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  1. why did people heart this (also look who's moaning lol) but not this y'all whack lol
  2. never ever delet it
  3. i never said i accidentally ended up buying a PS3 only song *today*
  4. thanks, super awesome, guess i got everything after all. much appreciated good chap, lol no but ok. anyways got what i needed so thanks all even you pink person
  5. Singstar Ultimate Party exists for both PS4 and PS3 so you're not locked out of the game itself man what was your problem with it smh
  6. the fucking shut down the servers early lmao also accidentally ended up buying a PS3 only song that i did not have time to download to my ps3, so that's one and a half euros wasted forever lol
  7. i also need to know, the guide is very unclear about this
  9. Why not just hide the games you didn't care for? And why would you do the plats if you don't care?
  10. dont scream at me im baby
  11. man shut the fuck up ya dingus this is a load of lies
  12. wow what a load of shit good thing i did not start playing this dung yet gdi cdprojektred
  13. dragon dogma dead
  14. it really sucks that it doesn't unlock the online trophies also damn, how do people find tricks like this lol