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  1. New update is live and there's no new trophies.
  2. Use one of these bad boys (recipe 4 wooden planks 2 iron ingots) then put the armour in first followed by the netherite ingot.
  3. Made a survival world yesterday and there was a nether portal right at spawn, the biomes aren't super easy to find but the crimson & warped forests were right next to each other when I found them. Here's the seed: 650961248 Good luck!
  4. "For the people" is a strange perk anyway tbh. Try healing them the old fashioned way without using the perk and it'll probably work.
  5. Hey gamers, just made a school with some (hopefully) useful fist & sword moves since me & my boosting partner @OmaeWaMouShindeW just got the platinum. Style: Windfall (the best style in the game tbh) ID: 53567 Fist moves: --- Tripped Kick Hook Fast Cross --- Drunken Paw Guts Punch Pulmonary Palm --- Power Mawashi Bounce Knee Wallop Blow --- Pushed Elbow Scissor Kick Double Fist Stretch --- Run-up strike Charged Haymaker Tetsuzanko Spinning Flute Swing Sword moves: --- Gatotsu Circular Slash Duster Blow --- Reverse Hips Slash Spoon Slash Painstaking Slash --- Needle Point Twist Parry Strike Seven Star Thrust --- Shapu Furiko Gokai Slash Body Slicing --- Swirl Slash Whirl Slash Woosh Slash Reverse Rising Thrust Good luck with the platinum, future absolvers!
  6. Well, the set images certainly look nicer. Old: New: If only fallout 76 got a new one, look at this traaash:
  7. The third option is a strength check saying "drink it or I'll smash it over your head", are you sure it's that one? 😂 Edit: either I did something wrong, or this doesn't work, cause I tried to give the cola to Paige more than once by quickly backing out of the menu and lost the cola.
  8. I had this same issue, stats started tracking properly again after I signed out of my account and then signed back in. Edit: It's also possible that in the case of the OP, he saw the 'season' stats and not the 'total' stats, as the game separates these. Total stats are updated after every game whereas 'season' stats are updated every 24 hours or so.
  9. I went with the Raiders personally, they had more interesting characters (Weasel, Lucky Lou & Johnny Weston vs Foundation's... level 39 settlers?) Plus, as far as 'good vs evil' goes, they aren't that evil - look at the Blood eagles for the real bad guys.
  10. May 2020 guesses: World War Z Horizon Zero Dawn
  11. New DLC trophy just got added, wipe away your tears 😂
  12. Nope. People hack trophies all the time, so it's best to look at PSNP achievers and the game's official forums, not PSN rarity.
  13. Hey Cowboys, the Old West Oasis trophy for repairing the saloon generator isn't working right now. Save any map offerings you have until it's fixed, and pray that it gets fixed before the end of this week since there's increased chances to get the Dead Dawg Saloon map for this week only.
  14. April 2020 Guesses: Dark Souls III Crash N. Sane Trilogy
  15. March 2020 Guesses: Crash N. Sane Trilogy Surgeon Simulator