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  1. Thanks to Golden Devil Gamer. I followed the guidelines and it worked fine.
  2. Hi Friends I spent the weekend and got the Royal Edition disk version. But I just received the code and the cd is coming. First, comrades was downloaded. But my version is version 1.16. Is it a problem in picking trophies?
  3. So, are you sure you do not have a digital version?
  4. Thank you friend. But I did not buy a comrades. I've been looking for a few hours, but I do not think there's any way I can buy a comrades. Even if you buy a season pass, will you be able to download it? I have no hope at all.
  5. Please. What do you mean by "You will have to find that you have the dlc available" ?? Thank you. Let's try. I will ask you one more thing. Can I find a Korean address in addition to Hong Kong or Japan?
  6. Hi. I am a Korean gamer. If I did not buy comrades, is there any hope? I can buy a Royal Edition but I am collecting information. I apologize if my grammar is strange. I used Google Translator.