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  1. Update #2 I have completed the 5 common games, and will be moving onto the next level! I'm also picking 5 more common games to go for if the mood strikes to get those sweet sweet points. Current point count: Completed Common Games: 5 Completed Quests: 2 Total: 7 Completed Games: Completed Common Games: The House in Fata Morgana - 100% Completed My Aunt is a Witch - 100% Completed Hitchhiker - 100% Completed Cat Quest II - 100% Completed Root Film - 100% Completed New Games Added: Quests Completed: 50 trophies of any rarity Quests in Progress: 42/50 Bronze Trophies 23/50 Silver Trophies 44/50 Gold Trophies
  2. First Update! I've completed 3 common games and the first quest (50 trophies of any level) Games Progress: Common: The House in Fata Morgana - 100% Completed My Aunt is a Witch - 100% Completed Hitchhiker - 100% Completed Cat Quest II - 17% Completed Root Film - 3% Completed Quests Completed: 50 trophies of any rarity Quests in Progress: 33/50 Bronze Trophies 10/50 Silver Trophies 27/50 Gold Trophies I also have a couple questions on how this event works overall. Are we able to complete more than 5 games per level for more points? When the quest list gets updated monthly, do you remove the previous quests, or do they stay up for the rest of the event? Ie. will we have the rest of the year to earn 50 silver, or just until the feb update?
  3. Sounds like a fun event! I'll give it a go Common List: My Aunt is a Witch - 0% Hitchhiker - 18% Cat Quest II - 17% The House of Fata Morgana - 3% Root Film - 3%
  4. Sounds like fun! Not sure how much I'll complete, but I have my tentative list below: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (PS4) - 7% Completed - 1.18% Completion Rate Lords of the Fallen (PS4) - 0% Completed - 1.10% Completion Rate Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4) - 75% Completed - 3.34% Completion Rate The Good Life (PS4) - 1% Completed - 2.26% Completion Rate Sonic Adventure (PS3) - 3% Completed - 2.02% Completion Rate Stardew Valley (PS4) - 1% Completed - 1.88% Completion Rate The Guided Fate Paradox (PS3) - 13% Completed - 1.55% Completion Rate Cities: Skylines (PS4) - 0% Completed - 0.19% Completion Rate Bladestorm: Nightmare (PS4) - 7% Completed - 0.37% Completion Rate Tales of Zestiria (PS4) - 31% Completed - 2.29% Completion Rate
  5. It's out now for both PS4 and PS5. PS5 trophies don't seem to be uploaded to Sony's Servers yet though.
  6. I was able to download the PS4 version of Sophie again on PS5. If you search "Sophie" it brings up the DLC for the game, and in the DLC listing there is a "View Game" option. This brings you to the game page where you can download it. I was able to do the same thing with Lydie and Suelle, but since I never bought it there is no "purchase" option, just wishlist and follow.
  7. Sorry, was in a rush when I posted my message. I was talking about Yakuza 7 only, meaning no cross saves for this game.
  8. Saves don't transfer from PS4 to PS5, so probably not.
  9. You need to play as the character in question for 5 hours
  10. I've seen this game appear on the store via the Android App, but I get an error whenever I try to click on either the game itself or the bundle with Hammerwatch. It doesn't even appear if I try searching the store on my PS5. This would be on the Canada/NA Region. Thanks!
  11. New patch came out. Nothing in the notes about fixing glitched trophies, but does anybody know if they were fixed anyways?
  12. That happened to me once and it corrupted my save too. I downloaded the save from the cloud and did the rest of the playthrough without issue
  13. Yeah, that's perfect. Missed the gun on my playthrough so no shots taken, but didn't let him into the Church
  14. Thanks for the confirmation! I thought I was friendly to Vince as well but must have missed something. Would you be able to share your bearings for him?
  15. I found this on the steam forums for secret 10: However I just unlocked the Salvation trophy and didn't get it. May be worth looking into though.