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  1. Yeah definitely, the game is a hell of a step up from GTA V's content. As I stated above, just the hunting alone and the species of wildlife in this game is hands down no other game can compete. The graphics are amazing, the story line is amazing, everything is amazing, apart from a few things that just seem overlooked a little. Again, I know for a fact online is where it's going to be at. I wouldn't be surprised if everything I mentioned above gets put into the online only. Like a microtransactionable ride-able pony with ridiculous speed for $20.99 or something lol. I don't know, the story mode is always so well done in all of their games and it's a gem already, I just don't know why some of these points I mentioned bug me. So many different variables which are so great and others which just seem like "why wasn't this added?" type feeling.
  2. I've found crafting and hunting to be the best for leveling Dead Eye as well as getting headshots on enemies. Even things like cooking a shit load of meat on the campfire will net you heaps of points to leveling your Dead Eye. The best way to level Health is by killing people with the bow or using things like dynamite to kill groups of enemies at once levels quickly as well. Stamina is by far the easiest. Literally jump off your horse and run across the map if you'd like, you'll notice you're almost max level after a few hours of running, swimming around.
  3. Yeah same here, the game is absolutely amazing, in every aspect especially the quite overwhelming amount of animals this game offers, but for almost all the great positive aspects there's a slight negative one which bugs me. Graphics are amazing, controls work well, but the way Arthur moves around is quite 'clunky' and slow which most have mentioned about the game. Albeit this game is supposed to be played slow anyways, just feels slightly off for some reason. Graphics are amazing, but there's heaps of blurry, especially with movement, like going into cinematic mode and watching yourself driving a stagecoach, the back of the stagecoach almost leaves a blurry trailing type effect, same as panning the camera around. Hunting is great, animal wildlife is great, but the horse selection is pretty basic. Only a few selection of species even though there is so many in real life. Customization is great, but what we have on offer just feels... lack luster. Most clothing pieces aren't very unique from each other, and there's only a handful of different selections for different pieces of clothing. Gun customization is great, but it feels like it could've been done better. You can 'upgrade' your weapons although it feels like there's no point because there's only 1 option of rifling, like 3 different scopes, 1 type of wrapping, and a handful of generic colours, and engravings. No unique vanishes either. Honestly, I just made all my guns gold because of the hell of it because the selection is so basic. It's like some parts of the game were worked on for a absurd extensive amount of time, like hunting and wildlife, and horses were rushed, customization was worked on well, but what we got to actually get was rushed. Weapons were given a feeling of uniqueness and we knew going into it that there would be a huge selection of weapons but when we got them most are pretty crap and only like 3 weapons are actually great. Every horse in the game has no real unique feeling to it, literally every horse besides a race horse or an Arabian is slow as fuck, and if you're not using the war horse you get given from your pre-order every goddamn horse in the game gets spooked at everything it sees, even then I still have so much trouble with war horse when fighting or running near wolves because it gets spooked, not as much as every other horse, but it still happens quite often. Realistic yes, annoying? Of course. You either use the best horse in the game, or your pre-order horses because every other one is useless basically. It's a little disappointing to me. Given how many different species every other animals have, there's no foal's as I'm aware, no ponies, nothing. But we get like 4 different types of squirrels though? Really Rockstar?
  4. It's quite easy despite the description this trophy gives. Just find Grizzly Bears as the American Black Bears tend to run away instead of fighting you. And allow the bear to attack you and it'll put you in a sequence to spam the circle button to break free, and Arthur will stab the bear in the chest a few times and push himself away from it allowing for you to shoot the bear with your pistol whilst still on the ground. Doing so will net you a the kill whilst also surviving the bear attack. Just make sure you don't stuff up or else you will be dead, the bears drain your health to almost death anyways. You'll learn how to do this if you had the legendary Bharati bear attack you close up during Hosea's first hunting mission. The same sequence works for all bears. Just do it, heal up, find another bear and rinse and repeat until you pop the trophy.
  5. As the title states, is anyone feeling slightly disappointed in the content regarding clothing, guns etc? Like there's only a small selection of colors and engravings and clothing bits. I also thought the horse customization was going to be a bit more in depth. I mean it's great with what we have already, I was suprised with the amount of stuff we CAN customize, it just feels slightly a little rushed, like I would've liked a lot more colors, outfits, different pieces of clothing and what not. I know the hunter/trapper guy can give you more different variety of clothing from hunting but it still doesn't feel like a lot. We need more chaps, vests and hats and stuff. Does anyone know if they will add any more content in regards to what I have said later in the game for story mode? I know multiplayer is going to have a ton of stuff, DLC's etc but I just hope they don't neglect the base game like they did with Grand Theft Auto 5. Loving the game so far though, just felt like I wanted to express this opinion and hopes other people feel the same way. A ridiculous amount of animals and different types, but horses feel slightly underwhelmed as well from looking at Google on different horse species, only a few select few are in the game, not even ponies are in the game as far as I know.
  6. I totally only just seen this trophy right at the bottom of the list. I too am not very pleased with having to complete the game all over again on a higher difficulty. The base difficulty can be a pain in the ass at times, especially on certain missions where there is a gross influx of enemies on you at 1 time without any medkits. The only real way to effectively play the game is stealth it out with a silencer and a bow. I guess I'll have to use this same strategy but even more sensitive on this NG+ playthrough.
  7. Okay so I'm completing through John Seed's region of the map. I've done all the missions with the icon and audio call on the map but Nick Rye's icon won't disappear at all. What's weird is that upon me exploring the region I liberated John Seed's ranch and entered the hangar and triggered a mission with Nick Rye's plane before even going over to his house. I've managed to complete all his missions and he's unlocked as a follower but the icon and audio signal is still on the map at his house. He keeps mentioning "peggies are attacking him and he needs help" but when I head over there, nothing. Can't trigger a cut scene or mission anywhere. I have even completed Special Delivery where his wife gives birth, but I just can't seem to trigger this first mission. So was me liberating the ranch first and triggering that mission in the hangar screwing up the mission sequence? I'm on the latest update of the game and I've read online of others having this same problem 6 months ago, I thought it would be patched by now? Will I have to just restart the game and make sure I do his mission first? I've already liberated most outposts and completed most side missions in this region so it'd pain me to have to restart all over again just because of a bugged mission.
  8. I would gather the online portion of things included in the UE will come available at some point through either micro transactions or in-game means. I doubt they'll leave them permanently exclusive to pre-orders but then again who knows, I personally wasn't around for the launch of GTA V so I have no idea how those pre-orders went and if stuff was exclusive to them only. But knowing Rockstar as well as Take-Two Interactive they'll want to make as much money on this game as possible, so making the online items available after launch through MTX means seems more viable.
  9. I have to admit the steel book looks so amazing. Love the detail and the graphics on the inside as well. Probably one of my favourite ones I've seen, and I don't normally dig the steel book thing for games.
  10. I think the delay is justifiable. It'll give them enough time to hopefully polish the game a bit more. I'm looking forward to the game nonetheless, although I don't think it'll match Last of Us 2.
  11. How about we make one of the games and call it Hill of Silence.
  12. Cheers! Feel free to send me a friend request if you ever want to boost GTA IV I'll be down.
  13. I personally take advantage of in-game exploits to benefit me in obtaining stuff easier or more faster. I enjoy doing it, and have since I started gaming as a kid. I love doing glitches and finding things which aren't suppose to be there, or happen. Do I cheat though? No. I don't condone of people abusing a glitch or hacking in games and having an advantage over others. There's a big difference between doing exploits in a single player game and being a dickhead and ruining an experience for others on an online game, or multiplayer. Do I think abusing exploits is classified as cheating? No, but that's my personal opinion. I know a lot of people would say otherwise, but again it all comes down to what you prefer doing in-game and how you go about earning things like trophies. Do I think boosting is cheating? Why would it be? For certain games which have unstable/buggy servers, dead online base boosting is the only thing that can be done to achieve things like 100%'s or platinum's. I boosted the multiplayer trophies of Red Dead Redemption with friends and only us, does that make me a cheater? No. Everything comes down to every individuals opinion on the matter. Some people don't like that someone earned the platinum to a game which is difficult/grindy or dead now because they themselves earned it years ago legitimately playing the multiplayer the way it was intended to be played. Hence them throwing shade, or having a bad view on that particular person who boosted all their trophies. And the whole thing can go the complete other way around... It's all about how you perceive it. Boosting is there because it's the only thing we have besides cheating the trophies to obtain platinum's for games which in a sense are unobtainable now. As long as it's not considered cheating by Sony or sites like this, than go for it. Just don't hack your trophies.
  14. Umah from Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 Serena from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Rayne from BloodRayne Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft Last but not least, Lara Croft obviously