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  1. The giveaway ended 2 years ago my dude 😂
  2. My predictions for January: Doom (2016) Dying Light
  3. Time to crash some motherfuckin' castles!
  4. Some proof would be nice.
  5. 250... Fucking hell.
  7. I'm not sure if the trophy is still bugged, but I just got the trophy about 10 seconds ago, and here's the circumstances: 1. Used the golden pistol 2. New York, Chapter 1 3.Easy difficulty, online with 2 randoms and 1 bot 4. Gunslinger class 5. Didn't use melee, grenades or mounted weapons at all Misc stuff: Set up barbed wire Carried a few cases to the train
  8. My advice for grabbing 25 survivors off generators: Easiest way - Message survivors while in-lobby asking them to farm, get them to work on a generator, and since they know you're friendly you can easily grab them and rinse and repeat. Slightly harder way - using Spirit / Nurse / Myers (tier 1) to surprise survivors and hopefully grab them while they don't know you're coming. Hope this helps you all.
  9. Nah this dude has done it before. can't help but laugh 😂
  10. are you really gonna make a thread about every game you play being too difficult every time you hit a roadblock?
  11. Crouch a few blocks away from them, wait for them to come close to you, l2 to feed them raw fish in that phase.
  12. Press the triangle button when in that screen.
  13. Same seed as the OP. : 655646328 The massive coral part that got me the trophy was super far away, unfortunately I deleted the world since so I don't have coordinates for you.
  14. See, that's the fucky thing. I only really saw 2 that were new. Everything else was already in the game from the last update.
  15. I have the sail the seven seas trophy. It's a dodgy one,the only two that look even remotely interesting are one with big massive glaciers, and the other has massive bits of coral underwater. I think the main thing with these biomes is water color, since I only saw anything interesting in two but tried to sail into different coloured waters; dark green water in swamps, light blue around sea islands, sailing above kelp forests, and everything in between. Hope this helps.