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  1. ahh I see, thanks for the responses guys
  2. Hey all, trying to flag some obvious illegitimate trophies off of someone’s account. Let it be known that I have their game that I’m trying to flag, and I know very well that their time stamps are entirely impossible. Is there a reason I cannot flag them? (I have the game that is on their profile). Thanks
  3. #21 - Fallout 3! Although I got the plat roughly 2 months ago it’s still my most recent (grinding out Far Cry 2 has taken up all of my time). Game Difficulty: 2-3/10 Time to 100%: 1-2 weeks with on and off play most likely (I did it in less than a day with a route I developed though) Super fun game and one of the most unique RPG experiences I’ve encountered. My only gripe is the game is horribly optimized on the PS3 (I’m almost dreading starting New Vegas). I still recommend to any gamers who haven’t played and still dabble with the PS3!
  4. With a good, coordinated boosting group you can knock out almost all online trophies in a few weeks, maybe less depending on how much you plan on playing (daily, weekly, etc.). Like @rintheskyking said, hitting level 50 legit will take up most of your time...and don’t let the rarity of the ‘Kingpin’ trophy fool you; it’s easy to obtain with the required amount of people if they’re smart enough to know what they’re doing. I had more trouble with ‘Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Ace’ if anything (watch some videos on how to get it very easily with boosters). You may also face a little bit of challenge getting the gold rating in all of the advanced co-op missions, but patience is key with those, don’t give up!! (I recommend playing the online and/or single player with auto-aim turned off as it’s very good practice for the advanced missions (no auto-aim allowed if I recall). I also recommend replaying certain online hideouts over and over to gain quick XP as doing almost anything else could be a waste of time in relation to how much XP you’re getting per hour, especially if you’re not always going to have a boosting partner. (You can boost XP easily by yourself in public servers). All in all... Time to 100%: 2 to 3 weeks depending on playtime and boosting partner availability. Maybe quicker than that! Difficulty: 7-8/10 Tips: Boosting partners are a must!! You got this!! 😁
  5. totally unrelated to the topic at hand, but this has me dying man 😂
  6. - Fallout 3 - Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Space - Dead Space 2 - Dead Space 3 - Call of Duty: World at War - F.E.A.R. - F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
  7. The graphics are quite abysmal for this game, by current gen standards at least, but who knows how interesting the gameplay will be. Definitely shouldn't have been the final thing revealed during the game awards either lol
  8. I personally think it's a very bad idea; you have a game on your profile you haven't finished? Too bad, it is there for a reason. Being able to delete games with 0% trophies is just fine in itself. Make a new profile if it bugs you that much...but that's just me
  9. Cliff stole the show for me. Great game.
  10. A platinum for a game with 14 trophies...I guess it’s okay—hope this doesn’t become more and more common though. Might be an easy plat. I’m still interested in playing maybe a few months after release.
  11. Dead Space... One of my favorites; a great game if you’re into the survival horror genre. Not too hard to platinum either.
  12. Agreed; let's hope they update it if it ever rolls out again...imagine the trophy description saying "we got it right this time!"
  13. This is a super old post, but this game is super easy. Anyone who thinks otherwise shouldn't be playing RPGs or should set the game to 'very easy' difficulty for the experience. The hardest part about the game is not getting frustrated with the crashes every so often.
  14. The funniest thing ever would be for them to keep the spelling error even when the remasters roll out 😂
  15. Anytime! And yeah the same thing happened to a lot of people right before the Twisted Metal server shutdown...I thankfully had enough alts to avoid all the nonsense 😅
  16. Hey Tim, even though you’ve already received plenty of insight I thought I’d chip in with my opinion as well. The multiplayer is 100% doable with little to no hassle nowadays...without any breaks I got through the multiplayer trophy requirements in less than a day. With alts the trophies become a lot easier but most randoms I ran into were more than happy to boost together. Some veterans will purposely try to mess up your boosting, but it’s not as bad as it used to be imo. All in all, totally worth going for the trophies. One of the DLCs add an extra 10 levels to multiplayer, so it’ll require a bit more boosting time. As far as the multiplayer DLC maps go, you’re going to want to band together with others who also own them and take turns winning; shouldn’t take too long if everyone knows what they’re doing. The hard part is actually finding people with the maps. I HIGHLY recommend getting the Ultimate Rapture Edition (physical copy) as it has all BioShock 2 DLC and I’m sure you can install the files on multiple PS3s if you have alts.
  17. Neither am I, so don’t feel bad! And I believe so..the leveling is noticeably a lot slower after hitting 60 so experience buffs along with the gold/magic item find bonuses will definitely benefit you. I somewhat have a balance between the three on most of my gear...more so gold and magic item find though! What I lack in armor/health I make up for in damage, but in all honesty that’s probably why I can’t make the jump to Master I just yet (I get torn to shreds). The Goldskin armor I’m using is only at 408 and level 51, but with 100% gold increase it benefits me too much. If I had level 60 chest armor, I’d probably make the switch to Master I around paragon level 10 tbh.
  18. The way I understand it is playing on medium or hard does not net you anymore of a gain on gold/magic item find, so if you’re struggling at either on those difficulties it’s not even worth playing them and sticking to easy on Inferno mode, which is what I’m having to do right now bc my paragon level is so low (6). I’m barely even half way to 5,000,000 even with using the Goldwrap belt and Goldskin armor to speed up the process (these items increase gold find); the mob density in the console versions of this game are supposedly just bad. Although it’s boring, I suggest just running through The Keep Depths Level 2 as it has the best mob density of any given area in the game. You can teleport to Level 1 and enter it from the end of Act 3. As soon as you’re able I’d switch to Master I if you can handle it as you’re going to be getting more gold in that difficulty of course. And remember, gold find percentage caps out at 300 percent (supposedly).
  19. Is the multiplayer worth starting at this point? And can the multiplayer trophies be obtained with alts? With it being so late in the month I figured it wouldn’t be worth it. I appreciate any replies. Thanks
  20. Thanks for the responses everyone; based on what everyone is saying I think I’ll just get the PS4 versions instead 😬 Yeah I’m trying to keep my profile at 100% (slacking right now, but I’ve been busy 😆) so I may just play it for the base game trophies on my second account!
  21. HoorayForTyler BioShock 2 It is not impossible to platinum the day in a day, where is there a rule stating this? I boosted the multiplayer with partners and then proceeded to play the single player and DLC using my own route.
  22. Just because it takes someone days to complete BioShock 2 does not mean it will take days for the next person. I’m not a casual when it comes to BioShock, hate to break it to you. I have a very laid back but quick route for the single player and DLC, none of the game is difficult. Not even the single player on hard difficulty. Once again, just because someone cannot complete the game in record time doesn’t mean the next person can’t either. I have been practicing my routes for months in this game. I’m not a cheater. I’m not explaining myself any further. Anyone who wants to whine can continue to do so...
  23. Thank you @B1rvine ...and to everyone else: I have been busy all day with work so I am just getting back to seeing these posts. If it puts everyone’s minds at ease I’ll explain myself even further. Idk what kind of stuff was said about me, but I would not like to be branded a hacker or a cheat on this website because someone isn’t happy with my timestamps...that’s ridiculous. Don’t be so quick to hate. Here’s what I did: I created a route over a half year time period from just simply playing the game repeatedly. I am a huge BioShock fan so I have established my own personal speedrun routes in all three games. I have done the same in other games as well. When beginning the game I knew that I would want to knock out the multiplayer first, so I proceeded to do so with my alts and other boosters I ran into along the way. After the multiplayer I played the single player, played a little bit of the Protector Trials, got off for awhile, then resumed the game and then beat Minerva’s Den. The break I had in between Protector Trials should have been obvious to anyone stalking my timestamps. I’m not a robot. And I shouldn’t have to explain what I did to complete the game to anyone when the timestamps aren't even off in any way, but I hope this post helps explain everything.
  24. I was wondering if someone could tell me how I’d go about disputing a wrongful flag? I’m off the leaderboards bc someone has stated I completed a game way too quickly, but I didn’t cheat, just did a speedrun. How exactly do I show proof? I don’t record on PS3. Thanks
  25. I just farmed MINAC as that seemed to be the most efficient way to get the items. As long as you can destroy the claptraps quick enough you can get a good bit of kills off before the little entrance closes again. Having the trophies auto pop is definitely the easy way out, but I didn’t do that so I had to go with this method. The last items I had to get were bobble heads and the pizza, and it took me forever to get pizzas to spawn 😒