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  1. 'Ello gamers. I was looking at the developers' discord yesterday (invite link here) and it seems the PC versions just had these new achievements added: None More Hard - Complete the Campaign on Nightmare Difficulty Have you tried turning it off and on again? - Complete Terminal Error on any difficulty The blighters got through a second time - Complete 12 Consecutive Waves And Escape From The Horde Map "Frozen In Fear" Nothing super unexpected here with the usual new campaign & horde maps, but this likely means another season pass is on the way. Also, note that there hasn't been any trailers or news (despite having achievements the new content isn't even out on PC yet so it might be a week or two before we actually see the new content on PS4/ PS5). I assume Nightmare difficulty will be harder than the existing Brutal (which removes your HUD and only lets you revives teammates with a medkit), but so long as the glitch that only requires you to beat the last chapter of each level to 'beat the campaign' isn't fixed then it should be alright. New information from this point onwards - the DLC trophies are now live! Nightmare difficulty is FREE. From what I've been told in the Rebellion discord it's drastically harder and can only be played with a maximum of 2 players. "Frozen In Fear" is a FREE horde map. Shouldn't give you too much trouble. Terminal Error is a PAID campaign map, in the UK it's £5.79. I have to assume this is going to be the usual thing and have two more campaign levels eventually that get bundled up in a season pass. Speaking of season passes, the new one is out and in the UK it's £28.99. I have a feeling there will be more campaign levels to go along with Terminal Error in the near future.
  2. Thanks for your patience everyone! The guide has been finished & submitted to the queue, so unless there are any major changes I need to make it shouldn't be long before you can all use it. Happy hunting!
  3. Ahh thank you so much @dieselmanchild! I can't say for certain when it'll be finished but this is a huge help.
  4. Update on the PSNP Guide: Sorry for the wait! It's been a busy week but the guide is around 80% completed. Making a post so that anyone who's interested in helping it get completed quicker can give me some of the information I need to fill in what's left. The main things left to finish are the collectible trophies (I'm filling in tables for a text walkthrough of each chapter) & perk trophy breakdown - here's the info I need: Extra stuff: Do eye shots count toward the '10 headshot kills' trophy? Do you need a specific sniper rifle for "Every bullet counts"? (3 headshots 1 bullet trophy) Does the preacher always spawn on Dead Ahead: Chapter 3? (I've never seen it not spawn in the yellow box near the end, but that might just be crazy RNG) If any of you found surviving 20 waves to be particularly easy on any of the horde maps I'd also like to know so that we can narrow down what the best map to attempt it on is. Can you get the 'Escape after surviving 12 waves' horde trophies while playing co-op if your team escapes while you're dead? Other than that, like I say, it's pretty much done. Thanks to you all for your patience, and special thanks in advance to anyone who can help out (and I'll put a special thanks note to anyone who does manage to help in the guide <3)
  5. My immediate thought? NOPE.
  6. As someone who's used unreal engine before (and this game is definitely made with unreal engine) I can confirm this kind of game would not be hard to make at all. Simple models probably sourced from a random website like Turbosquid or sketchfab, barely any landscape to speak of, bare bones UI with no settings... the longest part of development would probably just be getting it onto the store.
  7. but don't worry gamers, the one I'm writing on this site is coming along nicely 😁. It should be done in a week or so depending on how busy I am with uni work (and again, if anyone would like to co-author it to get it done faster, let me know here or on discord where my tag is SquidGeneral10#4090.
  8. I can't promise anything since I haven't started playing the game yet, but I might start working on a guide for this site once the game is free just so I have something to do 😆 atAlias_'s guide does look fantastic though. Great work on it.
  9. Not quite sure yet, haven't done enough ancient hunts to actually find the locations. I don't think anything crazy is meant to happen, but maybe look out for the autosave spinny-circle in the bottom right? You can see it in the bottom right of the bat image. Also, if you have a ps5, maybe it'll show your progress going up there in percentages.
  10. Me and @Ac3dUd3- have managed to figure it out - will copy and paste the section we have in the guide to help you lot out: Homecoming This trophy will likely take you a while to complete; it relies heavily on RNG to spawn the 3 locations needed for the trophy, and players have reported it taking anywhere from 10 to 50+ Ancient Hunts before they finally got the locations they needed to spawn. Difficulty is also irrelevant here, as all difficulties have an equally random chance of spawning the locations you need. See Ancient Hunter for information on starting hunts, but do note that you don't need to sacrifice 4 items or any enchantment points for this trophy unless you're also hoping to complete the 'fight 15 ancients' trophy at the same time - the minimum requirements to start a hunt are any items with a combined power rating of 100+ (so if you're geared up for Apocalypse difficulty, one item will suffice.) When you've started a hunt though, you'll be in a nether level. Fight through until you emerge in an 'ancient' version of an existing level - for this trophy, you'll need to be in an ancient version of the Creeper Woods, Soulsand Valley and Spider Cave. Hope this helps!
  11. I'm still in disbelief about getting the shiny sticker!! Well done to everyone & here's to some amazing guides in 2021!!
  12. Unfortunately, the Daily Trials it needs you to complete can only be done online, meaning you probably can't cheese this by changing your system's internal clock. Guide is currently in the works, so I'll be sure to test this stuff out with Ac3.
  13. First of all, I'd like to thank the guide team tremendously for the nominations - got some big 'ole warm fuzzies seeing those "Exceptionally High Quality" stickers and can't wait to write more guides in the future - it's also a huge honor to see ours alongside so many amazing guides! Anyway, my nominations: Gameplay - Troll and I - Collectible Guide, Dreams - Prize Bubble Guide and Yakuza Kiwami - Perfectionist Guide Walkthrough - Warframe & Persona 4 Niche - Subnautica & Children of Morta DLC - TBOI Afterbirth+ & Kingdom Hearts III Formatting - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Jotun, and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Imported - Million Arthur: Arcana Blood & 初音ミク Project DIVA Future Tone DX Original Content - Creaks & Harvest Moon: Light of Hope My pick for Guide of the Year: Warframe Complete Trophy Guide. It was tough settling on a guide of the year - even though I have never played Warframe, seeing (and practically smelling) the time and effort put into @ChaoticDoomOfBob's guide through 80+ trophies almost made me want to bury myself in the mountain of DLC trophies that game will put me in Congrats to everyone who got nominated and happy hunting / writing!
  14. Yeah, it's still coming to consoles this year from the sounds of it (and as confirmed by the trailer) but only PC gets it on the 31st March. Hopefully the extra development time means the trophies won't be buggered for months
  15. Well, this is a bit shit. The game released just last year and now they're announcing that after September there'll be no more updates. Servers will still be up (for now, anyway) so the usual advice goes - better get this one done sooner rather than later while the servers are still populated. Oh, and they're adding two new characters permanently, so that's... something. More info in their update post. Edit: (Patch notes from final update) Noteworthy changes in the patch notes: Added in a multiple vanquish XP event. Fixed Levelling Up upgrade not working Vanquish Streak XP event grants 500 XP for every 5 vanquishes against players Decreased multikill window from 2->1 seconds Assist XP event triggers for any amount of damage dealt New characters; TV Head and Wildflower can be fought for 500,000 coins (or 1,000 rainbow stars) each at Rux. Shit-ton of balance changes (too many to list here) that you can read at the link above.
  16. I wouldn't mind a snazzy orange name 😁 here's my list: Native speaker of English and received the highest possible English Language grade in school exams 2 years ago I've written and read several guides, and use this website for my trophy guide needs so I know the ins-and-outs. I use discord daily, and manage some servers Some knowledge of photoshop (Enough to resize & tweak images) and am currently learning more about it every day Limited HTML knowledge (tragic, I know)
  17. I have the same issue, youcan report it to the devs here like I did:
  18. Trophy & collectible guides have been submitted for review 😁 hope they help y'all out edit - They're up!!
  19. I didn't write down every match I collected but just the ones I used. I have a feeling it might have something to do with letting the match fully burn out but it's hard to say (If it's meant to unlock at 60/65 matches then that's just a really weird number 😂) Did you count the 125 over multiple playthroughs, or just one? My count of 57-65 was all in one run.
  20. 125?! I was keeping track of mine as best I could and it popped somewhere in the 57-65 range... I hope it's not buggy.
  21. The guide's coming along quite nicely so far with the help & co-authoring of @MinatoIsDeadLol! We could use some more information on these trophies to finish the guide faster, though: Speedster - If anyone's attempting this speedrun, please time yourself and let us know your chapter clear times. It'll help us put a rough estimate on how long each chapter is. (apparently, the trophy wants a clear time under 2 hour 20 minutes, so good luck!) Archivist - How many collectables did you need to read to get this trophy, and what were their names? (you can check this in your journal by pressing touchpad) Lightbringer - How many matches did you use, and did you need to light something with them or just use them? Curator & Crewmember - Nobody has these trophies yet, but between everyone, we might be able to piece together their locations so let us know which ones you find and where they were. Stoic - If anyone who has this trophy can share how many times they died, which ending they got and how much Laudanum they used, it'd help a lot. Big thanks to everyone in the thread so far that has shared their experiences!
  22. First you need to open a window on the left side of the room, walk along some wooden scaffolding and jump over a gap to enter a window that gets you into the cage. Once you're in there, grab the sulfur and whatnot, and grab the key from the hand of a corpse that has its head impaled on the left side of the room. From there, just take the hook off the door, put it on the chair with the grenade guy, and then use the key on the door. It's a pretty well-hidden key lol.
  23. I'm gonna start writing a guide for this soon - if anyone wants to co-write it with me, or give general advice that helps with some of the harder trophies, hit me up As for trophy thoughts, it doesn't seem too bad - the usual good ending, bad ending, story choice A and story choice B stuff. It'd be nice to have some sort of time-to-beat on the speedrun trophy but other than that, most of it seems story-based. Plus a few neat little nods to trophies in the original game (Nope, Merci like the amnesia collection's NOPE!) Edit, a week later - Guide's live!
  24. Announcement trailer: Release date trailer I think the game looks cute as hell, quite unique concept too. Trophies all look very basic - should be a nice, easy game to do in an afternoon or two.
  25. Updated main post to include some stand-out patch notes. That's the final update for this game, unfortunately.