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  1. ahh I see, thanks for the responses guys
  2. Hey all, trying to flag some obvious illegitimate trophies off of someone’s account. Let it be known that I have their game that I’m trying to flag, and I know very well that their time stamps are entirely impossible. Is there a reason I cannot flag them? (I have the game that is on their profile). Thanks
  3. #21 - Fallout 3! Although I got the plat roughly 2 months ago it’s still my most recent (grinding out Far Cry 2 has taken up all of my time). Game Difficulty: 2-3/10 Time to 100%: 1-2 weeks with on and off play most likely (I did it in less than a day with a route I developed though) Super fun game and one of the most unique RPG experiences I’ve encountered. My only gripe is the game is horribly optimized on the PS3 (I’m almost dreading starting New Vegas). I still recommend to any gamers who haven’t played and still dabble with the PS3!
  4. With a good, coordinated boosting group you can knock out almost all online trophies in a few weeks, maybe less depending on how much you plan on playing (daily, weekly, etc.). Like @rintheskyking said, hitting level 50 legit will take up most of your time...and don’t let the rarity of the ‘Kingpin’ trophy fool you; it’s easy to obtain with the required amount of people if they’re smart enough to know what they’re doing. I had more trouble with ‘Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace’ if anything (watch some videos on how to get it very easily with boosters). You may also face a little bit of challenge getting the gold rating in all of the advanced co-op missions, but patience is key with those, don’t give up!! (I recommend playing the online and/or single player with auto-aim turned off as it’s very good practice for the advanced missions (no auto-aim allowed if I recall). I also recommend replaying certain online hideouts over and over to gain quick XP as doing almost anything else could be a waste of time in relation to how much XP you’re getting per hour, especially if you’re not always going to have a boosting partner. (You can boost XP easily by yourself in public servers). All in all... Time to 100%: 2 to 3 weeks depending on playtime and boosting partner availability. Maybe quicker than that! Difficulty: 7-8/10 Tips: Boosting partners are a must!! You got this!! 😁
  5. totally unrelated to the topic at hand, but this has me dying man 😂
  6. - Fallout 3 - Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Space - Dead Space 2 - Dead Space 3 - Call of Duty: World at War - F.E.A.R. - F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
  7. The graphics are quite abysmal for this game, by current gen standards at least, but who knows how interesting the gameplay will be. Definitely shouldn't have been the final thing revealed during the game awards either lol
  8. I personally think it's a very bad idea; you have a game on your profile you haven't finished? Too bad, it is there for a reason. Being able to delete games with 0% trophies is just fine in itself. Make a new profile if it bugs you that much...but that's just me
  9. Cliff stole the show for me. Great game.
  10. A platinum for a game with 14 trophies...I guess it’s okay—hope this doesn’t become more and more common though. Might be an easy plat. I’m still interested in playing maybe a few months after release.
  11. Dead Space... One of my favorites; a great game if you’re into the survival horror genre. Not too hard to platinum either.
  12. Agreed; let's hope they update it if it ever rolls out again...imagine the trophy description saying "we got it right this time!"
  13. This is a super old post, but this game is super easy. Anyone who thinks otherwise shouldn't be playing RPGs or should set the game to 'very easy' difficulty for the experience. The hardest part about the game is not getting frustrated with the crashes every so often.
  14. The funniest thing ever would be for them to keep the spelling error even when the remasters roll out 😂
  15. Anytime! And yeah the same thing happened to a lot of people right before the Twisted Metal server shutdown...I thankfully had enough alts to avoid all the nonsense 😅