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  1. I experienced this too. I already had the ps4 plat and was using some old saves to try and get the superhero landing trophy but they barely took any damage at all from the landing lol. I also couldn't get gun fu or two heads one bullet to pop again despite loading a save from before when I earned them on ps4 and definitely fulfilling the requirements. Maybe those need a fresh game? I'll just wait on re platinuming this one until a couple of bugs are worked out and more information is available. I certainly don't mind playing again but it would be nice to use old saves to get rid of some of the more annoying trophies.
  2. I have the plat and my console lists me as having 96 hours in the game, though some of that may have been idle. I had never played the game before and made tons of mistakes so luckily I don't think anyone needs to worry about it being a >200 hour plat. I see somebody has a sub 3 day plat time so it must be possible to progress very quickly with a focused plan. I would rate the difficulty at about a 3 out of 10, the game won't challenge your skills, just your patience for the grind haha. The most important thing you can do to cut down on time is keep track of which dishes you have cooked and eaten. Oh and for getting the X wool you don't have to wait an entire week for your sheep to regrow before trying again! Save right before you shear and reload if you get platinum instead of X. There is a 1 in 255 chance for X wool so it might take a while but it is still a huge time save versus waiting a week for another chance to shear your sheep. So in conclusion, not too bad at all. Hopefully more people chime in with plat times so we can get more of an aggregate but I do feel comfortable saying it will be much less than 200 hours.
  3. I also had trouble getting golden touch to pop even though the character I transferred in had over 200,000 at that point. I found and transferred an earlier save where I had about 150,000 and was able to pop the trophy then for some reason. So the autopop is definitely finicky on that particular one. Disappointing that starting at 80k and working up didn't trigger it. Also, Hard Worker is one of the trophies listed as having to start a new playthrough. I too tried it like three times before realizing I will need a new game for it haha.
  4. I got to the bottom floor of the mines with curry udon. You learn the recipe from the tasty time tuesday tv show and it only costs one wheat flour to make the udon, and then one curry powder to upgrade it to curry udon. The curry udon restores 60 stamina. Easy to make a lot since the ingredients are sold at the general store and very cheap compared to the stamina boosters sold at the clinic. As as the commenter above me said, It is definitely worth it to wait until you have given 100 gifts to the harvest goddess and unlocked the elevator so you don't have to do it all in one go. Also, the spring mine is by far the better target to go to the bottom floor in since we need the recipe you get by hoeing the bottom floor for a trophy but there is nothing on the bottom floor of the winter mine needed for a trophy. In the winter mine I don't think you need to go deeper than the deepest cursed tool.
  5. So I didn't really focus much on cooking the first year as I was just trying to gather as many ingredients as possible and get my animal heart levels up. Come year 2 and I look to get a Mayonnaise (L) recipe to trade with Lou which can only be inspired by using Good Egg 13 times in dishes. However by this time my chickens have been producing excellent eggs for a while. Selecting "Lowest quality ingredients" uses regular eggs, while "highest quality ingredients" uses excellent eggs. Has anyone found any way to select good eggs without burning through either all my regular eggs or excellent eggs? If there is not a way, my advice would be to make sure to unlock the inspiration recipes that require a mid tier ingredient while your animals are still producing that tier! That would have saved me from what looks to be a bit of a headache unless there is a solution. Edit: Just in case any one else runs into this, Mayonnaise (M) recipe uses good eggs specifically and solved the issue. Still might recommend doing the inspirations and recipes as they come up though, if the issue had been with say large milks instead of good eggs, there would have been no other solution than to burn through all of the higher or lower tier milks. Not the end of the world, but hey why not avoid the annoyance if you can.
  6. Very nice month! Much stronger than PS Plus's October in my opinion. I regretted selling my TLOU2 copy after getting plat, now I can try to clean up the permadeath trophy and enjoy the updated frame rate on ps5. Fallout 76 is certainly worth a try too, despite Fallout 4's issues, I still had fun with it so if this is anything similar might be a good time. Seems like a lengthy plat though so hopefully it will remain on the service for a while.
  7. You shouldn't run into any totally gamebreaking bugs with the fully unpatched version, just annoying minor ones. A couple of different sites have all of the patch notes compiled if you want to review exactly what fixes you'll be missing if playing on a unpatched version. Here's one from IGN. The only trophy problem you might have is kill based trophies were not always counting properly before the patches. But it's not a huge deal and can be ground out quickly once you're done with the insanity cheese. Also I recommend importing your character into ME2 before applying the patch! One of the patches severely reduces the amount of credits you can bring with you from ME1 so best to get your credits before updating.
  8. Apparently it can happen at any time with any game to any trophy earned on the PS5. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with being offline or with the insanity cheese. I was looking at the forums for another game I'm playing and saw someone with the same trophy issue. It seems like if this happens to you, don't delete saves or take drastic action! Just wait and eventually the PS5 will show you earned the trophies. Sorry you had to go through all of that and hopefully you didn't lose too much progress
  9. Awesome, glad you got it to work! Hopefully anyone else that has your issue sees your solution.
  10. One solution that has worked for many. Is the game fully installed? If you try to load your saves when the game says "ready to play" but the download isn't finished yet it will crash.
  11. As soon as I put my ps4 disc in the ps5 the option to add the ps5 version popped up for me right where the play game button is. If for some reason it doesn't pop up right away go to the game on the ps store with the ps4 disc still inserted and you should be able to see the upgrade offer available there.
  12. I downloaded the ps5 version using my ps4 disc, can confirm disc owners get the free upgrade
  13. I had to wait for the entire game to install before I could autopop. When I tried loading in after it said "ready to play" but before it was fully installed the game would crash.
  14. Everything autopopped for me while meditating except for the one where you kick a phillak that has kicked you. I flew to Zeffo, kicked one back, and got the plat no problem. The game looks and feels great on PS5 though, I'm still going to play through the story again just for fun.
  15. Wow, that is a major credit nerf. In general I'm not a fan of patches that make games more grindy. Especially since in the legendary edition you have to buy most of the dlc stuff that used to be sent to you for free. In ME3 you can repeat the Citadel DLC armax arena combat simulator as much as you like and each gold award is worth 10,000 credits for a source of infinite money, but as far as I'm aware ME2 has nothing similar which really makes the credit nerf hurt. It's annoying worrying about finding every single little wall safe and pda. I wouldn't be mad at all if they changed it back to 10% of your ME1 credits.
  16. There is a helmet on Tuchunkca called the Death Mask which apparently boosts your paragon/renegade points by 10% in conversations. And then of course every class should have a talent tree which can boost your morality points among other things as well. On Vanguard it's called Assault Mastery, on Infiltrator it's called Operative, etc. If you have a save before the loyalty mission you could try wearing the death mask and re-speccing to get that point bonus out of your skill tree?
  17. Wow such a great find by those who did the work on theorizing and testing these methods. I did insanity on the 360 versions and Andromeda but found it could really drain the fun, which is such a shame. It's really nice to be able turn to normal and just enjoy the stories on these great games without stress. And as to the long service medal, I agree as long as you remembered to download your backup cloud saves back to console after getting the insanity trophies there should be no problem. I got the soldier trophy for 1000 kills not long after I re-downloaded my backups so seems to me the stat tracking picked back up right where I left off.