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  1. Man that’s a bummer, I’m sorry that happened to you. When I boosted to level 74 the second time around, I had multiple consoles and some alts from a boosting group so we could close a lobby. I played the Home Run game mode exclusively and just melee killed the entire enemy team, over and over. I couldn’t tell you how long it took me as it was so long ago, but I remember it going by super quick. That’s just the method I used though, maybe there are quicker ways.
  2. When I input my download code for the bonuses it had 2 of each item it seemed, so I could only assume it gave me them for both versions? I couldn’t tell tbh as there were no prompts indicating if they were all for the PS4 version or not. I can't even see the pre-order skins in the options menu where you switch them out, so I have no clue what to do there. It also doesn’t bode well that the PS4 version is incapable of letting you earn trophies currently (no trophy list synced to my profile on boot up) so the PS5 version is the way to go right now.
  3. None of the info I gave is made up. And I wouldn’t let those trophies stop you from playing the game. Just be cautious of your XP in-game at the top left when you’re levels 13 and 73. No problem! Very happy to hear you got it done without the glitches occurring.
  4. I’m giving more information than was given in posts above mine. That one fella was making it sound like you have to level up in-game for every level. Anyways, it’s better for anyone who’s planning to do this game to have as much info as possible. Because I’ve been on the receiving end of the glitch for ‘Warchief’, I know it will be near impossible for a lot of people to get the plat if they don’t have time to boost XP again.
  5. I just wanted to mention this here for those that may not end up browsing the other forum posts: The Global Warfighters and Warchief trophies have a chance of not unlocking when they are supposed to, which can potentially lock you out of getting the Medal of Honor Warfighter platinum depending on when you start the game. These trophies require you to reach level 14 and 74 respectively, and if you unlock the required XP for these trophies after a match, your game will lock up and the trophies won’t pop. You do NOT want this to happen. To avoid this, make sure you are able to get the required XP for these two levels in-game. If you reach these levels after a match and this glitch occurs, you are going to have to personally contact EA and have them erase your progress, thus causing you to level all the way back up to level 14 and/or 74. But there’s another catch: doing so will erase your online progress for other EA titles (potentially all of them, but this I’m not sure of). Please do not make the same mistake that I made. If you think a match will end before being close to hitting level 14/74, leave the match, quit to XMB, or turn your PS3 off. I had to boost all the way back up to level 74 for ‘Warchief’ after completing everything else in the multiplayer, and let me tell you…it was not fun.
  6. If they did somehow tie it to a trophy, I await your eventual guide for it. 😆 You may have a lot of people looking to your future videos for Maximum Security difficulty too if it turns out to be a challenge lol.
  7. After reading through the trophy descriptions again, it doesn’t seem like getting all death animations is a requirement anymore. Unless it’s a requirement for a certain piece of equipment or something of the sort? Perhaps they really did just get rid of the need to do it. I will say though, death animation trophy or not, it would be cool to see just how many unique animations there are. Super excited to see just how detailed this game truly is.
  8. That’s actually a really good point. Less focus on the trophies, more focus on the potentially great gameplay experience.
  9. The game tile is pretty uninspired, but the trophy images themselves are very nice. I’m more surprised that there’s less than 30 trophies for a title this big.
  10. I have a good feeling that it’ll exceed expectations. With Glen directing, I haven’t had any doubts. I’m sure he’s considering the original Dead Space and will probably try to outdo it even. Very excited for this game!
  11. Still playable, I had no issues with freezing after the shutdown. Game was stable all the way to platinum.
  12. Here’s to hoping that everyone who’s been flagged after the workaround gets their flags lifted. When the forum rules state that the Ao2 custom server is allowed, it’ll be a bad look if they stick.
  13. Oh wow, didn’t know that could occur…that’s unfortunate for sure.
  14. Might be a shot in the dark with this info, but… I think if you launch the game OFFLINE and then sign in after entering the game, once you’re done with your session/earning trophies in the game you must go OFFLINE while still in the game then turn off your console soon after. It’s worth a shot. Worked for me with Battlefield Bad Company in the past. But it’s easy to mess up if you quit to XMB before signing out. You can’t play any other games online on your PS3 account during that time though. The only other thing that I can think of that will cause an auto sync is being online on PS4/PS5 while simultaneously playing Ao2, that will 100% cause an auto sync, happened to me on many occasions. If the trophies still sync after taking the precautions above, that’s messed up. I’m still unsure if the PS4/PS5 will sync PS3 trophies that haven’t technically been synced yet though. 😬
  15. To be fair, I think this particular situation is completely different than anything else that would and could be whitelisted. If people truly believe it’ll spiral out of control, the least CRT could do is require the people who play these shovelware ezpz plats to: 1. Play completely offline, and/or 2. Use the built in recording software to show what happened (this shouldn’t be a big deal, since the games this seems to be affecting can be finished within minutes) after an OS glitch occurs. It’s kinda shit that this should even be a thing, but if there ends up being any kind of requirements for leniency, those would be it. And to be honest, it makes no sense to me that some users here truly believe this will negatively affect weeding out the actual cheaters still on the leaderboards. I don’t see that happening.