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  1. Hi guys, i have the FFXV base game as a physical copy, which i play on my EU account. I noticed the royal upgrade is on sale but only on the NA store. If i buy the dlc on the NA store, can i safely install it onto my physical base game please? Also, the royal upgrade includes all character episodes (including Ardyn) right?
  2. Thank you all for your advice. Guess i will not get the game yet afterall since the free times takes up half the gameplay. Might get it when it's even cheaper
  3. Hi, i've never played any persona game but this one interests me alot and given it is on sale i'm tempted to try it out, but only one thing makes me not to I know the game involves on having a "normal life" aspect aside from fighting. Would this make me hate the game as i would have to wait a certain time to actually get into fighting? I'm not into the slice of life kinda thing, and it worries me that the game will have lots of these that i would hate it, do you guys think i should still try it out? I aim for the platinum aswell, but i won't mind making a 2nd playthrough and focus on tackling all missable even if they are related to the free time moments. I'd like my first playthough to be enjoyably and not tedious with all the free time moments. Thanks
  4. ah sorry forgot to mention my vita is broken so its a no go as well. Though yea if anyone did have a vita it can act as a second controller according to the lego hobbit guide researched on that too, though i have just read. Once i get home in the evening i will try that out. Although i am a bit skeptical as the app has generally bad reviews and mostly negative comments
  5. Hi guys new to the forums here so if the topic is in an incorrect place apologies. I recently bought a game which is the lego hobbit, and i've already started the game and i already achieved the first 2 trophies (so cannot delete at this point). The problem is i just discovered the game has a local co-op only trophy which is keeping me away from the platinum, as i don't have (and don't intend to buy) a second ps4 controller. Over here it's really expensive so i've googled some information to any alternatives but i'd like some personal input from users here if they ever used anything else as a second controller. I know you can use your ps3 controller by buying some hardware/USB kind of thing but i'm also trying to avoid that. Maybe anyone managed to use their android phone as a second controller? or found a better method to connect their ps3 controller to their ps4? please any help is really appreciated. P.S - My vita is currently broken beyond repair, so using that as a second controller is a no go for me