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  1. I used to do streams of my all trophies speedrun on Twitch! As a matter of fact when I compete another run in the future (love doing them for fun), I can link you the run so you can see how I get things done 😎🤙 It took a lot of play time and repeated playthroughs to develop the route I made, and playing it all on Survivor makes it all the more interesting too! For Worlds of Hurt, if you go through the rooms in a very specific order while also buying certain tonics/plasmids it can be quite easy to get through them quick on Normal difficulty while only using the wrench and plasmids, but you just mainly have the watch out for the last room (big daddies) bc you can die in a heartbeat.
  2. No, the glitch you’re referring to does not work on the PS3 version of BioShock.
  3. Those are some very nice records man, kudos! Especially for Deus Ex and Fallen Order, very nice work! I’m sure a lot of your records took a lot of planning beforehand too.
  4. I think you missed the part where I said “if someone—”, not “if you—”. And using the hidden feature to log finished games makes sense, but is still quite silly. I was more touching on the fact that it’s a great tool for cheaters to use, especially with the 3 strike rule here on PSNProfiles. And I also think that people shouldn’t have the ability to hide a game they “never started”...they landed on the profile for a reason. It’s great having opinions though isn’t it?
  5. But you’re hiding them from everyone else...? Why hide them? If someone is hiding their games, I’d automatically assume they’re ashamed to show them on their profile, or they cheated in the game. Any other reason would make absolutely no sense.
  6. Trophy stacks are one thing due to region differences, and I can’t say anything on that matter personally as I stack games if I enjoy them enough. But hiding trophies is probably one of the dumbest things Sony ever implemented imo. If you started a game on your profile, I don’t think you should have the ability to hide it after the fact. Plus it gives cheaters more of an incentive to do what they do best and easily get away with being on the leaderboards still. But changing how percentages work with games and their DLC? That would be extra tacky. But alas, that’s just my opinion.
  7. Idk why anyone would say this multiplayer’s boosting is a difficult grind, bc it’s not. With a very dedicated boosting group of at least 5 people—the amount needed for 2 trophies—playing every evening for a few hours, you can get all multiplayer trophies done in less than 3-4 days, and no, that’s not a joke. None of the trophies are that difficult to obtain and the only one you may have slight trouble with is Breaking and Entering (the one and only co-op trophy). Don’t let people scare you away from starting the game...get yourself some extra PS3s going and other people looking to do the multiplayer and get it done! 🤜🤛
  8. Some of you are too funny....you think we should track DLC trophy progress separately here just bc you want your unfinished games to say “100%” on your profile? Wow. Just play the DLC. The game is on your profile for a reason, so play the game in full and earn the 100%. Jesus.
  9. When you plan accordingly and try to start early in the day, it’s easy to play all the way through to snag those records, especially if you have extensive knowledge of the game! Trust me, you’re not the only one 😄 I was reported in the past for my time in BioShock 2...the flag reason? “Trophies were earned too fast.” What a great reasoning to dispute against right? As long as you know you’re legit and can back it up, people can keep on hating 😎
  10. Woah...your times for these games are insanely good, especially with Bound, GTA: SA, and VR Worlds. I don’t think anyone is going to go up against you for some of these records, seriously, congrats!
  11. What an awesome accomplishment, it’s amazing what you can do when you have dedicated people with you help out in a game, especially one so lengthy! What matters is you had a blast while playing the game. I plan on trying this game out some time in the future, so it’s good to see that it’s considered to be such a great co-op game! Woah, nice one. I’ve gotta give you props bc I tried to play that game and I could not get a handle on the controls for the life of me...or maybe I’m just that bad at the game 😂 Ahh, I was in the forums for quite some time looking for a similar thread to the one I created, but couldn’t find one! I must’ve not used the right keywords. I never meant to overshadow that thread or anything. People are more than welcome to comment under whichever one they wish, but I was more keen on having more #1 world record holders for games come forward with their stories. To each their own though 😬 if moderators want to do something with this one, so be it. I’d gladly revive that thread. Dude your time for Amnesia Collection is bonkers. What a great game to have a record for! And another record for a game with only 3 platinum achievers? Excellent work. Really nice job on Arkham City, I remember that game being super lengthy, but also being a good time regardless. Hope to see more records from you soon! 🤟
  12. Yes I’ve heard a lot of different things surrounding the 3rd and 4th Just Cause games, but I absolutely love the 2nd and if I can get a good understanding of 3 and 4, I might go for the fastest 100% records, but I wouldn’t complain if I didn’t get them. And that’s the best thing about having fun with games, if you enjoy it enough, you can look past the bs and difficulty 👌
  13. Welcome to the forums friend. My favorite is definitely the PS3, a lot of great games and I love the interface (the store sucks though 😂).
  14. I’m currently working on routes for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and Dead Space 3. Both are going to be very lengthy games and will be tough to pull off without breaks, but I’ll just have to see what happens! Some others I plan on going for are Just Cause 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and most of the LEGO titles...just to name some 🙂 And good deal, I hope to see your name at the top soon! Woah, those are some really good times, especially for Rez Infinite. Very nice work! Insane requirements, wow. I’m sure getting that ultra rare plat after all the hard work definitely gave you a sense of accomplishment! Nice job.
  15. Doesn’t really matter if you’re not in 1st place for these titles, these are still very impressive times, AJ. Kudos. Especially with Wolfenstein 3D and Velocity 2X. Back then when the runs for Velocity weren’t as optimized, I’m sure a time of 3 days 25 minutes was insanely good. Very good time for A Plague Tale! Abzu is really interesting though bc of how people set up the speedruns for that game...the record being just under 9 minutes? Crazy. Your time is still very good bc I know how many collectibles and hidden things there are in the game! Nice job. Thanks a ton, and to have that kind of dedication and knowledge with the Persona titles is a mighty accomplishment itself. Great job!