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  1. All others, except Returnal, I had on PS4 (physical copy). I'll wait a little more days, and if it don't register, I'll try the PS5 Director's Cut version.
  2. Do I have to have platinum or at least one trophy for this? My Death Stranding item don't go to 100% *PS4 Physical copy
  3. How do I trigger more side quests? Just finished the game and no more side quests to do. Still missing some recipes quests. *** UPDATE: Just realized the kid's side quest I had to have 1 candy and chose not to give it to him.
  4. I've finished the game with all 100% spirits and done everything in all shrines, after finishing the game and get back to chapter 4, some lvl3 beads won't show on shrines. What's wrong?
  5. For me, it was like that: Returnal (PS5 - Physical Media) - triggered as started the game Death Stranding - * don't have it, but I'm willing to buy the PS5 Director's Cut version * Uncharted 4 (PS4 - Physical Media) - triggered as started the game Detroit: Become Human (PS4 - Physical Media) - triggered as started the game Until Dawn (PS4 - Physical Media) - triggered as started the game Heavy Rain (PS4 - Physical Media) - triggered as started the game
  6. So, I started the game on PS4 version, got some trophies, and now I just want to change to PS5 version. Will I have 2 trophy list or just one?
  7. use both L3 and R3 at the same time and direction, it will low the strenght of the fish by two.
  8. Update: Found out, just give the Scout Journal (relic) back to Riiam.
  9. Where is the Dardian's diary?
  10. The seeds never show up again in the same tree?
  11. Was looking for it. Thanks mate
  12. factory reset is the only way at the moment. I did it and played on the 1.0 version and offline.
  13. couldn't find any for PS4 there :/
  14. Got the same response. When I told them that I done the factory reset, they almost said, with differente words, something like that: "oh, ok, not our problem anymore"
  15. Hello there. Does anyone know where I can find the red case for the Playstation Hits (PS4) to buy? Thanks.