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  1. @Shrooba: I wanted to update you and let you know that I finished up Psychonauts on my alt account, and I’ve gotta say… What a game. It almost starts off making you think it’s strictly a kid’s game, but as I played more and more I slowly drifted away from that mindset and started to realize the devs probably wanted you to feel like you were in a fever dream or on an acid trip while traversing the levels. 😂 I don’t want to spoil anything though, especially if you haven’t delved into it yet. Graphics might be a bit dated also, but it does not detract away from the enjoyment whatsoever. You almost forget about the game’s grainy textures and get lost in the story, characters, and gameplay. The only thing I found slightly daunting was the figment collectibles as there is well over 1000 of them spread across the entire game, but nothing one can’t manage and they’re organized in the menus is such a way that makes it easy to track them thankfully. I’m probably going to do a platinum speedrun for the game after I learn the ins and outs a bit more, and watching speedruns for the game on YouTube I’m seeing just how dedicated some people are to optimizing the 100% category. When you eventually get to the game do tell me what you think of it! I’ll be playing the second game by the end of the year as well. 😁🤙
  2. Yeah I’ve heard maaany things about that race, can’t wait to see what it’s all about. And that’s a bummer, but not surprising. When I get to the game I’ll be sure to update you on my thoughts!
  3. How’d you get a $10 card with my name on it? 😏
  4. Great review for Mafia, AJ. You’ve singlehandedly made me want to play it sooner rather than later. I bought it back on release and shelved it due to being busy with a bunch of other games at the time. Might have to dust it off and give it a go!
  5. Bloodborne constantly saves just like any other Souls game, so you cannot trick the game into giving you every ending by quitting out at the end. The moment you receive the respective end game trophy, you will automatically be placed in NG+. The best method is to quit the game right before entering the final boss area and save the game to the cloud (with PS+) or a USB. All end game trophies can then be earned in a matter of minutes doing that. The most important thing to note is you should save the game before consuming the third umbilical cord. If consumed before making your save, you will have to play the game again in order to reach the other 2 endings. Another great way to shave off hours of gameplay for dungeon progress specifically is to use a certain online glyph code to reach the Pthumerian Queen rather quickly. The video below explains it in more detail.
  6. Some goals of mine: I want to do at least 2 more trophy speedruns before the year closes out. I also want to finish up at least 5 of the incomplete games on my profile that are just sitting in limbo, but work has consumed me and is sadly causing a decrease in my passion for trophy hunting. If I keep at it and can find the time to finish up some of these games on my profile, I can probably hit 80% completion percentage before 2022 and that’ll make me happy.
  7. Thank you for clarifying, makes me feel a tad better about the issue.
  8. Strange that I’m able to enter the store with some of my other accounts though eh? I get auto-signed out every time with just my main account. I haven’t been on my PS3 in weeks and don’t do anything malicious on PSN so it’s kinda weird. I wouldn’t worry about PSN for the PS3 my friend, they might be doing some maintenance on their end and it should come around soon (hoping this has to do with my store troubles, but unlikely). 😬 I was saying that I might be banned from accessing the PlayStation 3 store, not PSN entirely. I’m still able to sign in thankfully, but get immediately signed out every time when trying to launch the store. It’s very odd, but I’ll wait it out and see if something changes.
  9. Earlier I couldn’t sign in at all on my PS3, but it seems to be working now. I’ve seen other reports on social media reporting the same thing as you. When I try to enter the PlayStation store though…I automatically get signed out every single time. It’s starting to make me a little nervous as I have a huge library of games. I’m able to access the store on my other accounts, so I’m starting to think I’ve been banned from the store entirely.
  10. Yeah I figured it out: my conversations with Lester and Dom are what spawned them, it just took a very long time for them to appear. I was playing for the last day and a half with no luck, but it just took a while for the game to register that I had them unlocked or something. 🤷🏻‍♂️ So for those wondering: 1. Talk to Lester at least once (in person). 2. Wait until you have the option to set bounties (doesn’t have to be a human player, can be the NPCs that the game gives you). 3. Wait until Dom contacts you. When he mentions giving you parachuting jobs just wait until they appear (my game took quite awhile to unlock them for some reason). There’s also no need to purchase the parachute beforehand!
  11. Thanks a bunch man, but literally minutes after my comment they started popping up on my map! 😂 It took FOREVER for them to spawn after my conversations with Dom, which apparently is the person who starts spawning them for you. The game just wanted to troll me lol.
  12. I’m level 35 and still locked out of parachuting jobs, and I have no clue what to do to get them to spawn or unlock. This sucks. 😟 Edit: They finally started to unlock after my conversations with Lester/Dom, but took so long to pop in.
  13. No problem! And this would be my first time hearing about that trophy also being glitched, which I hope it isn’t. Sadly I do not know the exact level, but you can easily determine the level based on total XP earned/needed.
  14. Only levels 14 and 74, no need to worry about any other levels.
  15. I want to thank you for the kind words my friend! I hope you have tons of fun when you do get to them and really immerse yourself in the gameplay/atmosphere. Headphones are recommended if you want more of that experience. There is nothing quite like playing the BioShock games for the first time, and if you haven’t played 1 and 2 before, I would love to hear your thoughts on them after you complete them. 😎 You are always more than welcome to message me on PSN or Discord about the game whenever you want if you have any questions! HoorayForTyler#2580 And it’s funny how you mention Psychonauts right below as I just bought Psychonauts the other day! I’m super excited to see what this game is all about as I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Perhaps I’ll report back here once I play it and give my thoughts on it as well. I’ll be going in blind as I know hardly anything about the game. 🙂