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  1. Is there a way to make less recoil or even get a "no-recoil"?
  2. The quadruple combo you could only get at the boss's minions? I've made all the moves on temple and saved the game, then restarted all over every time I killed the boss
  3. I'm done. I give up this buggy trophy. I've done again the same one-on-one moves, also the 2 triples, and saved the game. Continued and did the quadruple and the "last one" on the boss but nothing happens. Did the same thing with 1.00 and 1.02 version of the game. For who will try it, good luck
  4. How can I do the quad combo? I saw the video but I only get triples. Is there anywhere else easy to do it?
  5. Another question related to milestones. If I start a new game (Extra Life Mode), I'll lose all my previous milestones? Or do I have to replace the save slot to keep them?
  6. What is the last Campaign Milestones and how can I get it? (The one with the skeleton as a reward)
  7. Thanks for all the messages guys, just finished the game and got all those collectible related trophies
  8. Thanks mate Yes, I did find it later on chapter select, but it keep showing that I miss it
  9. So, after I finished this chapter, I saw I've missed some stuff. At the slayer base I used the panel to get back to this mission and collected all the missing items. But, it doesn't show that I've collected them all in mission select. After I finish the mission: When I use the base panel: Even when I go on chapter select on continue page, it keeps saying that I miss something. Will it affect in some trophies? VERSION: 1.02
  10. UPDATE: The game version was the 1.0. With the update the count fixed.
  11. I just finished the game on crushing and I'm about to grind some trophies. When I select chapter 10 for Hitting a Brick Wall trophy, on my statistics it says that I have done 4. But, when I kill another one, it doesn't count! I'm afraid to try the Unstoppable! and it don't count too.
  12. Is there a way to see how many free plays I've already done?
  13. Figured out. Just replay the level without using any innocent souls.
  14. How do I reset the innocent souls? It says that I already used 9.
  15. Does anyone have one of these artifact to send to me? Thanks.