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  1. Hm that’s weird how it’s different for both regions. Thank you for the info, going to grab me a copy soon.
  2. Sadly, the Return to Ostagar DLC cannot be purchased separately from the PlayStation store, I just checked. It may possibly be available on EU store, but I can confirm it is not in the U.S. Perhaps it unlocks after buying the other DLCs? I’m not certain. I’ll have to be on the lookout for a brand new copy of the Ultimate Edition to obtain 100% I suppose 😒 Edit: Not sure if 100% is possible with used Ultimate Edition?
  3. If the game still utilizes password pairing, then getting the PVP kills quickly for the covenant items would make sense. That could easily knock off an hour or two of farming for the proof of concord kepts, which takes quite awhile even with maxed out luck/coins/symbol of avarice. And iirc there’s a second way of receiving the other covenant items through online play, but if not then someone can correct me there. And yeah if he does have a burner account then he definitely would be contradicting himself. I highly doubt anyone would come close to achieving a time like his on their first run through this game, even with assistance from a DS3 vet. Something isn’t adding up. You would need tons of practice and some notes I’d imagine. And I’d really like to know if he could even tag the person who helped him, or at least mention the name, but once again, he probably won’t as he’s not a straight shooter. As far as the Archavia situation goes, I wouldn’t know anything about that game to pitch in my two cents, but you’re not the only one who’s concerned about OP’s inability to simply explain how things were done to obtain fast times in games.
  4. He did the exact same thing during his Mad Max flag dispute, never thoroughly explains the process that gets him such a fast completion time, and instead makes paragraphs of irrelevant fluff to detract away from the flag. He never answered any questions I had for him, and I don’t expect him to answer any here, especially if you’re inquiring about something specific. Edit: Although it’s been years, I obtained the platinum for DS3 on an old account and know a good bit about the game, and have also watched Nemz38’s 100% speedrun for the game; with a very well thought out route, this time can be possible but if and only if someone was really dropping items for him. If you really can drop every single ring for someone (I haven’t ever personally tested this) then maybe that would explain receiving the trophy for all rings before other trophies. I’m not going to act like I’m an expert on this one, but maybe other people could shed some light on this. Just don’t expect straight answers or explanations from OP.
  5. Hey all, I was on the PS3 online store just a few minutes ago when suddenly I was thrown out, and shortly afterwards signed out entirely. My bet is Sony is currently fixing the update file issues, but that’s just a wild guess. Edit: I have tried multiple times to sign back into my account to no avail. Error code: 80710016
  6. I know, it’s like clockwork...you have an opinion or genuine concern for something on here and you’ll instantly get bombarded with negative responses for no reason other than someone wanting to stand out and be the cool, pretentious gamer. And who knows, you may or may not be right when saying Jim Ryan could be the major factor into these business decisions being made, but it still doesn’t change the fact that problems similar to the ones mentioned will continue into the future. Time will tell. And same here, I’m lucky enough to be able to spend my money on every game I want before the store shutdown, but at the same time I’m also thinking about all of the gamers who aren’t fortunate enough to do the same. Your concern is warranted and is at least being heard by those who care too.
  7. Whether or not half of these executive decisions rest on the shoulders of Jim Ryan, it does still raise concerns for the future of PlayStation and how decisions will be made from here on out. It took nothing for them to give such short notice for the store closures—not even a year heads up at that—and all during a time period where some people aren’t as lucky as others to get all of the games they want. And you seem to be the one who needs to grow up if you’re shaming gamers for having genuine concern for the future of the very consoles we play on; I’d at least expect everyone in this online community to agree on some level, but I suppose it’s elitist losers like you who are okay with company sabotage.
  8. I also want to give a huge shoutout to @Smzthyy & @Moosbert for their help! The most helpful people ever 🤘
  9. By the looks of these “games”, it doesn’t seem like you are missing out on much. And do you have any reputable sources to back up your claim that Sony will take action against foreign alt accounts? That’d be a lot of trophy hunters losing access to purchased content.
  10. Maybe because the boosting has server issues and is repetitive/an absolute drag. I agree with everyone in this thread when they say boosting this game might just drive you crazy bc of how absolutely boring and monotonous it is. If anyone plans on boosting with other people in FC2, good luck, because you’re just going to end up making your sessions way longer and you have the potential of running into more bugs and glitches with the servers. Even with 3 PS3s it took me quite awhile to finish the manuals and hit level 30 due to how bored I got (my personal experience, won’t be the same for everyone else). With enough determination and solely focusing on FC2, you can definitely get the game done within a week, but it surely won’t be a fun grind.
  11. I was wondering why ikemenzi disappeared from the leaderboards. Didn’t realize it’d be bc of an obvious wrongful flag. Gonna have to agree with you...I don’t like the fact that someone can walk away with an obviously cheated game on their profile, even after I discussed in detail with CRT why said game was cheated.
  12. Having a “100% account” doesn’t affect rank in any way and isn’t worth anything in my opinion. It only matters to the completionist who has that profile, but doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, and that’s the truth. Don’t worry about what others think of you and your profile though, do what you want and play what you want.
  13. You can make a thread about literally anything on PSNProfiles and users will still find a way to be pretentious, entitled assholes towards one another lol
  14. Not surprised that it ended up being true. The ability to still download purchased content was the only thing concerning me the most though. I feel a shutdown was inevitable as time goes on, but this isn’t a good look with Sony having ‘digital only’ consoles now. I’ll be purchasing tons of Vita/PS3 games and DLC over the coming months and advise others to do the same before it’s too late.