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  1. I was looking into my PS+ library and Burly Men At Sea (3h), Concrete Gennie (8h), Erica (9h) and SOMA (10h) seem to be the shortest.
  2. I have watched the gameplay ttrailer, and it's quite soothing, strangely. Great way to unwind after a hard day's work.
  3. Thanks, BlindMango, it is really satisfying seeing a game's page complete! Edit: here's two suggestions for Hard West, so this reply is a bit more useful lol:
  4. I have two suggestions for header/banner of Reevenant Saga, instead of screenshot:
  5. // Hitman 2 (PS4) [lcrystal__] // // // "8388": [65, 124], // Hitman 2 (PS4) [lcrystal__] // // "9274": [13],
  6. Some artwork suggestions for banners/headers SaGa Frontier Remastered: Atelier Firis DX
  7. Hello, I have been contributing to and added data to several entries there 🙂 So, lots of games here would need to link or re-scan for more complete meta data. Since the list so far is considerable and I will be doing this on an ongoing basis, should I keep posting here or is there a another, preferred, channel? 🙃
  8. I think Ratalaika had a stroke of genius with its marketing. Found an unknown, hidden niche of gamers - trophy hunters - and laser focused on them, doing everything right: easy trophies in short games, stacks for days and not long ago I remember them engaging with the community here, further promoting their goods. I agree 100% with OP here, with porting to consoles, the devs have a new source of profits (and from what I have seem, the devs are really small). For the ones lamenting the "sanctity" of leader boards/ps store, not even Sony seems to care. Actually, with their own exclusive/first party titles getting easier and easier plats (Spider Man, anyone?), Sony seems to agree with Ratalaika.
  9. Suggestions for header or banner image: Strawberry Vinegar banner/header: Hexa Maze Banner/header: What the Dub?! Banner/header:
  10. Developer site lists the prices as: Regular Price: USD$19.99 EUR€19.99 CAD$22.79 GBP£15.49 Pixel Maniacs (
  11. Hi, more trophy lists updates ☺️ Dreaming Sarah Genre: Adventure, side scrolling, platform, Indie Platforms: PS4, PS5 Developer: Asteristic Game Studio Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Mode: Single Player Themes: Fantasy, Psychological, Horror(?) Release Date: March 5, 2021 Banner/header:, ___________ Strawberry Vinegar Genre: Adventure, Indie, Casual, Visual Novel Platform: PS4 Release Date: PS4 EU June 3, 2020 PS4 US June 2, 2020 PS4 HK June 30, 2020 Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Developer: Ebi-hime Mode: Single Player Themes: ? Banner/header: ___________ TWIN ROBOTS Genre: Puzzle, Platform, Indie Platforms: PS4, Vita Developer: Thinice Games Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Mode: Single Player Themes: ? PS4 NA Oct 4th 2017 PS4 EU Oct 10th 2017 PS Vita NA Oct 4th 2017 PS Vita EU Oct 10th 2017 ___________ Plantera Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Indie Platforms: PS Vita Developer: VaragtP Studios Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Mode: Single Player Themes: Fantasy, Business Release Date: May 23, 2017 ___________ TAMIKU Developer: Josyan Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Genre: Arcade, Indie Platform: PS4 Release Date: Sept 18, 2020 Mode: Single Player Theme: Action __________ I and Me Developer: Wish Fang Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Genre: Platform, Puzzle, Indie Platform: PS4, PS Vita PS4, Vita EU Release Date March 6th, 2019 PS4, Vita NA Release Date: March 5th, 2019 Mode: Single Player ___________ LEGEND OF ETHERNAL Developer: Lucid Dreams Studio Publisher: Natsume Inc., Natsume, NA Publishing Inc Genre: Adventure, action, Indie Mode: Single Player Release: 10/30/2020 Themes: ? Banner/header: ___________ Football Game Genre: Adventure, Horror, point and click, indie Developer: Cloak and Dagger Games Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Mode: Single Player Platforms: PS4, Vita EU PS4, Vita Release Date: Nov 6, 2019 NA PS4, Vita Release Date: Nov 5, 2019 Theme: Horror (?) Banner/header: ___________ APOCALIPSIS: THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL Genre: Adventure, puzzle, point and click, Indie Platforms: PS4 Developer: Punch Punk Games Publisher: Klabater Mode: Single Player Themes: Historical, Fantasy, Adventure Release Date: September 5th, 2019 ____________ Mekabolt Developer: Somepx Publisher: Ratalaika Games SL Genre: Action, Platform, Puzzle Platform: Ps4, Vita Release EU PS4 Vita: 21.8.2019 NA PS4 Vita: 20.8.2019 Themes: Action Banner/header:
  12. Found other incomplete trophy lists : Lanternium Platform: PS4 Release: 12/JULY/2020 Publisher: Victory Road Developer: Blazing Planet Studio Genre: Adventure, Indie, Puzzle Theme: ? Adventure? Banner (header?) suggestion: -- Terra Lander Redux Platform: PS4 Release: 7/7/2020 Publisher: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Developer: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Genre: Shooter, Casual Theme(?): Space? Banner (header?) suggestion : __ Terra Lander II - Rockslide Rescue Platform: PS4 Release: 7/17/2020 Publisher: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Developer: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Genre: Shooter, Casual Theme(?): Space? Banner (header?) suggestion: ---- Terra bomber Platform: PS4 Release: 10/20/2020 Publisher: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Developer: FUNBOX MEDIA LIMITED Genre: Arcade Theme(?): Space?
  13. Werewolf Heart of Forest page is incomplete. I found the following info on it URL: Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest Trophies • Genre: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG), Visual Novel Developers: Different Tales Publishers: Walkabout Games Game Modes: Single player Themes: Horror Releases PS4 24/Feb/2021 (developer page doesn't have a release date for ps4 lol, but the psn store gives this date) For header image I found this: (More options can be found on the developer's page, if you go Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest – Different Tales and click on "press pack" __ For Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, I would like to suggest other, better header images: These and more options can be found at Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (, under "press kit" __ Ah yes, how about a series called Vampire: The Masquerade with Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York Trophies • Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York Trophies • and hopefully, one day, Bloodlines 2 ☺️
  14. Is The House in Fata Morgana really part of the Fairy Fencer series? I couldn't find anything about it online.
  15. Mana series Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3:聖剣伝説-rise-of-mana Stage 4: