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  1. Is The House in Fata Morgana really part of the Fairy Fencer series? I couldn't find anything about it online.
  2. Mana series Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3:聖剣伝θͺ¬-rise-of-mana Stage 4:
  3. Hello all I was wondering if it is possible to have series inside a series? I was researching the steins; gate (which has its own series here in PSNP) and I found out it shares the same universe with chaos; head and robotics; note. This shared universe is called Science Adventure ( So we would have steins; gate series (already done) chaos; head series with --> N1: & N2: & & & & & & & & & N0: & & & & 3. robotics; notes with --> N1: & N2: & & & N3: In a big, meta series. This meta series would be ordered as first chaos; head then steins;gate and finally robotics; notes.
  4. Zero Escape series! Just finished 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and it was really neat if you don't mind very easy puzzles. They say the next one, Virtue's Last Reward is much better.
  5. What on God's green Earth was that? What did I just watch?
  6. #update Crossed two more tiles. i played more games, but they didnt have tracking systems, so no cigar.The ones that did count were Detention and Nier Automata. Loved them! Just one more to bingo πŸ˜€
  7. I hate the "Be top xx on leaderboards" because I'm not a very good player and couldnt make it in a million years. The silverlining is that it is a relatively rare type of trophy (or maybe I avoid the games that have it instinctively lol)
  8. Latest update: decided to dive into Yoko Taro's world, starting with Nier 1 (just need the speedrun trophy to get the plat) and now on Nier Automata. Taroverse's kind of a sad world, but not like depression sad. What's the word? Anyway, very interesting. Liked Nier but chesus christ the grind to update all weapons was BRUTAL lol. Loving Automata so far (I'm on route B ) (which will be put under gorgeous vistas i think) I1: Nier O2: Burly Men at Sea I3: SOMA N3: Hitman 2016
  9. Hey everyone, here are my updates, Got Burly Men at Sea done, fulfilling the "Can Be Beaten in one Sitting" square. It was a cute little game - very stylish - but repetitive by the end. Not sure if I would buy this game, it is more fitting in a bundle or as I got it, via PS+. More recently played SOMA, from the creators of Penumbra and Amnesia. Really interesting setting, lore and characters. The game play is the same as its predecessors, in first person, with object puzzles, interactive objects and monsters from which your only recourse is to hide. The gameplay, although the same as previous titles, felt right in the context of the story. Shooting or fighting back would be detrimental to the atmosphere and the character background. The themes are interesting and not much explored by games, I feel like. I just wish they would go deeper in their philosophical musings instead of several topics just briefly being touched upon. The ending, though, was poingnant - a veritable punch to the guts and I LOVED IT. Thank you, Frictional, for the experience.
  10. Between this and V:tMB, ~The Industry~ is destroying my vows of never buy on day one. I'm loving it. Let this be the renaissance of RPG.
  11. Bingo card updated: N3: Hitman 2016 (played as legacy thru Hitman 2) Lots of people here already bingo'ed rows/columns, but it is ok. I like taking my time. Plus I have been also playing non-qualifying games, either because it is a trophy clean up run (AC Black Flag) or because the system does not have a tracking system (PSP Tactics Ogre). So many games, so little time. @XX_FTW you forgot to add me! also, great event idea! the prompts are suggestive but not limitating and there's plenty of time to play leisurely πŸ™‚
  12. Yay! Thanks! Katamari, here I go
  13. Hi all, Remember back on page 19 ➑️ ( when I said that one square (Player's Choice) would be HiTMAN 1 legacy and HiTMAN 2 ? Yeah, I didn't realise these are behemoth games... Can I split them so that HiTMAN 1 legacy fullfills one square (say, Players' Choice) and then HiTMAN 2 fulfills another (say, Part of Another Event)? I need a break from murder people with household items πŸ˜… I very much enjoy the game, but I need a break. I am thinking of playing something happy, funny, upbeat to counter balance the World of Assassination 😁. BTW, any recomendations for happy, funny, upbeat titles? cheers!
  14. Hi everybody! I have been meaning to join the bingo but wanted to make a fancy card like Briste's and well... it has been two weeks and I haven't already, so I will just post the vanilla card before it's December lol I've got several games for each square as I really like to have options/choices/go with my mood at the moment. My picks so far are: Player's Choice: Hitman 1 + 2 B1 Historical Fiction or Mythology: Detention or Assassins' Creed Unity or Valkyria Chronicles I3 Redeemed from PS+: SOMA or Grim Fandango or Burly Men at Sea G3 That Gives You the Feels: Nier Automata or Brothers Tales of Two Sons or Limbo/Inside O3 That "Everyone" But You Has Played: Portal (yeah...) Hope I stick to it lol
  15. The Last of Us. Survivor and grounded are kill. also eff the journeys. (btw your complition rate is amazing and now i aspire to reach that)