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  1. no, both earn it
  2. I joined someone else's game by quick match but when we finished the mission, only the other player got the trophy. Is it buggy?
  3. I'm on the last main mission on the I Have No Fear (normal) difficulty. When I back to the game menu on the save slots, if I change the difficulty to No Pain No Gain I'll get the Insane Wang trophy?
  4. UPDATE: Today there's a new version of the game to download. After that, I could get this trophy.
  5. I've done it lots of time and didn't get the trophy (done it on ranked, and casual fight but no trophy too). Local versus have to buy the pack right?
  6. Is this trophy unachievable? .
  7. Ok guys, thanks to all for the answers I just got this trophy and can say that creating a room with 1 round 1 minute and keep dying and restart the same room was the fastest way I found. I'm now farming 1 million blocks/bombs
  8. The "Room Master" and "Room Champ" I had to create a room every time. I'll try it with my second account this one later It will count even if I lose? You mean the "Local Battle 100"?
  9. Do I have to create a new room every time the battle ends or can I keep entering the same room? Thanks
  10. UPDATE I don't know if there is anything to do with it but, after I finished Colossus Gear I challenge, I made one last Stronghold on hard and got the Aftershock.
  11. I've been trying to farm this weapon for about 3 days straight on Strongholds (normal - hard) but I can't get this weapon. Is there a better place to get it?
  12. Is there a way to make less recoil or even get a "no-recoil"?
  13. The quadruple combo you could only get at the boss's minions? I've made all the moves on temple and saved the game, then restarted all over every time I killed the boss
  14. I'm done. I give up this buggy trophy. I've done again the same one-on-one moves, also the 2 triples, and saved the game. Continued and did the quadruple and the "last one" on the boss but nothing happens. Did the same thing with 1.00 and 1.02 version of the game. For who will try it, good luck
  15. How can I do the quad combo? I saw the video but I only get triples. Is there anywhere else easy to do it?