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  1. If these are indeed re-releases is there any word on when they’re up for sale?
  2. I’m more referring to the fact that we just got remasters for the games but ok
  3. If this is indeed not another stack and just simply updating the game icon for trophies then I guess that’s okay? Another trophy stack for the BioShock games seems a tad ridiculous at this point...although I’d welcome it as it’s my favorite game series 🙃
  4. Kinda like that they updated the trophy list with new trophies versus recycling the port’s trophy list. Very very excited to get my hands on this game.
  5. 19.50 for me. I found this training course tougher than the cargo ship in MWR for some reason. Can definitely go a second or two below 19 if you’re very fast.
  6. I just purchased it in the store, it’s downloading as I type this. Not too certain if there’s a bug on your end? Might be bc of the store tax and you need extra funds? @cX97Xc meant to quote you sorry
  7. It’s only $19.99 in the PS Store, which is already fairly cheap.
  8. Anyone in the U.S. see it in the store yet?
  9. sorry then? Doesn’t take much to read this thread edit: when saying “fresh account” I figured it was common sense that I meant an account with no ties to anything Driveclub related, including dlc...I mean c’mon.
  10. That’s a shame, thank you for your reply though!
  11. If I understand correctly, one can no longer get the 100% for this game without a season pass, and it was delisted right? And please, no snarky replies. I realize I’ve had plenty of time to start the game but I have a huge backlog. Just looking for some info from people currently playing. Thanks for any responses
  12. I have a couple of alt accounts that I make use of for obtaining almost impossible multiplayer trophies. Otherwise I like to recruit actual gamers for help, but only if they are trustworthy. I also make use of a secondary account for testing games out and playing any and every game without worrying about completion percentage. I’m slacking on this account, but I’m a busy dude 😔
  13. LMAO, fair enough! None of this will matter once we’re gone. I’m going to be honest when I say that being a huge fan of the BioShock games does factor into my opinion on exploits being used for them. And that’s the thing, at the end of the day I suppose it really is a matter of opinion on whether something is considered cheating or not, but earning trophies sure does feel a whole lot better than not earning them
  14. Thank you for a logical response, instead of saying “yawn” like the other guy who probably used the glitch and felt good about getting the platinum after...I stated my opinion, but apparently on this site it’s looked down upon supporting getting trophies the right way for certain games; granted, glitches in games are at the disposal of those who want a quick trophy or two since it’s not considered cheating. I just think it’s sad that on an alt account I got all trophies for this game in 3 hours and 1 minute legit, and people still think it’s necessary to use the glitch as if the game is hard in the first place, but I digress 😩
  15. 10/10 response kid Agreed. Way too easy of a game to exploit like this. It’s not like ppl who do this are cheaters, but c’mon.