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  1. Hello all, I need help please ! I don't understand what is needed to obtain this trophy? If somenone could tell me what do to, i ll really appreciate Thanks
  2. Trophy obtained (and platinum ^^) ! Don't read the trophy's description "Defeated Bashinet on Stage 6.5 without firing a beam" , the goal is "just" to kill the boss of 6.5 stage without hitting the Princess, like is it said in the Trophy title :-p
  3. Thanks a lot ! It works for me
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how to unlock " Luminiera's Blade" trophy ? It's the only trophy missing for getting Platinum. I have bought the Japanese version of GBFV so it's not easy to understand what to do ^^ (maybe a blade to forge in rpg mode, i can see one that i can't forge for the moment, i don't have gran's blue coin. Need to finish rpg mode in hard ??) Thanks for the help Regards
  5. Platinum obtained ! It was not easy. RPG mode in hard is really difficult, i had to play many hours to grind xp and boost weapons. To forge Luminiera's Blade Trophy you had to beat Gran in the last RPG mode in hard on the last quest stage (and obtain 5 Gran's coin). Good luck to all
  6. Thanks, you're right ! I have started rpg on hard and when you beat Katalina you obtain one Katalina's coin. It should be the same for Gran, except Gran encounter unlock at the end of rpg mode, which is really difficult on hard, ennemies hurts and have a lot of hp. I will have to grind for xp and better sword
  7. Thanks for the answer, it's what i feared ^^ I have to find the way to get the five gran's blue coin to forge the sword.