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  1. I got the platinum today but something weird happened to me trying the under 2 hours trophy. I saved before the famous bridge jump scene with a time around 1:27:00 so I had more than 30 min left to achieve it. First I did the watermelon ending because I needed that trophy, and castle guide trophy didn't pop, I supposed that I was too slow. But it was really weird because after the end the save game option didn't appear so I didn't know my final time (I still dont know it, it pisses me off but can't do anything about it lol I guess it was around 1:50:00). So I tried it again, this time doing ordinary ending... Again the trophy didnt pop and no save option. Third time I did it a little bit faster (nothing crazy) but I didn't press any button before the ending like I did all the other times (to see if I could skip the final scene to save some time), and platinum finally happened, but the game went straight to the menu and no save option again :/ I really wanted to know my real time because I spent a lot of effort and tbh I hate speedruning this kind of games because it ruins the experience imo. So I wonder if this happened to somebody else? There isn't a save option after finishing New Game+? I played it through ps now so maybe it was a glitch but I'm not sure
  2. Silent Hill 4 Silent Hill 2 Max Payne Max Payne 2 Metal Gear Solid (psx) Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Ico Shadow of the Colosus The Last Guardian
  3. Try to beat or kick your ps3 as many times as you can and then reset your ps3
  4. You are a horrible person
  5. I can proudly say that none
  6. Get good son
  7. Damn! Killzone was an amazing game from the ps2 era. I keep some great memories from my teen years playing it Maybe the trophies are bad I have no idea, I may replay it since it is available in ps now, but for me it is a classic shooter game from the past like Medal of Honor Frontline or Call of Duty 2
  8. You should be able to play Spec Ops The Line via Ps Now from your ps4... Try to refresh your trophy list. Of course it will be the trophy list from a ps3 game even if you play it from your ps4 (This is a mess lol)
  9. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. My brother bought it and he kind of enjoyed it and since it was in the library I decided to check it out. It was a bad idea... I can understand that some people found it entertaining but it was just boring for me and didn't find the story interesting at all
  10. I won't even try The Witness because I suck so bad in those kind of games. And I'm sure this is a great puzzle game but it is not for everyone I guess, because you need patience, logic and being smart as fuck to complete it lol
  11. Yes you can. For example I only need the multiplayer trophy from God of War Ascension and I will get it with ps now and thats the same trophy list. Ps now is basically a way of playing games by streaming from your ps4 or pc. You can play games from ps2, ps3 and ps4. But I'm not so sure about the data saves
  12. It finally arrived to Spain today too
  13. That's so cool! They should have added trophies for it
  14. I think that Silent Hill 4 could be bought in the japanese psn store as a ps2 classic from your ps3 but Im not 100% sure... The Silent Hill HD collection should have included the first one and 4th, but I guess that was too much effort. I keep my Silent Hill 1 from psx and my Silent Hill Collection from ps2 like a treasure lol