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  1. i cannot get angel goat to pop. I have stood still for five minutes with an without the devil goat mutator and nothing is working. Any suggestions?
  2. I have completed every single quest, goldbrick and race in free roam and have completed all 20 levels of free play and seem to be stuck at 99.7%. I am not missing any characters. i am only missing the final car that unlocks when you get a text message at 99.9%. Someone please help me. The only reason i can think this would happen is that i have installed all of the DLC's but have not played any. Maybe if i 100% complete DLC it will unlock, but DLC shouldn't affect that.
  3. The free DLC has been out for some time now and I am wondering if they are ever going to release a trophy list for the DLC. Haven't seen anything about it and I am constantly checking the trophy list. ANy thoughts?
  4. no i didn't. How do you check that?
  5. I have recently come across some trophy guides that don't show what trophies I have achieved but some that do. I was just wondering whether this is something on my end or the creator of the guide. I have also checked that the guide for the game on the right platform.