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  1. Who cares, don't quote me, I don't wanna see you anymore.
  2. LMAO, did you know we are all laughing at you because no-one knows what are you talking about LMAO. Philosopher, more like a fail-low-suffer. You're a failure to us all. Because you ain't like us, your thinking is different to us. And your name Divecomb, I've never seen this name before, it is like a nonsense weird name, just simply changed a letter. we don't like you because you ain't like us. LMAO.
  3. Who is that, never met him before
  4. Buy it
  5. Buy a Scuf custom PS4 controller.

    1. Elvick_


      Is that the $200 one? Because... nah

    2. Sunshine Kitten

      Sunshine Kitten

      Yes it's that one.

  6. Cool, I have watched the trailer. It will be the GOTY of Year 1998. Can wait to play it.
  7. Welcome ( :
  8. Can wait to play Sony's next-gen console PlayStation 5 or something I don't know but I'm truly excited.
  9. Oh really, can wait to play PlayStation 4 games on next-gen PlayStation 5 console.
  10. PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Operation Locker MTAR-21 Carbine Rifle Amazing 6 Savestreak.

    1. Sunshine Kitten

      Sunshine Kitten

      Yes it's Savestreak because I'm saving my opponentteammates.

  11. Welcome , nice to meet you. ( :
  12. Yes.
  13. Yes.
  14. Yes I have
  15. Yes.
  16. No that ain't PlayStation 4 Pro Amazing Red Edition. Ain't gonna buy that.
  17. Yes but have you had enough.
  18. Anyone can wait to play Red Dead Online.

  19. I've bought 1Y Premium.
  20. Amazing!!! We do need more discs.
  21. WOW that graphics are amazing, I'm gonna buy this game!!!!!!