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  1. nvm lul
  2. nvm
  4. rip invokers
  5. Knights of Valour has multiple trophy stacks but they are all region locked (Only US accounts can play US stack, EU accounts can play EU stack, Asia accounts can play Asia stack, etc.) But shooot.........Neverwinter...i didn't even start that one yet. it's all such a shame what game went under the radar tho?
  6. thank you so much!! this is exactly what i was looking for
  7. congrats on your platties! hey, about happy dungeons, the 10 hours for each class thing....did you actually play that much or did you do some kind of trick?
  8. how do i downvote a post? this is absolutely the place to "bitch" about it. people have EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY AT SONY'S DISGUSTING PRACTICES. It takes a really special kind of person to defend them
  9. sweet, thank ye thank ye
  10. SHUTDOWNS THAT DON'T AFFECT TROPHIES OBTAINABILITY: is gone, and " PS4 - Sword Coast Legends - 25th of July, 2018 (The game is supposedly p2p, depending only of players connections and PSN matchmaking " is this actually correct? can anyone vouch?
  11. anyone got the deets on what the old trophy list was like? i am not seeing any changes from what has been mentioned here
  12. any, uh, new server closures?
  13. So long, Warhawk, PSABR, SoundShapes. guess that's a big no on the cross-save instapop for me lol
  14. It's not working? That's bad. But even if it doesn't work, how long does it take to get each of those plast?
  15. amagami