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  1. Okay guys, how about PSNProfiles gets open sourced then? How do I know the trophies being displayed are authentic without looking at the code? How can we know that people that people aren't being quietly left out of the leader boards even though they should be on there? That argument works both ways
  2. yo thanks for the response good to know that the jp version died. i saw that i phrased my question weirdly though, so i'll rephrase it better. what i meant was, does this game allow autopopping cross-region?
  3. hey, does this have separate trophy sets that can't be stacked?
  4. does this game even have ps4 trophies...?
  5. hey, how do you guys get the game? i thought i had it but i only have a "trial version"?
  6. Seems like the game can be done in just a couple of days, yet there are only 51x 100% completions, why?
  7. why am i getting notifications for this thread haha
  8. Soul Sacrifice Delta and Freedom Wars have suddenly gone offline
  9. i think they explicitly said that the dlc for those games was still going to be available, did they lie about that?
  10. this is so fucked up. lbp did not deserve this
  11. ehm that post is from june... also it's not marked as delisted here afaik though maybe that changed since my post