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  1. Does someone still want to get the multiplayer trophies?
  2. How do I open the town bridge portal? How many levels 'till I find the Colossus?
  3. Right, I oppened more than 250 chests in Krypt, but yet no trophy! Is that a common bug? Thanks UPDATE: Nevermind, just waited about 10 minutes in krypt and the trophy pop
  4. UPDATE: I don't know why, but I had to use 2 skill points to get this trophy.
  5. Did that but this trophy won't pop
  6. On my frist run, this trophy didn't pop. I deleted all saved data (profile and game progress) and started a new game, but yet, this trophy don't pop. I also deleted the game and started a new game but this trophy don't pop! Anyone knows what can I do?
  7. I just got those trophies and now I can give you guys a quick tip to make those trophies easy. First of all, you need to create a Loadout just like this (at least the Crafter 3 and Collector 2): Now, lets focus on ONLY the "-100%" population: At this dates: Week 6, day 1 / Week 8, day 2 / Week 10, day 3 / Week 11, day 6 and Week 12, day 4 - Select the "Gift Crafting Items" mission, and do only the TIER 0 objectives. On those dates, play on SURVIVAL mode! (more boxes along the way, just play safe, craft and deliver, you can't carry more than 3 gifts). All other dates, select whatever objectives and game modes you like. Between those -100% dates, play on SURVIVAL mode, try to get at least 3000 or 4000 parts. Doing that, you can leave 2 or 3 consecutives rounds.
  8. So, how does the ranked match works? I'm trying to get the "Incredible" and "Indestructible" trophies with my friend. We start the search for match at the same time but never find each other. We've tried to use same region, all regions, the 1+/2+/3+/4+ and 5 mode but nothing to get the fight.
  9. Can I change the PS4 Pro Hard Drive for an ordinary 2.5" hard drive or it has to be a specific PS4 Hard Drive?
  10. Can I make a custom theme without jailbreak my PS4? And, can I put it on PSN Store?
  11. I got it fighting on Guild Multiverse. Join the boss fight, pick the worst loadout you have (the default) and keep losing and retry.
  12. There is only Version 1.02 General bug fixes and Version 1.01 general bug fixes. Legendary Edition.
  13. How do I update the game to 1.04? I have the disc but when I check for update it says that I have the latest version. Thanks.
  14. Is there anyway to see if you have performed a super move with a character?
  15. Just got this trophy and want to share a tip. Pass the first checkpoint; Get the Blue Card; Kill the all the Possessed Scientist on the ground after getting the Frag Granade; Kill the 2 Imps that will appear; Wait for the Checkpoint to pop; Try to do the glitch, if fail, exit to main menu; Open slot and CONTINUE game. Hope this help in anyway.