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  1. Yeah I’m still having trouble with this one as well .. any great ideas on how to do it or whatever ?
  2. is it going to have a seperate trophy list ? or it's just the graphical improvments ?
  3. Currently 3 trophies away from getting the platinum of Battlefront 2 500 kills with heroes reaching level 25 and reaching level 50 ! Grind time in on !!!!!
  4. In my opinion it's stupid to have challenges related to online since the game is single player offline. patching it up ? will never happen it's a very cool game to play
  5. To be honest .. Someone who I don't know gifted it to me I've have it since it came out but still haven't played a thing on it It's just sitting there next to my Television
  6. Just got this platinum on PS4 .. it's sad that it's only physical Loved playing this game
  7. Never knew the trophies had online connection .. I wasnted to platinum the game for the second time but I guess that's not possibl anymore. it's a freaking offline game why the hellp have something like this
  8. I've just signed .. hope it works thank for that
  9. Is it true that only the person who gets the last shot will count towards the trophy ?
  10. In my trophy list it still states Talent points rather than Faction points .. and I have no idea why ? is it still going to count for me if I work on the faction points and the trophy will pop ?
  11. And how do you get those faction points .. sorry I’m new to the game
  12. Nvm managed to get it
  13. if you are having trouble with this trophy I suggest you play C3 where you paly agaisnt the "Snake"
  14. I’m having the same issue can’t seem to find it anywhere .. maybe it’s related to the update of the game
  15. I've had this happen to me twice now I've been winning matches but I get no coins after winning anyone came across something like this ?