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  1. Monopoly. I kid you not 😂
  2. A classic indeed. I still play the multiplayer several times a week. And I can’t speak for TLOU 2 because I haven’t finished it yet, but from what I’ve played so far it’s pretty immersive and impressive gameplay wise. I’m not invested in the story just yet to be honest.
  3. I’ve been eager to try this game out ever since I’ve seen gameplay from a few YouTubers. Very exciting!
  4. I highly doubt you strive to see both sides of an argument if you want to judge people for not wanting to support a game company. And if the EA talk is getting a little old for you, then ignore it? This was my first time bringing up the company on this website ever and I have every right to voice what I feel, just like you've been doing bud.
  5. The same thing could be said about every single person on PSNProfiles who comment on threads all day. It always seems so hard for gamers on here to realize that everyone has their own opinion. The moment one's own opinion doesn't coincide with yours, it's considered pathetic. Tragic.
  6. I'm not shitting on EA because of a damn trophy dude, this goes beyond a bronze trophy. And it's pathetic to encourage not buying EA games? Are you kidding me? Do you not remember the mess behind Anthem? The exploitation of all their sports titles? Or am I the only one who recognizes the business practices? Yeah, they have some great titles, but anyone with an actual working brain can see how half-assed their games can be in current gen, and even though this whole thread is centered around Dante's Inferno, it does not change the fact that the company as a whole isn't all there and for the gamers. What's pathetic is automatically assuming my opinions of EA Games is centered around a trophy in a game that released years ago. Get real.
  7. ...it’s not like I don’t agree with you dude. I feel no entitlement towards being able to earn now unattainable trophies, so that does not apply to me. I personally think it’s quite ridiculous to drone on and on about server shutdowns years after release, and then continuing the whining by submitting petitions, etc. after the fact as if it’ll do anything. Most people’s frustrations here probably stem from the possible 30 day notice not being utilized. Nothing said changes the fact of what I mentioned in my post: you can’t expect anything less from EA, and they are a joke of a company, my main point in the first place.
  8. You can’t really expect anything less from EA. A joke of a company. To avoid this issue in the future you should: Stop buying their games.
  9. Online trophies. Just think about it, trophies that require you to have a connection to servers that can potentially and inevitably be shut down? Not fun. It’s almost becoming a joke having so many online trophies in games nowadays. Not every gamer has access to these servers either. I feel they’re almost shoehorned into games to force you to play the online aspect, but of course this doesn’t apply to MMO’s and games alike (ESO for example), but that’s the exception. Collectible trophies? Adds fun and exploration to the game. Difficulty trophies? This needs no explanation, but...it’s great to have a challenge in games and having earned the difficulty trophies can make a statement to yourself and other gamers. Speedrun trophies? I’m a casual speedrunner, so I have no problem with speedrun trophies and if anything it’s a fun little challenge and can even push you to learn more about the game and different routes and techniques to undertake while playing. Grindy trophies being disliked makes sense too though because I can understand the irritation behind completing a game but still having to return for constant grinding (you can name many trophies that fall under this category).
  10. Fair enough, I’ve just seen it discussed before. If there’s a way to detect that I’d be surprised though. God mode menus are notorious for being used on all Call of Duty games. And I get your point friend, but you cannot compare the use of a mod menu to in game glitches/boosting... The AvP and Wolfenstein examples don’t even apply here, as that falls under the fault of the developers not coding the game correctly.
  11. Debating Big Leagues is one thing, but using a mod menu to obtain the zombies trophies and/or multiplayer trophies shouldn’t even be up for debate. Anyone who has to use those to get the trophies shouldn’t even be tracked on this website nor call themselves trophy hunters.
  12. With 19 survivors you should be fine. I don’t believe having no healthy survivors will make a difference here, it will just make more of your hungry survivors sick. I once quit out with about 8-10 survivors (can’t remember) and also lost 60% but was in the clear, don’t think I had any healthy survivors either.
  13. Up until recently, the Far Cry 2 multiplayer grind. Never again.
  14. Physical copies over digital all day every day. Option to resell/trade? ✔️ Chance for physical copies to gain value on the market? ✔️ Option to revert back to previous versions of games because of potential glitches/bugs in updates? *cough* Mad Max *cough* ✔️ Nice little collection of games on your shelf? ✔️ If gamers can’t see the benefit of having a disc reader then I guess you can’t help change their mind 😬
  15. I was thinking the exact same thing! We’re far away from being in a state of “stream-only” hardware, especially for the countries who are perhaps less fortunate when it comes to internet speeds. Heck, I hardly have the means of being able to stream on PS Now myself 😆 I’m glad PS5 is still supporting physical copies.
  16. If I can avoid games that already have shut down servers then I will, but otherwise I’ll always add a game to my list if it’s worth it (the challenge, gameplay, etc.). I feel I’ll eventually break the “100% profile” mindset and play whatever I see fit but for now I stick with games I have the potential to 100% or at least platinum.
  17. If they’re going to go with the white border over blue for next gen it would’ve been interesting to pair it with clear or black cases. How amazing that’d look eh? Agreed. Physical over digital for me ‘til the end. Why purchase digital media you can hardly be refunded for/return? Doesn’t make any sense. At least with physical copies there’s the option to resell in the future.
  18. PT because of the immersion. And although I’m desensitized by it now, BioShock the first time through is quite an experience imo. I recall many creepy moments during my playthroughs...I always recommend it to people who know nothing about it 👍
  19. For some reason it wasn’t even showing up in my library which is quite strange; using the mobile app solved the issue thanks!
  20. I seem to not be able to preload the game onto my PS4...I’ve checked the in store download button and the game library on the main home screen but I can only see the Original Soundtrack and The Art of TLOU...am I missing something here? (SOLVED) ...for anyone else that may run into this issue: if you have the mobile app search the game and choose to download it onto your PS4.
  21. Aww I’m sorry for having my own opinion on a forum site 😰 If you need to fiddle with the specific factors for difficulty in the first place then why not just play the easiest difficulty? And yeah I found grounded to be fun as well, but if you’d much rather play games that practically hold your hand all the way through, then good for you. Once again, that’s just my opinion. This logic makes a lot of sense. Thank you for actually being logical rather than defensive like most on this site. I can see how replayability can be increased with this too. Exactly this. I was trying to find the words to describe how I’m feeling about this but you worded it perfectly.
  22. Are you kidding me? If you’re able to individually tweak specific settings related to the difficulty of the game then that’s pretty sad. I can understand the ‘no difficulty related trophies’ aspect of things as it won’t discourage newcomers to the series and trophy hunters I suppose, but I think that the ability to individually change aspects of the game is a turn off. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed TLOU and it’s survivor difficulty; it really added tons of replay value. Here’s to hoping DLC adds some difficulty-related stuff.
  23. wait...people use a difficulty exploit in the dlc for the trophies? C’mon now 😐
  24. For sure! I’m certain a lot of gamers didn’t/won’t see it coming when loading up saves from other stacks. 😞 Still legitimate nonetheless!
  25. Agreed. It’s rewarding doing it that way, that cross save nonsense doesn’t look good. New saves > ridiculous trophy orders.