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  1. I can confirm the NA PS5 stack is a non-syncing list. If you want to check your progress you can disconnect your PS5 from the network and it should show up.
  2. I've been holding off on playing this game due to the dlcs and the glitches. Can anybody say for sure if I start the game now, and have never had a save, will all the trophies unlock as they're suppose to? Or will I still need to watchout for glitchy DLC trophies?
  3. Thanks for adding FF2 to the spreadsheet! I never got around to adding it when I beat it. Can you add the new game (50) and series stacker (25) bonuses to it?
  4. Update #2 Finally beat Final Fantasy 1! It's been a long time coming and glad the Pixel Remaster came to Playstation so I could play through the entire game. Final Fantasy 1 = 100 + (7xG, 6xS, 10xB) = 64 - 36.61 = 127.39 +50 (NG) +50 (Seasonal #1) = 227.39 Seasonal Justification (Rebirth):
  5. It's pretty quick, but not hard to get the S ranks on your first playthrough.. The game has a "Skip to Next Choice" option to skip all the dialogue you've already read. You need to complete most of the game a second time for the collectables anyways.
  6. For those wanting help for the special boost scenes here are the ones I triggered for the trophy. Minor spoilers for the first 3 investigations (Names of a couple hotspots).
  7. I'm not sure exactly who you mean by "The Reaper" but you should be fine as long as it's marked as complete in the pursuit list.
  8. Yeah, but even though it's just started I'd rather call somebody out that's active in the thread. Now since you posted first, and are therefore active in the thread I'll call you out @Beyondthegrave07 You've completed most of the games you've played recently, so I had to dig a little bit. I'm going to call you out to complete Kingdom Hearts 2:
  9. Who is still looking to be called out? I'm itching to use mine.
  10. The Trawl only fish are a pain. I don't think there's any tip or trick to catching them as aberrations. Make sure you're using a net that can catch their normal type, and make sure you're trying at the correct time of day. What I did was go around until I caught a normal one, then just drive in circles in that area until the aberration was caught.
  11. It will count but there will be a point penalty based on how many trophies you got before April 1st. The scoring section in the top post has the details
  12. Since there is no trophy for maxing everything you can save a few, fully upgrade a category then reload to get them back.
  13. I can confirm there are no missables.
  14. Could we get a "Seasonal Bonus Game List" on the tracker? It would be neat to see what everybody picks for each theme, and it could be used to easily see which games have already been "Approved" Anyway, finished Dredge and putting some points on the board. It was a fantastic game and meshed fishing and horror pretty well. Wish the "All sidequest" trophy had you actually complete all the sidequests, instead of a failure counting as a completion. They did a good job with making each area feel unique, and I loved seeing all the "mutations" of the fish. Dredge: 100 + (4xG, 7xS, 12xB) = 150 - 5.61 - 10 (25% when competition started 1s, 15b) = 134.39 + 50SR + 50NG = 234.39
  15. Guess I'm joining after all! Not sure how active I'll be but may as well give it a shot. Triple Point Game - Disco Elysium Double Point Games - Wild Arms 3 & Trillion: God of Destruction