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  1. This seems like a great idea! Count me in. I'll be waiting until later to choose the games though.
  2. Hey guys, I'm probably missing something obvious, but I've been through this game twice and have no idea how to get this trophy. It's the last one I'm missing. I tried to comment on the Sam Mainframe in both ships but never got the option. If somebody could let me know how to achieve this it would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Somehow it didn't even occur to me that it may be because of the zoom setting. At least it was an easy fix! Thanks Sly.
  4. Hello everyone! I've come across an odd bug on the user profile page. The bronze trophies overlap the overall progress for a game. Also, on the right, the game sorting options appear in 3 rows instead of 2. I have uploaded a photo below so you can see what I'm talking about. I've done a little checking and this only happens in google chrome. In IE everything looked fine. Is anybody else having this issue? Anything I can do on my end to possibly fix it? Thanks.