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  1. Hi there, Sorry I went AWOL on this. You can remove me from this if I haven't been already. Thanks!
  2. This was fun last year! I'll participate again but I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete it. Once I have a game plan I'll update this post: 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9:
  3. You have to use the Team Attack in a story mission before you can use it in the Battle Sim. In order to use it in a Story Mission you have to have a certain amount of affection going into a mission that they accompany you. I assume it's possible to get Claris' in Chapter 3 if you are you select all the best responses, but if not you have to wait until a later mission. Personally I had to wait until the last mission after selecting Claris as your second. If you have 2 people in your team, I think hitting the team attack with the Captain will initiate it with the higher affection level. I think you can switch to the character you want to unlock the team attack with and hit the Team Attack button to get past this, but I haven't tried it. Worst case, you should be able to unlock her team attack in NG+ Chapter 2 or 3 since the affection carries over.
  4. Sorry! It's been a hectic couple of days. I completed the visual novel Song of Memories. The main conflict of the game comes from a virus that turns people into monsters. Don't think it counts for any of the challenges.
  5. Monthly Update #2: After a great start in January and knocking off 6 of my games, I really slowed down in February when I got ill for a few weeks. Finally feeling like my normal self and ready to get back to knocking out some games! Here are my thoughts on the games I completed since my last update, in order of completion date: Zenith: This was my second game to complete, and in all honestly it wasn't a good game. Luckily it's pretty short so it wasn't that much to slog through. One trophy I do want to mention is the kill 500 Enemies trophy. This is glitched in such a way that you have to do it in 1 sitting as restarting the game restarts the counter. I luckily knew this is advanced so I planned to do the game in one sitting, or at least keep the PS4 in rest mode between sessions. Unfortunately the game decided to crash about 3/4 of the way through. I almost restarted the game just for this one trophy, but I ended up finding a decent area to grind for the trophy and got the plat without further issue. Night in the Woods: In order to get the bad game taste out of my mouth, figuratively speaking, I decided to tackle a game that I was excited to play and had heard great things about. And boy am I glad I did. Night in the Woods is a great game about a College Student coming back to their small town and finding everything has changed. I don't want to say too much, but it has a great story behind it, interesting characters, and the story goes in directions I didn't see coming. Q.U.B.E. 2: One of the only Q games I could find! Great puzzle game. I ended up playing through the first one before going through the sequel for this challenge. It's a little portal-esque in that each puzzle is more or less in a self contained room, with various narrative reasons for having to go through them. Trophies were pretty simple, no collectibles and only a couple missables if you weren't watching out for them. Has 2 endings, but only one of which gives a trophy, which I thought was an odd choice. Uncanny Valley: Interesting Survival Horror style game where you play as a guard for a remote science facility. Each day is 6 real-world minutes, so you're waiting around a lot once you've done the 1 or 2 objectives for the day. I was going to try and play through it without a guide, but after going through the game once I decided against that. With a guide it's a pretty simple 100% as long as you have Netflix or Twitch going in the background while you wait for the next day Crossing Souls: Great game that oozes 80s style. Definitely a love-letter to 80s pop culture with the references in the VHS collectables, some story beats taken directly from 80s movies, and the animation style of the cut scenes. Behind that the story is definitely solid with the gameplay being fun, if a little repetitive at times. Trophies were pretty standard with collectables and a couple optional objectives per chapter. Could have used a chapter select to make trophy cleanup a bit better, but over it was a game I enjoyed. I'm also trying to keep my original post updated with all trophies I collect even if I don't complete the game. If anybody is interested feel free to have a look!
  6. This month I completed 2 games that fit this months theme. Crossing Souls and Arc of Alchemist. Both games had Robots as enemies with Arc of Alchemist having them as the main antagonist and Crossing Souls having them as the main enemy type in the last area. Crossing Souls fits the following challenge Criteria: - Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event. (ABCs of Unstarted Games 2020) - Complete a game you started in that month Arc of Alchemist fits none of the challenges. Overall I enjoyed these games. Arc of Alchemist had some interesting gameplay mechanics in it's town building and being able to level up characters and skills using currency. However, the game was too short to really make use of these systems. The platinum itself is really grindy requiring you to gain max level with all characters. Crossing Souls was a neat little story driven game with a great 80s theme. Tons of Pop Culture References in the VHS and game themed collectables. Good story overall and really fun.
  7. Completed my first game for the challenge: Deadpool! I used this for the ABCs of Unstarted games event, and I just started this game this month, which should get me 2 of the Challenges as well as the HC Quick Question since this is my first time participating in this event. Are the challenges one time only, or can you earn them multiple times throughout the year?
  8. Update #1 Beat the first game in my list: Deadpool. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I expected to. A bit dated, but a good play-through overall. Had some cheap deaths while playing through the hardest difficulty, but that just made beating it all the more satisfying. I played a bit of Just Cause 4 which may be the next game I complete, but we'll see. Deadpool: 0% -> 100% <FINISHED> Just Cause 4: 0% -> 3%
  9. Should be starting this soon! Stats as of Jan 2nd, 2020: Platinum Trophies: 126 Completed Games: 224 Completion Percentage: 38.14%
  10. Numbers aren't necessary, but some of us added one for a little extra.
  11. Is it too late to make changes? I know it's Jan 1st in some places in the world, but it's still 2019 here! (PST time zone) Since @Kristycism graciously went through and added rarity info, I want to lower mine a bit. If it's too late to make changes, I'll stick with the original list. I'd like to change the following: F: From Far Cry 3 to Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion: 1.73% Completion K: From Knee Deep to Knights and Bikes: 8.03% Completion O: From Owlboy to The Outer Wilds: 11.70% Completion V: From Virginia to Vikings: Wolves of Midgard: 3.69% Completion I'll also be playing the NA version of everything. Once It's confirmed if I can change it or not, I'll go back and change my original post. Happy New Year everyone!
  12. @iXanon Thanks for the reminder, but I'm good!
  13. This theme is a great idea! I'll give it a shot. If I do get all 10, I'm not interested in being entered for the drawing.