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  1. sorry to hear that
  2. is airmech still around or not? this is egregious lol
  3. screaming at people is how blisters are born in the brain
  4. yes, dead now
  5. airmech still up
  6. wow, that's super shit. rude of them to make the game impossible to 100% through this as well. not even going to bother with that one. btw airmech arena still works for some reason but it might not after the weekend
  7. the world of tanks trophies that will be removed
  8. how much of a grind would those trophies be?
  9. Absolutely not
  10. has this been patched? also how doable is the game? some people did it in months and others in days
  11. absolutely the fuck not lol all of this bs makes me want to scream and cry tbh, like wtf they're closing it down and i probably won't 100% and i am going to S C R E A M
  12. Now is the time, more than ever, to take care of Rayman Legends it seems
  13. There is no need to be ashamed of anything. You've earned it, you've got it. Doesn't matter whether it is My Name is Mayo or Hannah Montana The Game. wow, that is kind of weird...maybe you should be ashamed of being ashamed for this also...aren't you in the netherlands? you're literally beneath sea level. you can't tell people to stoop to your levelle
  14. this is pretty batshit insane tbh, what the h
  15. yes, i know and i know exactly what you mean, i'm just saying that if you happen to be in the europe region, that's the current situation. i have no idea about the other regions. it's worth trying.