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  1. Happened to me just the other day…I started My Name Is Mayo 2 on my 2nd profile, and the trophies unlocked on my main account. I only found out about it the day after. Both accounts were logged in, so that must be the issue. Still very odd that it happened though.
  2. Congrats on the record! This is beyond impressive. Going to give the video a watch and a like. 🤟
  3. Thank you for your response. Yes, I understand not everything I mentioned in my comment is in direct relation to the topic at hand, but I cannot send you personal messages to reach out about topics that I’ve been wanting to discuss with you. Others on CRT have been of no help to me or do not care for what I have to say. And your explanation on what a whitelist would entail does make a lot of sense and honestly sounds like it’d be very beneficial and less work on you guys if it were actually integrated, but alas, if Sly doesn’t care for it and thinks it’s a waste of time then I suppose the flags will just keep on piling up. My main problem with the entire situation stemmed from ‘Run Like the Wind’ getting a pass when I really don’t think it should fall under a separate category bc of logistics. And that’s where the user’s opinion on this matter should be taken into account if what you say is true. I don’t expect anything to come of this thread, but I’m still hoping for improvements in at least some facets of this site. Hoping to discuss a few more things with you personally soon.
  4. Hmm, you lost me. You say there should be a whitelist, but there has been no action to actually implement one on this website for what reason exactly? I’ve read through this thread and the only consensus I can come to is because Sly doesn’t care. If he really has the final say on everything, but also isn’t as involved in the inner workings of site rules anymore, why can’t you and the rest of the CRT actually lay down some ground rules for officially unobtainable trophies? I think it’s about time it’s done. And you just said it man: the bounty system was disabled. Therefore, the trophy—under official means—is unobtainable without the assistance of a hacker or joining a modded lobby, doesn’t matter if you’re doing the requirements for it or not. Let’s say someone reopened the League Play feature in Black Ops II and suddenly you could obtain the unobtainable trophy, does that make it okay just bc they were able to actually complete the requirements vs. having it autopop? No, their flags would remain. It is the same situation as ‘Big Leagues’…doesn’t matter if you’re still doing the requirements for it or not, unknowingly or not. And how can you possibly weed out the people outright seeking the trophy vs. those who accidentally obtain the trophy? You just can’t know for sure whether or not someone is lying about it. Think about all of the people who don’t even use this site and don’t know about hackers and modded lobbies that accidentally obtained the ‘Big Leagues’ trophy, it’s not even close to being fair that they have to hide a game on their profile bc CRT says they do and ‘Run Like the Wind’ obtainers can run off without a slap on the wrist. Being picky choosey about what makes a trophy flaggable vs. officially laying down some overdue ground rules on the site is the most irritating thing. I can see why the hundreds of ppl who have to hide Black Ops II would be furious that GTA V players get a pass with ‘Run Like the Wind’. And you guys are so busy dealing with ‘Big Leagues’ flags that CRT still hasn't approved the flags I submitted for a cheater in Fallout 3 months and months ago. Something’s gotta give. Last point here: are you actually taking the majority’s opinions on the matter into account, or is the CRT’s word the final say just bc you guys can bend the rules the way you see fit? The majority’s opinion shouldn’t matter if your team has final jurisdiction on all flags, officially. I just want to see some changes made, bc if we’re being honest, CRT is never going to stop dealing with ‘Big Leagues’ flags for as long as the multiplayer is alive in that game. Either put ‘Big Leagues’ on a whitelist, or put ‘Run Like the Wind’ on the blacklist too, otherwise I really don’t take you guys seriously anymore. Hell, y’all let a certain someone unhide their obviously cheated BioShock JP trophy list even after I explained thoroughly why the timestamps were impossible. It makes me question the legitimacy of the operation you guys are running. I really hope you guys can sort your stuff out and put your brains together to implement some changes on this site, bc it’s a shit show right now.
  5. My comment asking this same question got deleted from a flag dispute, so I’m asking again here: Why is the ‘Big Leagues’ trophy in Black Ops II blacklisted on this site, but a trophy like ‘Run Like the Wind’ in GTA V is not? Is there some kind of bias going on with the CRT or something? Because both trophies are still obtainable by the same means: a modded lobby/hacker. I don’t see how the latter trophy gets a pass, but ‘Big Leagues’ doesn't. Is there anyone that can actually answer my question? I genuinely want to know how CRT determines what trophies get a pass.
  6. Could you or anyone else explain the difference between a console ban and an IP ban? I honestly wouldn’t know.
  7. I believe it was tied to my main console only, I cannot recall if I tried signing into my account on my other PS3s. I did try signing in multiple times to no avail, with only the error code given for bans showing up. First ban lasted a couple of hours, second about 30 minutes to an hour. It’s honestly super scary toying with the idea of losing access to online functionality with my account from something out of my control. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again.
  8. I received a temporary ban TWICE for absolutely no reason at all not even a month ago. Kind of scary to think about when I feel like there is absolutely no support system from PlayStation to avoid or fix something like this from happening. Who would you even call about this? I feel like PS support would not take this seriously. You never hear about something like this happening with Xbox, just saying.
  9. My group used the launcher when we all did it and we were all practically on top of each other when each of us shot. Aim mode does not matter. We were also in a public lobby, all randomly searched, but I don’t think it matters if you’re playing the free for all mode anyways. We were standing in the pool outside of the building also, but I don’t think location matters.
  10. I do not own the Xbox Series X, but I have owned the Xbox One X (man, these names are so dumb)...and I must say I really disliked the user interface a ton. If the Series X is anything similar to last gen in terms of the interface, I don’t think I’d like it much. It felt like I was browsing a fancy website rather than a console home screen, but maybe that’s just me. The one thing that would possibly ever make me stray away from PlayStation is the ability to play all past generation titles, bc that’s pretty impeccable. PlayStation having better exclusives will always give them the upper hand though, no competition there. At the end of the day it’ll always be PlayStation for me.
  11. I don’t see a problem with this potentially being rereleased on the PS4, especially when nearly no one can get their hands on the PS5 right now. I would gladly replay the game too 😬
  12. Thanks a ton ☺️
  13. There’s autopop for almost every single multi platform game, but one of the tougher 100%’s out there has no autopop? 😂 Gotta love it.
  14. No problem! It took me well over 100 tries before I got the trophy, so don’t feel bad. You’ll get it 🙂