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  1. Yes, I had to delete my save and after that I started getting cards and keys normally. .
  2. But not a single one in 28 lvl's? That can't be true. I assume that this is a bug. Also the game offers to complete tutorials each time I go to single player. People on the other forum say that the only way to fix this is to delete your save and start over. 😟
  3. Can anyone explain how do you get those? I am at lvl 28, but did not get a single card or key yet? Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Finished Legends in less than two week playing for a few hours a day with a friend. Completing stories and leveling up to lvl 20 was very fun and not grindy at all. As for the Raid: Chapter 1: Completed it on second or third try with complete randoms and no mics. Took us 40-50 minutes. Very easy, can be done without any sophisticated strategy or communication as long as you understand what you have to do. Chapter 2: This took us like two tries and about 4 and a half hours total. Our team was: - me, a complete noob as a ronin; - my friend, a bit more skillful noob as a samurai; - some guy from Iraq as hunter; - and last, but the most important player, - random Korean guy who can't speak English and with no mic. He did almost all the job by himself. He had to use translator to understand us, but for some reason, decided to stay with us till the end despite all our stupidity and random deaths. Nonetheless, it was a greatest multiplayer experience I ever had. Chapter 3: The shortest, but toughest part. Took us like an hour, maybe hour and a half. But only because that Korean guy liked to play with us and kindly suggested to complete last chapter together the next day. It can be completed very fast, but only if you are good at duels. The main strategy was to ignore all the enemies and concentrate on taking turns in duel room with Iyo, while others shoot her head from time to time on the main stage. Overall, challenging, but very doable even with randoms. One player with a mic who knows what to do will be enough.
  5. Got it today. Still works
  6. Or you can just pogo jump on the crystal that you destroy to get katana forge.
  7. I have a question about "Wouldn't hurt a fly". Do you have to make it when you get to the elevator for the first time? Or you can beat it killing flies, and come back later when you have more health for no kill?
  8. "No Bad Match Ups" is the only trophy I had troubles with, the rest wasn't that bad. Spent about 2 hours on the Raiden/Cabal combo. I struggled to memorize the entire combo, but then just split it in two parts. I learned the first half+teleport, then teleport+second part. I practiced till I could execute them without thinking, then I had very little trouble to do entire thing. It just happened. Also, enabling diagonal input helps A LOT. Only after enabling I figured what they wanted from me. Just know that I am AWFUL at fighting games, so if I managed to do this, everyone can.