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  1. sorry if it was mention already but why is the encylopedia trophy affected by server closure?
  2. why would it be impossible?
  3. your original ps3 was bought in 2018? big thonk moment, why'd ya get into trophy hunting after so long?
  4. update they fixed it you can now get the trophies if you did not have hte stack yet
  5. the game was delisted because the servers are closing, it's a free to play game
  6. game disappaeared from download list for me, i never downloaded it before but another friend downloaded it and deleted it, now he wanted to redwownload it but its not there, he even has the trophy set but no game...wth
  7. uhh did the game disappear for anyone else from their download list????
  8. servers have been broken for like a month now, game is unplayable and all trophies are unobtainable atm, devs are silent about it on twitter
  9. The sequel to the game that defined the ninth generation of video games is finally here
  10. this is actually better than mega zombie
  11. so uh 1. can the old version still be purchased somehow 2. is it there enough time to even try and attempt the game now? edit: okay yeah lol, good job me, i find out 4 days after the deadline that the original launcher can't be purchased anymore, fml. don't have anyone who'd be able to gameshare either. aaaa
  12. Everybody's Golf servers closing on september 22nd of this year
  13. damn that sucks
  14. only the ps3 version had trophies and it has already been shut down a long time you don't have to worry about trying to play the ps4 ver now
  15. amm guys sorry to ask here but is mad max unobtiansble?