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  1. I just farmed MINAC as that seemed to be the most efficient way to get the items. As long as you can destroy the claptraps quick enough you can get a good bit of kills off before the little entrance closes again. Having the trophies auto pop is definitely the easy way out, but I didn’t do that so I had to go with this method. The last items I had to get were bobble heads and the pizza, and it took me forever to get pizzas to spawn 😒
  2. Never thought they’d release this DLC so late into this version...all the more reason to pick it up!
  3. Hey all, I wanted to update the forums for BioShock 2 by giving some tips for any new players taking a crack at the multiplayer and/or those that want to finish up the game’s online asap. As most BioShock 2 veterans know, the turret boosting method is indeed the most efficient way for two or more players to net a couple thousand ADAM every game. After obtaining all of the multiplayer trophies for the game fairly quickly, I’ve found better methods for solo boosters with alts and/or friends who can lend a hand. Besides the turret boosting method, which almost everyone does, there is another method you can use that will potentially net you an extra thousand ADAM or so every game if done correctly: the vending machine boost. Two players meet at any vending machine within a map, one player can continuously hack the vending machine while the other player uses telekinesis on the bomb that comes out of the machine. The player using telekinesis never has to stop using telekinesis (they have to hold down telekinesis for the remainder of the game) because they will be picking up eve every time the machine is hacked again by the player boosting for ADAM. If both players are positioned correctly, you will be netting yourself 10 ADAM every 2-3 seconds or so. The downside to this method? Only ONE player will be receiving the ADAM, but you can easily switch out with the player every game if they need ADAM too. If you have an alt I highly recommend joining ADAM Grab lobbies and finding yourself a vending machine somewhere to boost. In my time playing the game, I hardly ran into any randoms who didn’t understand what was taking place. Doing this method can potentially cut down your boosting time in half, maybe more. Good luck to any newcomers!
  4. In all honesty, it’s possible to plat the game in less than a day. I got the plat for the PS3 version in less than 2 days, with the multiplayer taking up most of my time. Take the multiplayer out of the equation and the plat is a walk in the park if you’re familiar with the gameplay; the DLC is also not too challenging. The only trophies you may have issues with in the base game (if any) are the difficulty related ones, even then the game is super easy!
  5. I don’t believe the DLC is included sadly, nor will you be able to play it w/o the Infinite disc inserted I think (can’t remember). If it’s not on there the DLC is $10 in the US psn store I believe. It comes with three “challenge rooms” that each add a good extra hour or two of gameplay, depending on skill and trophy hunting. As far as the game itself goes...it’s an experience. The PS3 version of BioShock is slightly dated at this point, but it holds up insanely well for a 2008 game and has one of the best stories and atmospheres I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a game. Survivor diff. shouldn’t give you too many issues, especially if you use the saving functionality to your advantage; and be sure to disable the vita-chambers in the settings for the gold trophies. It’ll save you some extra playthroughs . Hopefully you enjoy/are already enjoying it, and apologies for the lost post. Huge BioShock fan. Lol. Cheers
  6. I can confirm that it’s definitely doable to obtain any of the online trophies solo. I agree with Derelict, though, you’re going to absolutely need to server search for Supply Drop wins and maybe search for individual maps for those misc trophies.
  7. https://i.psnprofiles.com/games/cd3717/L3c34b3.png Proud of this 100%. Especially when getting it in 12 hours. Love the game.