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  1. servers have been broken for like a month now, game is unplayable and all trophies are unobtainable atm, devs are silent about it on twitter
  2. The sequel to the game that defined the ninth generation of video games is finally here
  3. this is actually better than mega zombie
  4. so uh 1. can the old version still be purchased somehow 2. is it there enough time to even try and attempt the game now? edit: okay yeah lol, good job me, i find out 4 days after the deadline that the original launcher can't be purchased anymore, fml. don't have anyone who'd be able to gameshare either. aaaa
  5. Everybody's Golf servers closing on september 22nd of this year
  6. damn that sucks
  7. only the ps3 version had trophies and it has already been shut down a long time you don't have to worry about trying to play the ps4 ver now
  8. amm guys sorry to ask here but is mad max unobtiansble?
  9. amm hi guyss! how are people clearing this trophy set so fast? i want to know so i can clear it afap too thax!!
  10. man such a lack of taste in dignity in this thread i for one am happy to rejoin the communist revolution
  11. hey guys i also want to know if the trophies are boostable, how are people clearing this so fast?
  12. hay guys, howw come noboy is boosting the game? has anyone trieding to boost the game?
  13. Okay guys, how about PSNProfiles gets open sourced then? How do I know the trophies being displayed are authentic without looking at the code? How can we know that people that people aren't being quietly left out of the leader boards even though they should be on there? That argument works both ways
  14. yo thanks for the response good to know that the jp version died. i saw that i phrased my question weirdly though, so i'll rephrase it better. what i meant was, does this game allow autopopping cross-region?