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  1. The very first time I reached Hex I almost won by a second 😞 ...very first time I reached Fall Mountain...almost won by one second. This game is so much fun but can really pull at your heartstrings haha! Does anyone have any tips for Fall Mountain? Edit: I can confirm leaving games doesn’t change kudos amount still.
  2. I see, still learning the ropes haha. Talk about a game putting you on the borderline between rage and pure fun! Hope the wins come naturally for all the trophy hunters here 🙏
  3. Agreed. I loved the effort put into this remake. Thoroughly enjoyed returning to the game. Hopefully the praise can spawn a remake of the sequel (my personal favorite), and a third game
  4. According to my game I have 1 win...but I’ve lost every final round? This game is something else 😂
  5. Anthony Caliber is going to have a field day with this
  6. This thread has me excited for the eventual adrenaline rushes I’ll be undergoing while playing this game. Seems like a heap of fun mixed in with irritation. Gotta love it 😂
  7. The worst? This must be a joke. MWR is nothing compared to WAW on veteran. The campaign was even easier on veteran than its original PS3 release as well.
  8. Monopoly. I kid you not 😂
  9. A classic indeed. I still play the multiplayer several times a week. And I can’t speak for TLOU 2 because I haven’t finished it yet, but from what I’ve played so far it’s pretty immersive and impressive gameplay wise. I’m not invested in the story just yet to be honest.
  10. I’ve been eager to try this game out ever since I’ve seen gameplay from a few YouTubers. Very exciting!
  11. I highly doubt you strive to see both sides of an argument if you want to judge people for not wanting to support a game company. And if the EA talk is getting a little old for you, then ignore it? This was my first time bringing up the company on this website ever and I have every right to voice what I feel, just like you've been doing bud.
  12. The same thing could be said about every single person on PSNProfiles who comment on threads all day. It always seems so hard for gamers on here to realize that everyone has their own opinion. The moment one's own opinion doesn't coincide with yours, it's considered pathetic. Tragic.
  13. I'm not shitting on EA because of a damn trophy dude, this goes beyond a bronze trophy. And it's pathetic to encourage not buying EA games? Are you kidding me? Do you not remember the mess behind Anthem? The exploitation of all their sports titles? Or am I the only one who recognizes the business practices? Yeah, they have some great titles, but anyone with an actual working brain can see how half-assed their games can be in current gen, and even though this whole thread is centered around Dante's Inferno, it does not change the fact that the company as a whole isn't all there and for the gamers. What's pathetic is automatically assuming my opinions of EA Games is centered around a trophy in a game that released years ago. Get real.
  14. ...it’s not like I don’t agree with you dude. I feel no entitlement towards being able to earn now unattainable trophies, so that does not apply to me. I personally think it’s quite ridiculous to drone on and on about server shutdowns years after release, and then continuing the whining by submitting petitions, etc. after the fact as if it’ll do anything. Most people’s frustrations here probably stem from the possible 30 day notice not being utilized. Nothing said changes the fact of what I mentioned in my post: you can’t expect anything less from EA, and they are a joke of a company, my main point in the first place.
  15. You can’t really expect anything less from EA. A joke of a company. To avoid this issue in the future you should: Stop buying their games.