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  1. I’m not surprised, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. 10/10 would recommend!
  2. That Godzilla costume is siiiiick! 😀
  3. @Kaa-Bling I must say, your dedication to pushing this information to the developers over the years is quite admirable. If anyone could have gotten them to release a patch, it would have been you. I honestly think excuses, excuses, and more excuses are all that got told to anyone who tried to make them aware. They were never going to add in the DLC/a patch I imagine. And sadly as mentioned above, even if they wanted to add in a patch, that is impossible now with Sony not allowing new patches to roll out for games on the PS3 anymore. It’s an unfortunate situation for completionists.
  4. All good, I should’ve worded what I said differently lol. Yeah I had a unique situation with not being able to use my phone number, but not everyone will run into that roadblock. It’s quite simple to set everything up thankfully. Can’t knock them for wanting to add a little extra security to an older console either.
  5. Yes I know, what I meant is the QR code is on the phone itself, so I can’t scan it lol. Had to use my Mac to scan the code from there to transfer the account info to the Authenticator app. Otherwise I would’ve had to manually enter the obnoxiously long registration code (the website doesn’t allow copy/paste). 😐
  6. Essentially haha 😂 highly unlikely for someone to not be able to log back into their account after this update with today’s technology at hand. But I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t use my phone exclusively to properly set up 2-factor verification. I can’t use my phone number for some reason and you can’t scan a QR code from your own phone (unless you can and I’m just really that dumb) so I had to yank out my Mac to do everything.
  7. Can confirm you need 2-step verification turned on now for the device setup password to work properly. Tried generating a device setup password for an already existing account and it’s not working when 2-step is disabled. And to add to this inconvenience, I’m having to do this for an account that was already on my PlayStation. It’s definitely a minor inconvenience, and an understandable change, but this could be bad for people without the tools needed to do all of this (laptop, phone with browsing support, etc.).
  8. Can’t say that I have the same feeling. I’d rather be on my PS3 than PS5 nowadays. From the amazing catalog of games to the satisfying trophy pop sound, it’s great. Who cares about loading times being a little faster, it’s all about the games you’re playing.
  9. You would have to browse the joinable teams in-game and determine if they’ll pop the respective trophies based on the record and accolades. Worst case scenario you will have to boost those 2 remaining EASHL trophies with 3 other people/copies of the game. Wouldn’t take long at all either.
  10. I think the platinum is only unobtainable now for new players only. Something about the game not giving you tuner sets needed for online play I think?
  11. If this turns out to stick the landing, I’m very excited for potential PS3 emulation and older titles getting trophy support when brought to current gen. 🙂
  12. What an amazing feat, great work!
  13. I mean, I wouldn’t say a subject like this is something someone can just “get over”. Ads being placed into an increasing amount of video games would be a dramatic change in the gaming industry, let’s be honest. Plus, the ads seen in the games you mentioned might not even correlate with other games that implement them, so that point makes no sense. I do agree that if it’s just F2P games getting this implemented, it shouldn’t really matter too much. AAA games and the like having this idea implemented would be drastic though.
  14. The DLC is included on the Ultimate Sith Edition disc, can confirm. Does not matter if you purchase it used or brand new, but you’re better off buying used bc the game is quite expensive nowadays.