's not a Batman Arkham game, and change can be good, but there's a reason why people praised that series' combat and other games replicated it - because it's really fucking good. It's hard to know what a game will be like just based on pre-alpha footage, so I'm not judging too hard, but here's to hoping the reception to the change makes WB reconsider this RPG-inspired combat system. Co-op. This could go one of two ways; the kind where it's fun with a friend, or unbearable without one. Lord knows a multiplayer game makes immersive storytelling hard to pull off, so I hope the story is a damned good one that can survive party chat.
  9. At least most of you don't have shitty MMOs on your to-do lists. Here's my lovely list of online games: Friday the 13th: The Game Skyforge Tera Trove Fishing Planet PUBG Brawlhalla (DLC) Grand Theft Auto V (DLC) Dead by Daylight 1/2 and 2/2 (DLC) Tom Clancy's The Division (DLC) Pray for me, lmao.
  10. Doing it with 4 players spawns more enemies, playing with a friend got me to wave 24 and trying it with 3 randoms got me to wave 6.
  11. Horde mode sucks ass. That's the hardest trophy in the new set IMO. To clarify why: You can't play solo. Bots, even on 'Hard', treat each enemy as if it were a human player and are generally useless, so you'll need a friend for this The game randomly decides to ruin your gates, taking them from mild damage to critical from a regular enemy Difficulty goes from 0-100 when you get to level 22 and 100-500 when you get to 24 Haven't gotten past 24 yet. But bugger me this is hard.
  12. New update is live and there's no new trophies.
  13. Use one of these bad boys (recipe 4 wooden planks 2 iron ingots) then put the armour in first followed by the netherite ingot.
  14. Made a survival world yesterday and there was a nether portal right at spawn, the biomes aren't super easy to find but the crimson & warped forests were right next to each other when I found them. Here's the seed: 650961248 Good luck!
  15. "For the people" is a strange perk anyway tbh. Try healing them the old fashioned way without using the perk and it'll probably work.