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  1. any, uh, new server closures?
  2. So long, Warhawk, PSABR, SoundShapes. guess that's a big no on the cross-save instapop for me lol
  3. It's not working? That's bad. But even if it doesn't work, how long does it take to get each of those plast?
  4. amagami
  5. thanks for checking!
  6. According to this, the trophies can be obtained Offline. Can anyone confirm?
  7. I'm not sure I like the sound of "this is a bit sudden" when everything seemed a-okay on their Twitters over the past few days Something happened
  8. did y'all get your trophies or
  9. hell to the yes, preach it out loud Max_Playne. You're seem nice, unlike someone else here with a name containing the letters P and L
  10. i love it when man have the big bap chest
  11. 100000x Puyo popped trophy isn't exactly hard considering that there's fever. If you really want to get it asap, just spam Fever. Preferably Endless Fever. (That is, IF this version has Endless Fever.)
  12. well okay but not everyone uses psnprofiles i would like confirmations on twisted metal and warhawk if possible, thankies in advancies
  13. bump for the love
  14. i think it's essentially just a reprint for cashgrabs