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  1. Just uploaded and after first race i am now level 980
  2. Wow, what a game, i really enjoyed this one, and enjoying the comments and recommendations on other walk throughs, cheers
  3. Haha, i rode the elevator four bloody times trying to look down, before i saw the panels at the bottom of the door and you use them before you fly off!!
  4. Hi all, need some advice, and yes before anyone says it i know i'm an idiot, but i didn't fully activate the yellow box at top of the mountain so i can't do the puzzle to open the secret door at the bottom of the mountain leading the challenge rooms, can i just go back through the mountain to the top to activate it or do i have to do the end game all over again? Thank you in advance
  5. Just completed it, i thought it was a good game, with some very challenging challenges, played all in single mode and ended up on level 104, my last challenge (12 takedowns using Titan) took me a good 4/5 hours overall, not bad for a 49 year old just starting gaming.
  6. Well done